Baseball'n #3: 2 - 0?

It's real in the field... and the competition is bringing it. Two games in, are we going to pull come out 2 - 0 or will we take our first L?

Luis is a bit annoyed about his character stats... so I will see how we can change that. Mine suck too, but substitutes might be made in the next game.

Dear Developers: Bugs

This is one of those topics that goes beyond one platform, one generation... no matter who the audience is, and that is bugs. Bugs... do just that, bug gamer's if they affect game play for the worse. It doesn't matter the size of the developer... granted smaller developers get more of a pass, especially if the game is more ambition than a small indie title. That said... no one gets a pass if a game has been released and goes un-patched, that's annoying, especially if the game is still being sold like fully functional games are.

There are fun bugs, but the ones that stand in the way of gameplay should result in the game being temporarily free until... it gets fixed. There could be a free window to play... like how games have those free weekend's on Steam. That would be motivation to fix the game asap.

As a matter of fact... it may piss a lot of developers off, but games released without a disclaimer of still being development (which there are a few on Steam)... I think all platforms should do a free window until it's patched. Some games may not be able to do that since the experience can be enjoyed in one sitting... but in that case they shouldn't be available to play or buy. It would be cool if developer could decide between not having the game available for sale or a play window, until they swat those bugs.

I'm not deliberately trying to make myself public enemy #1 with this post, but there is a silver lining.

Think of the reviews, the word of mouth, the detoured sales and your overall reputation when it comes to future games. This isn't our first dance with this topic, but I was reminded of it... when I saw a fellow gamer, Gunn3r... playing Mercenary Kings on Steam.

I inquired on whether the game had been patched since the last time I had played... which was quite awhile ago (granted many games have to be played). He did a bit of playing and testing it out, only to get back to me saying that there are still problems with the game (main when he plays in full screen).

I still have to check it out myself... but that game was released back in 2014! I mention this game for the purpose of including all games in a similar space... don't let your efforts go to waste.

On the flip side... there are situations that occur in development teams that never reach the public. Arguments between teammates, legal disputes, team mates leaving the project. So there are things that can affect the project beyond a developer merely choosing not to get it done, but there should be efforts to seek new members to fill those voids... because someone is still collecting a check as long as the game is being purchased.

A game like Mercenary Kings doesn't have to stop at the initial missions... because it's one of those multiplayer games where more can be added on to further and enhance the gamer's experience. I'd personally take and expand over the course of 4 years based on crowd funding. That would extend the life of the game and... pave the way for a new installment (if it makes sense based on new ideas and tech). Anyway... developers, think about this stuff, especially if you're just starting out and haven't considered the downside of incomplete game releases.

Nex Machina... is here! + A Tip

To all you PC gamers getting your hands on... Nex Machina, I have a tip for you. We received the game yesterday from the studio (hats off to Housemarque) and ran into a bit of a pickle. The controllers weren't working for the game... so I reached out and they got back with a quick answer (thanks Rob). If you want your controller to work instead of using a keyboard and mouse:

Go to > Options > Player 1 Controls > (press) Tab
and... it should change from keyboard and mouse to... controller (on that note, check out the info below and... game on)!

-          Nex Machina started as the "Jarvis Project" a few years back
-          From the team that created RESOGUN and in collaboration with Eugene Jarvis (Robotron, Smash TV)
-          Intense arcade shooter that blends the best of coin-op skillful gameplay and modern cutting edge voxel tech
-          Travel through a diverse alternate universe where robots have taken over and humans have an unhealthy symbiosis with their screened devices. Starting from the "Techno Forest" you make your way through ever increasing robot infestation as you attempt to save humanity.
-          Particle explosions and neon lights are always better with a great soundtrack. Ari Pulkkinen (RESOGUN) returns to helm an adrenaline fueled set of tracks that blend synthwave and retro game influences.

-          Nex Machina features a fully-fledged arcade Campaign that can be played solo or in local co-op with a friend.
-          Tons of secrets and alternate paths in each world. Upgradeable player character with access to six (6) different special weapons, that all can be lost as you perish in the torrent of endless robots.
-          Deep layered gameplay that lets you juggle with saving humans and trying to stay alive.
-          Complex enemy design and pulsating bullet patterns that can get you in the zone.
-          Three different main difficulty setting and more to unlock as you learn the ropes. Each difficulty offering new things to learn and conquer.
-          A changing challenge mode called the Arena, where you can return to locations in the game that are now totally different with faster speeds and other fresh modifications. Competing to beat your friends and the world with unique leaderboards for each challenge.
-          Unlockable skins, weapon colors and more that open up as you play the different modes available.
-          Nex Machina is developed and published by Housemarque, marking it the first self-published IP by the 22 year old Finnish developer.
-          Lead Game Design by Harry Krueger (RESOGUN).
-          Eugene Jarvis from Raw Thrills acts as a Creative Consultant.

Wait... there's more!

In honor of the launch of Housemarque’s first-ever self-published game, Nex Machina, the development team has released a short featurette from the upcoming documentary, Name of the Game. For nearly three years, a documentary crew has recorded Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis --- legendary creator of Robotron 2048 and Smash TV - on this journey, and this featurette, which primarily uses footage exclusive to this video, offers a candid look into the preparation it took to debut the game at PSX 2016. It shows the pressures of showing off a game to an audience for the first time and the drama of grappling with builds fresh out of the box. But not without Eugene Jarvis and Harry Krueger taking some time to discuss game design philosophy in the process.

This featurette is part of a full length documentary—Name Of The Game—delving into the entire development process of Nex Machina. For now, though, Housemarque just wanted to share a taster of things to come as a thank you. In their words, “we’re just some folks with the dream of making a game like the ones we used to play as kids.”

Congrats to Housemarque for its first self-published IP. - Blu

Are you ready for a Battle Royale?!

This one is for the fans of... PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds!

This is Battle Royale DreamHack Summer (Day 1)

This is Battle Royale DreamHack Summer (Day 2)

This is Battle Royale DreamHack Summer (Day 3)

EA x E3 2017: Our Thoughts

EA starting out with a different touch... a band (or at least part of one). This is a very nice fit for the new Madden game. I promise if you look back on some of the posts made here, suggestions are coming in handy... because Madden 18 appears to be delivering more depth to be worthy of a purchase. Remember the post awhile back (i'm talking a long time ago) about how its easy to skip over years of Madden, because there wasn't much newness to experience from one year to the next? Yeah that post, I think it may have included Fifa too. - Blu

EA better not do that legacy garbage with Fifa on the Switch. - Luis D. Lucha

It all depends... if it were just a Fifa game with no years attached to it and you pay a small fee for patches that update the roster, that would be worth it for some fans. This would be under the circumstances of EA not planning to do much on the Nintendo Switch. - Blu

The guy Jesse looked nervous like he didn't know what to say. The way they kept looking at the screen as if they were trying to convince viewers they were holding a conversation, looked weird. - Luis D. Lucha

I don't buy these games from year to year, but for them to deliver a story... for you to follow, actually takes you on a journey from year to year. So for the people that invest yearly, I think its a plus... but it's also a way to rope new fans into an annual buy. - Blu

It even got my attention, but I don't play Madden. - Yang

Now that's saying something. - Luis D. Lucha

Need for Speed Payback got some inspiration from... the Fast and the Furious. - RkRk

I suggested that Blu remove a game concept for driving games. Developers shouldn't get free ideas to make millions. Hell no. - Luis D. Lucha

I was in the zone, but... yeah protect your concepts. - Blu

A Way Out... is my kind of game. It reminds me of Army of... Two! - RkRk

Yeah, Army of Two: Prison Edition. - Luis D. Lucha

It looks fun, but you can't play by yourself. - Yang

Options are good, just find someone to play. - Luis D. Lucha

Yeah but if you don't have someone to play with, you can't just play with yourself if there is no CPU option. - Yang

Ha, you fell right into that one. - Luis D. Lucha

You're sick. - Yang

lol There has to be a CPU. - RkRk

Anthem could be a very solid experience if the journey is extensive and it doesn't feel repetitive. I think this is following in the footsteps of Destiny. - Luis D. Lucha

It could be, but I don't know... its a 4 player experience and may have a set adventure structure. Do you feel that it would need to be like Destiny in order to be a success? - Blu

Not really. I wonder if it was made as a response to the game. The developers would probably admit it, but not EA. - Luis D. Lucha

One thing it has going for it is the beauty, but it doesn't need to have set paths. The replay value would be lower than if it were an open world and you took on the missions the way you wanted. - Yang

That's not always true. - Luis D. Lucha

How many games with the same route do you go back and play? - Yang

I'm just saying. - Luis D. Lucha

How many? - Yang

Stay in yo lane! lol Point taken, but I go back and play through the good ones a few times. - Luis D. Lucha

How many times have you played Just Cause games? - Yang

I see where you're going. I didn't think about Just Cause. - Luis D. Lucha

Just Cause 2 and 3 are some of the most replay heavy games i've... ever played. There are rivals, but... I don't know, Just Cause games I find myself just drawn to playing for hours on end. I have JC1 but I haven't played it yet. - Blu

You have many games and haven't played them yet, get back to us when you do. - Luis D. Lucha

Dilemma. - RkRk

Lets get back on topic. Anthem is a good looking game with a name that runs a risk of being lost in the soy sauce. Yang

I thought so too. You have to search "Anthem game"... kind of like you have to do with Vanquish. - Blu

What did you think of Star Wars Battlefront II? I think it was one of the better games presented. - Yang

It just feels like a game that's taking turns with Battlefront. - Luis D. Lucha

It did feel like they were coming out... pretty steady, but this is good. More time to get the bugs worked out (I can wait for frustration-free-fun). - RkRk

Yeah... I couldn't do Battlefield year after year, it divides the community. Remember what happened with Battlefield 3? It felt like the stability was met when 4 was dropped, which was buggy... and then came Hardline. I didn't recommend Hardline to anyone because... it could've been a really good DLC for 4 while they focused on a solid installment. It was paranoia and there were plenty of gamers who appreciated it. I wasn't buying it and didn't feel right to recommend it, especially if the same situation would occur. - Blu

I almost broke an Xbox over BF4, but BF1 is good. So if they do it like that and give each game at least 2  or 3 years it will work good. Do you think Battlefront 2 will be as successful as one? - Luis D. Lucha

That's hard to call. - Yang

I think it will. Battlefront 2 has the single player (which i'm very interested in)... and the multiplayer pluses. They just have to remember that they can't pull punches and slack. Pleased fans... are excited fans... who are also supporting fans that will likely buy day one if its that near and dear.

So how did EA do this E3 2017? I think it was cool, not a wow but... it wasn't bad at all. - Blu

I'll go with what you said. It was a little more than... safe with A Way Out and Anthem. Cool is better than Okay (right?). - RkRk

I think it was okay. Safe game and a few new ones. - Luis D. Lucha

It was good, but the two Rk mentioned are the two I would want to play if I only had two options. - Yang

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!

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Just a heads up... there will be plenty to recap on, so stay tuned!

From the source: Nintendo... Pokemon Direct + Game Bundles!

Something is different about today's post. Yes, it's been awhile since Pokemon was front and center... but that's not it (no... no... no). SDGT is now an official Humble Partner(!)... meaning we will be representing with all sorts of awesome affordable deals on games! How good of a deal you ask? You can get multiple games starting at $1 while showing your love & support of SDGT at the same time!

By the way... Sega should consider Phantasy Star Online 2 for the Nintendo Switch due to its portability, it's a perfect fit in my opinion and i'd be there ready to buy. There should also be a Phantasy Star Online Steam Edition!

Anyway... on to Pokemon Direct!

June 6, 2017 14:15 UTC

Nintendo News: Nintendo Adds Pokkén Tournament DX to the E3 Lineup

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pokkén Tournament DX joins the ARMS and Splatoon 2 games
with its own invitational tournament at E3 2017. This third Nintendo Switch game will complete the triad of
social, competitive games in action at Nintendo’s booth next week at the E3 video game trade show in
Los Angeles. Fans around the world can watch all the tournament action, as well as Nintendo Treehouse:
Live at E3, by visiting, or by watching on Nintendo’s Twitch and YouTube channels.
Pokkén Tournament DX joins the ARMS and Splatoon 2 games with its own invitational tournament at E3  ...
Pokkén Tournament DX joins the ARMS and Splatoon 2 games with its own invitational tournament at E3 2017. (Graphic: Business Wire)

Here’s a handy schedule of events for the week:
Name: 2017 Splatoon 2 World Inkling Invitational
DateTuesday, June 13
Time2:30 p.m. PT*
Details: For the first time ever, competitors from four different global regions will compete for world dominance
in Splatoon 2. The four-person teams – from the United States, Japan, Europe and Australia/New Zealand –
defeated their local rivals and gained the chance to take on competitors at E3.
Format: Teams will battle in a round-robin Turf War tournament that will decide seeding for the next round. All
teams will play one another and get a chance to scope out their opponents’ strengths and weaknesses. In the
next round, teams will battle in the game’s Ranked Battle modes, in addition to Turf War. The semifinal stage
will be a best-of-five battle, while the championship will be best-of-seven.
Prize: The winning team will win global bragging rights and its members will have their names engraved on a
sweet Splatoon 2 trophy.
Casters: Jordan Kent, Ashley Esqueda and Nintendo of America’s Eric Smith
Name: 2017 Pokkén Tournament DX Invitational
DateWednesday, June 14
Time10:30 a.m. PT*
Competitors: Eight YouTube and Twitch stars
Format: Crew battle with four teams and two players per team. Random draft order. The first person in each
crew must choose one of the new characters; the other person can choose one of the original characters.
Prize: Winners will each receive a Pokkén Tournament DX art piece signed by Tsunekazu Ishihara, president
and CEO of The Pokémon Company, and members of the development team.
Casters: Jordan Kent, D1 and VikkiKitty
Name: 2017 ARMS Open Invitational
DateWednesday, June 14
Time3:30 p.m. PT*
Competitors: Four professional competitive fighting game players (Alex “CaliPower” Valle, Kelsy “SuperGirlKels”
Medeiros, Daniel “Tafokints” Lee and Marie-Laure “Kayane” Norindr) will take on four E3 attendees who rise to the
top by competing in Nintendo’s booth.
Format: Single-elimination
Prize: The coveted 2017 ARMS Open Invitational Belt
Casters: Jordan Kent, D1 and VikkiKitty
Nintendo Treehouse: Live at E3
What: Members of Nintendo’s Treehouse will once again delve into the details of the Nintendo Switch console and
games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems, including Super Mario Odyssey and Pokkén Tournament DX.
Viewers will get an in-depth look at gameplay and hear behind-the-scenes details about Nintendo’s lineup for E3.
When: On Tuesday, June 13, the show starts right after the Nintendo Spotlight: E3 2017 presentation about 9:30 a.m.
On Wednesday and Thursday, June 14-15, the show starts about 10 a.m. PT.*
Who: Treehouse members, as well as developers and other game experts, including Tsunekazu Ishihara, president
and CEO of The Pokémon Company. Ishihara and development team members will talk about the upcoming
Pokkén Tournament DX game for Nintendo Switch.

Click here and game on!

Tiny Trax: The VR game that should also have an AR version + Info From the Source!

Playstation VR racers... start your (little) engines at E3!

Check out the trailer below... and then I will speak on why I think this game should have an AR version.

I know the environments in this game help you get immersed, but imagine this game having tracks laid out in your living room, dorm room or office. That would be sick... in the totally awesome way, because not only will it give you the slot car action in a game... it would take it to the next level of being closest to its real life setting. Anyway... on to news from the source! 

Studio behind Velocity 2X announces new online multiplayer VR slot racer billed as
'Micro Machines meets Scalextric' * Epic racing in a tiny world!
Award-winning Brighton-based studio FuturLab has announced Tiny Trax, a stunning new slot racing game for PlayStation VR.

Set for release this summer, Tiny Trax sees childhood imaginations come to life as tiny cars boost around your body, jump overhead and drift around bends on a virtual slot racing track just inches from your face.

Importantly, a player’s viewpoint of the game mimics that of a child surrounded by a giant toy racing track inside each virtual world, which creates an extremely comfortable and satisfying experience.

Boasting online multiplayer functionality for up to four players, Tiny Trax features 12 tracks across three environments – Tropical, Fire & Ice and Outer Space – with six vehicles to choose from.

The music has been composed by leading video game composer Joris de Man, whose previous work includes Horizon: Zero Dawn, Killzone and FuturLabs’ own Velocity 2X.

Tiny Trax will be available for hands-on demo at Sony’s pre-E3 press event next month (Monday June 12th), on the show floor during E3 and with a roll-out in Europe and North America expected this summer.

The game is the brainchild of game designer Dave Gabriel, who came up with the concept when he was a game tester at FuturLab. Backed by FuturLab’s management team, Gabriel took on the challenge of designing Tiny Trax from the ground up – covering everything from the controls, to the levels, to deciding trophies. He has since been promoted to game designer.

“We’re delighted to announce Tiny Trax – it’s a game that will appeal to players of all ages, allowing them to dive straight in and recreate the thrill of slot racing in immersive virtual environments,” said FuturLab MD James Marsden. “In addition, it’s a great testament to the team here at FuturLab – particularly Dave Gabriel – that Tiny Trax will be demonstrated alongside titles from industry heavyweights at Sony’s E3 booth.”

Sairento VR 0.2... is here!

Sairento VR's 0.2 is available now for all the VR fans out there, introducing a slew of changes like procedural levels, revamped AI, dismemberment, and increased difficulty. Swords can be held in a backhand group also, so you have... new ways to creatively wield your blade.

For those unfamiliar with this title... its described by some as the Matrix Meet Kill Bill, but i'll leave that up to you to determine.

Check out the trailer and the updates listed below:

0.2.0 (2017-05-20)

- Added new enemy - Geisha.

- Revamped all difficulties to be more unforgiving.

- Added new currency drops: Beacons and Fabricators

- Fabricators are a required component for crafting relics

- Beacons can be used to increase a mission's difficulty in exchange for better rewards

- Melee killing blows now hack apart the enemy's body

- Max player level is now 100.

- The introduction of 30 Legendary relic properties.

- The skill system has been removed, with legendary relics being the means of empowerment and build customization.

- The introduction of Operations system. An operation consists of 3 randomly generated mission. You earn a bounty for completing all of them. Operations can be re-rolled by spending Ducats.
- You can now hold melee weapons in a backhand pose, based on the angle you grabbed it.

- Added visual feedback when you hover your hand over a stored weapon

- Updated sound effects for weapons

- Added full body avatar for player

- Removed shift cost while in dojo/after completing a level.

- Ammo drops are now universal and will refill all weapons

- Guns now have their own individual ammo pools

- Guns no longer fire while pointing at a UI in the dojo

- Increased base spread for all shotguns.

- Updated ammo interface for guns

- Updated tutorial

- Improved jump logic to handle low curbs and ceilings better

- Improved jump feedback to show bouncing off walls

- Falling off a level will reset you back to the last good position instead of the spawn point.

- Fixed weapon rig orientation locking up when looking directly downwards

- Fixed relic selection screen not showing currently equipped relic

- Fixed Fade teleport locomotion

Senran Kagura - Peach Beach Splash

Summer is here... and it's time to dial up the sexiness with a splash! - Blu
SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash will launch on the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system this summer with a "No Shirt, No Shoes, All Service" limited edition at retail! This special release will be available at select stores for MSRP $69.99 and will be the only retail version available at launch, while the game will also be released digitally on the PlayStation®Store.
In SENRAN KAGURA Peach Beach Splash, when players are in single-
player mode, they will choose a team of five from the more than 30 girls available, outfit them with customizable weapons and abilities, and then lead them into lighthearted water gun battles in a variety of combat arenas. Players can also go online to join their friends and take on opposing teams in 5-on-5 team battles as well as survival matches. Attribute cards add another layer of strategy to the water gun war, with over 800 unique cards that grant improved weapons, unique skills, and summonable pets.

Players can equip any combination of six skill cards and three pet cards per match for a combo their opponents will never see coming. Come on in; the water's great!

I don't know what they can really bring to the table that we can't play in the previous games. - Luis D. Lucha

The experience from the different stories of each installment... make the games worth buying, if you're interested in the story (or you want to experience updates of the game play). - Blu

Its still going so someone's buying them. - Luis D. Lucha

Senran Kagura is a pretty good franchise, but... I hope to see more growth in the game play that actually shows social interactions in real time between the characters that allow me to really feel like i'm part of the world.

I'm still on the Tomb Raider transformation, because it's one of the best ways to explain how i'd like to see games transform. Senran Kagura does not have to be Tomb Raider, but the depth even in it's wackiness in school, the battlefield and where ever else... would be cool. - Blu

I'd be afraid to ask how they'd use PSVR for a Senran Kagura game, but it would probably be one of their top sellers. - Luis D. Lucha