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If today's views were counted, it would be a tie between USA & Hong Kong, but
someone had to take the spot for last week, yes there could only be one.

Hong Kong
USA (less than 50 views from the top spot)
United Kingdom
United Arab Emirates

Ukraine, Australia, and... Brazil came close!

The Outsider: The Complete First Season... Reviewed!

Grab some snacks and... you may want to keep a light on. By the way, shout out to Warner Bros. for hooking us up with a copy of The Outsider: The Complete First Season to review... for you!

The Outsider... started off with a very interesting launch into the season. You're thrown straight into a situation where a popular high school teacher, Terry Mainland (Jason Bateman), is accused of brutally killing a child and the evidence seemingly line all the ducks in a row to label him as the murderer.

Police detective Ralph Anderson (Ben Mendelsohn) was the one appointed to bring the teacher in, which was interesting because... the teacher was also the little league coach of detective Ralph's son. So he had to battle his own amplified bias while trying to do his job because detective Ralph was still dealing with the recent death of his own son.

You could see how conflicted the detective was while dealing with this situation the more he began to dig because he had evidence that pointed all fingers at Terry, but... there was also conflicting evidence. How in the heck could this teacher be in two different locations in a similar time frame? How? Impossible right? Or... is there something else going on?

The Outsider is based on the best-selling novel by Stephen King, so it's safe for you to assume that there is something spooky going on here.

All hell breaks loose from the point of the arrested (as you can imagine) because the teacher now has all these eyes on him... after his arrest was made at the baseball game (by detective Anderson) and... now the townspeople are giving him the stink eye. Almost everywhere you turn during the initial eerie scenarios... you see this guy or (err) thing standing somewhere nearby, and it has a face only the mother of a monster could love (trust me).

One thing that I scratched my head on... was the fact that this thing was standing among a crowd and no one looked at its face. The hoodie could only coverup so much, but you could still see the face. So I thought that was a little weird... because those looks would've cleared a crowd or at least created some serious social distancing.

One thing I appreciated off the bat is that... I didn't notice anything cheesy as far as the acting goes, which drew me into the initial episode. Emotions felt authentic with the way the tragedies affected the families, and so did the actions, specifically those of detective Anderson and Holly Gibney (played by Cythia Erivo). He shifted at one point but didn't lose character... based on something his wife said, and then when Holly Gibney showed up he became even more of a skeptic... but as a detective, he was trying to compare the supernatural with logic. It was interesting.

Even with my understanding of someone being skeptical about what they were appearing to uncover, I became a tad frustrated (even with his wife)... because he experienced a similar situation when it came to this... thing. Wouldn't make any sense to dismiss one hell of a coincidence if more than one person experienced it, but... they didn't let up off the momentum of this tension train (one bit) and I was right there for every moment of it. Yes, there were the occasional breaks between binge-watching to refuel the biggest cup I could find and make popcorn magically appear in my bowl... but I was right back in front of the screen from start to finish.

I really enjoyed the way they laid things out in this season because it's a ride from start to finish. It might seem weird to call it a fun ride... but once detective Anderson comes to terms with the truth and starts to gel with Holly (his opposite in nearly every way)... and her genius plan, I found myself on the edge of my seat. It's a damn good show, and I can't wait to jump into season 2!

Unravel the mystery on Blu-ray, Digital, and DVD... today! You get 10 episodes in season one of The Outsider: The Complete First Season, plus it also features over 40 minutes of behind-the-scenes bonus content... including the featurette "EL CUCO. THE BABA YAGA. THE OUTSIDER."

This is a never-before-seen featurette that dives deep into the real-world origins and supernatural abilities of the being this series is centered around. It will include insights from the creators and the cast... which is cool, and I think it builds up the hype a bit more around the series.

Pricewise, The Outsider: The Complete First Season is available for $24.98 on DVD and... $29.98 on Blu-ray... which includes a Digital Copy (US Only).

Pace: 5

Quality: 5

Acting: 5

Price: 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points!


Sigma Theory: Brazil - Additional nation

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First 30: AER Memories Of Old

aer memories of old

Hands on with the... OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen!

The OxiClean On The Go Stain Remover Pen... is a portable cleaning pen for those on-the-go oopsies... and occasional spills and splats that make you say "You've Gotta Be Kidding Me!".

As far as stains go, having the ability to carry one of these around in a suit jacket, diaper bag, bookbag, and glove compartment... can pull you out of the brink of discomfort by getting rid of those unexpected stains asap.

I could see myself using this for my daughter at times because she will have on a new outfit for 5 minutes and then the next thing you know, there is a stain on it. She's 3, so having an on-the-go solution is better than using a wet wipe with my fingers crossed... because you never know with a toddler.

The scrubbing tip allows you to not only get your scrub on, but you can safely get your scrub on without a harsh scouring or brush-like tip damaging the fabric. The product is said to combat drinks, chocolate, makeup, spaghetti sauce, and soy sauce. I immediately went to the curtain in the kitchen which took a hit from soy sauce while washing the dishes a week or so ago.

Does it really work? Press play.

The OxyClean On The Go Stain Remover Pens come in packs of 1, 3, and... 6. I see myself with a 3 pack so that I can have them in areas where I can just grab one for my daughter. As seen in the video, it's super simple to use, and I can spare myself a wash just to get rid of a stain.

The ingredients in these pens consist of:

Deionized water
2-propanol, 1-(2-butoxy-1-methoxy)
Hydrogen Peroxide
Lauryldimeathylamine Oxide
Sodium Lauryl Sulfate
Citric Acid
1, 3-Cyclohexanedimethanamine

Shout out to team OxiClean for supplying a pack of pens.

RED Chocolate... Reviewed!

Today's review was just in time to greet my sweet tooth.

Red Chocolate is a brand of chocolate that delivers lower calories and flavors that range from Milk Chocolate to Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate w/ Hazelnut + Macadamia, Dark Chocolate w/ Orange + Almond, Extra Dark Chocolate, and Milk Chocolate Pralines. It has natural sweeteners instead of added sugar, and the company says that their cocoa is from the Ivory Coast (Africa).

Shout out to the company for supplying boxes of chocolate for us to try. On that note... it's time to dig in. I'm going to start off with the standard milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate: This is a tolerable alternative if I didn't have a standard chocolate bar on hand, but... I'd gladly reach for this in pursuit of lower calories. To be honest, it would take some getting used to, because I'd have to acquire a taste for natural sweeteners like erythritol and stevia to truly appreciate this chocolate more than I do now. 

That said... I wanted to be fair in the review, so I got my wife to try it out to see if the chocolate tasted the way it should regarding the ingredients (she was more than happy I asked). She enjoyed the milk chocolate, but... she also uses stevia sweetener for her coffee and things like that, so it checks out as far as her tastebuds are concerned.

She said, "Pretty darn good for using stevia and no sugar".

Dark Chocolate: Believe it or not, even if I'm not a fan of dark chocolate... I can't tell the difference between this and the usual dark chocolate bar and I'd probably rate this the best out of the flavors that I've tried (it might be the easiest transition for dark chocolate fans). My wife didn't taste a difference in this product either... when it comes to dark chocolate.

She said, "It tastes the way it should, and that's a good thing". 

Dark Chocolate w/ Orange and Almond: This tasted the way I thought it would, and while I tried to appreciate this... I didn't enjoy it. The orange zest made it hard to enjoy because it increased the strong taste of the dark chocolate. My wife wasn't crazy about this one, but... she said that the orange zest didn't taste artificial at all.

She said, "It's not too bad just not my thing... orange & chocolate".

Ingredients include cocoa mass; sweetener (erythritol); cocoa powder; bulking agent (polydextrose); cocoa butter; milk fat; thickener (carrageenan); emulsifiers: soya lecithin, E476; flavouring; sweetener (steviol glycosides).

After doing my research, all these ingredients seem to check out as natural.

Size-wise, the grab-n-go bars are a little less than an ounce. So you're looking at 0.9oz sized bars.

Price-wise... these grab-n-go bars are on point at $9.99 for a 12 pack. This is less than $1 a bar, which is actually lower than bars I'm familiar with. My wife has purchased a variety of chocolate bars that are more on the healthy side, and trust me... the prices aren't exactly $1 per bar. They're more like $2.50 to $4.75 per bar. To be fair if you break some (definitely not all) of them down by the ounce, they equal out to about $1 per ounce.

Overall, not for me... unless I were aiming for lower-calorie chocolate with natural sweeteners. My wife gives them a green light, so this gives you her perspective as someone familiar with the taste compared to someone who doesn't eat and snack as healthy.

Taste (for me): 2

Ingredients: 5

Size: 5

Price: 5

4.25 out of 5 Cool Points

Into The Radius

into the radius

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Top Audiences Last Week! 07.23.2020

Top 10... let's go!

United States
Hong Kong (less than 100 shy of the top spot)
United Kingdom

Chile, Mexico, and... United Arab Emirates came close!

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FTS: Nintendo Direct Mini - Partner Showcase July 2020

What's up? Did you miss me? It's all good if you didn't, but if you did miss the recent Nintendo Direct Mini, hit the play button now and check it out!

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