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The Walking Dead: The Final Season... Reviewed!

I feel it's only right to start off this review by saying... regardless of what happened with development and with the team... I actually enjoyed the experience. The twists, the turns, and even the frustrations in this story... make this franchise a memorable experience and this final season is no difference. No matter how things seemed, I wanted to see the finale through... and i'm glad I did.

In the final season... you're back in the driver seat with Clementine, literally, and you're accompanied by AJ. AJ has gone from being a baby in need of consistent care... which really concerned me in Season 2, to an impressionable lad able to assist you. I'd even say that his relationship with Clementine went from being one of a big sister/little brother relationship... to sort of a mother/son relationship. She had basically been his guardian most of his life anyway, so... it fits.

Totally sends me right back to the relationship between Clementine and Lee... except, he went from being a stranger... to a guardian and then to more of a father.

There is a noticeable difference though because AJ knows nothing but a world infested with zombies... Clementine had a slice of normalcy to compare things too. So he had to grow up quicker, and a great deal of what he's going to be learning in this final season... will be in your hands. It will be a turning point in his life that shapes him and his actions. Good luck.

In Walking Dead fashion... the decisions I had to make weren't always easy. It sucked to make some, because I knew they'd impact AJ, but... the results of those decisions saved Clementine's life. I'm totally going back though, because some decisions resulted in some crap I'm wondering if I could avoid altogether.

I don't want to give any spoilers, but this final season revolves around Clementine and AJ taking refuge in an abandoned school. Abandoned, but not so abandoned, because there are also other kids hiding out there... trying to make the most of a bad situation.

Every aspect of the game doesn't involve being at the school, but... it's home.

In this final installment of the game, TellTaleGames... switches things up a bit. You aren't just reacting with button presses and thumbstick swipes, you have more control of the character in some combat scenarios... which is okay. I don't recall having that option before... so it's pretty cool to see although it was a bit limited, it was a nice way to deliver some variety.

Gameplay is still interesting enough because it's wrapped up in one heck of a well rounded story. I didn't care for the whole relationship scenario, it didn't feel as organic (just felt like someone just wanted to tuck it in there). The relationship aspect flowed better in the previous season... it's not the meat of the game, but I didn't see the point in it. Fillers could've come in another form... like more cameos, but I digress.

The fun factor is definitely there based on the overall adventure. You get good times, really bad times, action on top of edge of your seat action, adventure, jaw dropping moments and some down time in between to calm your nerves.

The Walking Dead: Season 1... looked good, but I think the visuals improved as the seasons progress. This final season wasn't expected to max out the specs, but they did a good job visually and I like the way they bumped up the comic art in this one.

Replay value is also tucked in there thanks to the various decision possible to shift the story. You're still on the same trail, but... damn... that final episode... oh my god. I'm not going to hit you with any spoilers, but I was floored... completely! I covered my mouth because I think I swore a few times... okay, quite a few times.

There is something that happened and it took a hard shift from one direction to another... in terms of the story. I won't say what it is... but it rounds out the story. I'm curious if I can avoid a particular situation if I take a specific survivor out. I let her live and it bit me, but... yeah, there are so many areas that make you second guess so... the replay value can't be ignored. The curiosity almost makes you want to play again and again and again... just to see how certain things would play out.

I hate being super vague, but I don't want to rain on your experience.

Price wise... the game is the standard retail price of all other seasons upon release, and if the story fell short... I'd say the price should be less, but its on point. Great story, and I'm glad I was able to take the ride from beginning to end. So if you like a good story... consider giving it a whirl.

Overall, the Walking Dead game franchise is an experience that i'll remember. My daughter's name is Clementine because of it. I don't get invested into every single story driven game, but when the right game emerges... it gets my attention (and they aren't released every single day).

I've played titles from TellTale even in their earlier years... but this story made me want to know and experience what came next (I sorta played others here and there). I loved some characters in TWD, and completely despised others... which is something the writers can pat themselves on the back for (while at their new jobs). The story is bloody marvelous.

Fun factor: 4

Visuals: 5

Replay value: 5

Price: 5

"4.75 / 5 Cool Points"

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