Watch & Nab... a free game! #4

The weekend is here... and so is another episode of Watch & Nab. Enjoy!

There is a sense of adventure in this game, but the developer has the opportunity to turn up the depth on that to a serious degree. Since this game is in... alpha, I do hope the final release and updates are geared towards making this one heck of a mining adventure.

I want to be able to discover different areas, new enemies, various objectives (with multiple material types), etc. The potential is there with this game and I look forward to seeing where it goes.

If you got the game code from this video... congrats to you, place it into your Steam account and enjoy!

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Marvel's Venom: The Horror movie?

A Venom movie that's geared towards... horror? I truly believe that would be well received. The standard superhero film approach wouldn't work.

Even a typical big bad villain approach wouldn't be as enjoyable... for me if it's typical. The factors surrounding Venom need to be there on full tilt to scare the unedible chocolate out of someone... In a well rounded movie (that makes sense for this character). - Blu

Bring it on. - Luis D. Lucha

If they can do it justice. - Yang

True. Should it have Spiderman though? - Luis D. Lucha

IDK... hmm maybe... maybe not, but who would be the hero then? - Blu

It doesn't need a hero. - Yang

The movie would be flat without a hero. - Luis D. Lucha

Never seen a movie without a happy ending? - Yang

No, I love happy endings too much. - Luis D. Lucha

Hey... that's... never mind. - RkRk

Spiderman... would make sense but it would have to be done in a way that sells the story as an actual horror film. - Blu

We aren't writing it so guess we'll find out. (Now won't we?) Hehehahahahaaaa- RkRk

Should it be an origin story or will Venom be presented based on the recent comic issues? - Luis D. Lucha

If they plan on creating a franchise, then they should probably give us the origin. Then again... they can stitch it into the installments if that helps avoid a dry introduction. - Blu

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From the Source: VR Arcade Zombie action known simply as... Drop Dead!

Could VR bring glory back to arcade action? I think it could, but... it depends on it's success (of units sold), how often the headsets are used and the developers. That will keep the door open to the possibility. Virtual Reality isn't something I can just strap into for hours on end... but if I am going to strap in with the time that I plan to strap in, I want to jump down a rabbit hole into the center of the action.

So looking at games like "Drop Dead" (though I would've added something to the title to make it more original) I can appreciate it for the reasons that allow me to have a good time in my... tolerance window. One thing i'd probably push the play time on is the multiplayer... which usually ropes me in with the right group of players. Anyway... check out this news from the source! - Blu


Dedicated story campaign and competitive and cooperative multiplayer combine in this fast-paced, adrenaline-pumping zombie action game

LONDON  March 23, 2017 – Independent video game developer and publisher Pixel Toys has released the virtual reality arcade zombie shooter Drop Dead on Oculus Rift. The game is available today through the Oculus Store for $19.99.

Featuring full support for the responsive controls of Oculus Touch, Drop Dead’s 40 single-player story missions throw players into a time-traveling adventure that blends fast, immersive action with the campy thrills and humor of sci-fi horror classics. An explosive arsenal of weapons and high-tech gadgets gives quick-trigger gunslingers the power to blast off the limbs of the undead for strategic dismemberment while racking up huge combos with each bullseye.
Drop Dead on Oculus Rift also features a cooperative horde mode and score attack competitive multiplayer for up to four players online with full support for their own customized Oculus Avatars.
In addition, Drop Dead is receiving a free update on Gear VR Powered by Oculus today that contains new original content released with the Oculus Rift edition of the game, including new story missions, gameplay, boss encounters and weapons.

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Nostalgia: Wish you were there... but you can be now!

Wish you were there. Yes... so you have Online Gaming now, but back then we had to link up and have LAN parties which still exist (some places).

It may seem like a total snooze-fest until you acknowledge that you're in the same place with some of your... favorite people.

I was there and... so were some of you. Grubbing, gaming and all that good stuff. So... I can really appreciate the Nintendo Switch for delivering such a nostalgic... option. Granted you can do that with handhelds (and PC's ofcourse)... but I'm talking consoles.

This also gives you an option of not paying a monthly fee if you don't want to for this console.

This is in that spring break, Summer time and even Holiday time category when getting together is more likely to happen. Welcome good food and Skills! - Blu

Game on!

Got a PS4? Want a free game? Check it out!

Hit the basketball court and shoot some digital hoops for free! - RkRk

The description is really really cheesy to me and I don't want to sound like a hater but, BallUp? Some of the character don't even look like they're dressed to play in this game. - Luis D. Lucha

Hmmm... they probably got the moves from BallUp players. - Blu


The weather may still be wintery, but the latest game from Risewear, BallUp, and Joycity will bring the street pickup game right to your couch!

After a much anticipation,"3on3 Freestyle," a  brand-new basketball game, is finally available exclusively for Playstation®4.  3on3 is a refreshing riff on the classic basketball game thanks to its street influences. The game features playground settings, a hip-hop soundtrack, and an urban vibe to the gameplay.

3on3 has a hot new style of gameplay on a half-court that players can explore through two exciting modes: online player versus player mode, and one-on-one duel. For online play, up to three players from one console can challenge others around the world.

The game offers 15 different characters to choose from, each with their own abilities, backstory, and physical attributes. Partners Risewear and BallUp decked these characters out in their own design of colorful, branded jersey and shoes, adding to the urban feel of the game's world.

The game marks a partnernship for Joycity, a classic Korean game developer, with BallUp, the top street basketball tournament in the United States, and Risewear, an athleisure line known for its basketball fans and nineties retro revival. This cool collaboration gives the game its authentic vibe, beautiful animation, and original gameplay.

And the best part of all is, you can get this game for free!  Download 3on3 from the PlayStation®Store, and get in on the latest b-ball gameplay action!

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From the Source: Nintendo eshop action!

We have so many emails, its crazy. - Luis D. Lucha

Don't eat too many of those chocolate covered raisins. Trust me. - Yang

What's wrong with them? I had like... 12 already. - RkRk

What dude? - Luis D. Lucha

Extended bathroom break. - Yang

Hahaha I think Blu's in the bathroom right now! - Luis D. Lucha

March 9, 2017 14:00 UTC

Nintendo Download, March 9, 2017: A Week of Snipping and Blasting

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:
In this action-puzzle game, paper pals Snip and Clip must cut each other up to overcome tricky obsta ...
In this action-puzzle game, paper pals Snip and Clip must cut each other up to overcome tricky obstacles... or just to laugh their heads off (sometimes literally). (Photo: Business Wire)
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch
    • Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! –Free Demo Version – Laugh-out-loud couch co-op, now with a free demo! In this action-puzzle game, paper pals Snip and Clip must cut each other up to overcome tricky obstacles… or just to laugh their heads off (sometimes literally). Partner up with friends or family to cut the heroes into the right shapes, interact with objects and solve a world of imaginative puzzles. Visit Nintendo eShop on your Nintendo Switch console to download a free demo of this game today! (Additional accessories may be required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.)
    • Blaster Master Zero – Blaster Master Zero is an 8-bit-style action-adventure game that hearkens back to the golden age of the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Using the original 1988 NES game Blaster Master from Sunsoft as a base, the new game introduces new areas and bosses, new gameplay elements such as extra sub-weapons, improved gameplay, a more robust scenario and expanded exploration mechanics.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Bomberman 64 – In the Adventure mode of this Nintendo 64 action game, guide Bomberman through 24 areas of perilous conflict. Battle sinister allies, destroy their bases and put an end to the insane attack. Play the multiplayer Battle mode for an endless supply of explosive action! (Additional accessories required for multiplayer mode; sold separately.)
Nintendo eShop sales:
Also new this week:

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