Galactic Adventure Time: Deep Rock Galactic + Team SDGT social media action!

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Could you imagine… Mario having his own show outside of the #cartoons created in the past? - Blu
In what way? - Yang
Improv about all sorts of things. - Blu
Mama Mia, that could be funny. - RkRk
That would be interesting. - Yang
Want in on some adventurous co-op action? Check it out!

After six successful years, Swedish indie developer and publisher 
Coffee Stain looks to grow the business, and one step towards that goal comes as Coffee Stain buys into danish developer Ghost Ship Games acquiring a minority stake of the company! Ghost Ship Games was founded in 2016 by a group of danish industry veterans on a mission to create amazing co-op experiences.  The first game of the studio, Deep Rock Galactic will be published by Coffee Stain Publishing, and launches later this year! The companies are forming a strong alliance to fight the future together!

“This is the start of something extremely exciting. Coffee Stain has for some time looked for good ways of expanding, and we see this as a perfect way. The crew sailing Ghost Ship will complement us well with their experience, and in return we will bring our goat-minds to their table!" - 
Anton Westbergh, CEO of Coffee Stain 

“Right after my first meeting with Coffee Stain at Dreamhack in Sweden, I knew they would be the perfect business “co-op player” for us. Coffee Stain are developers by heart, but has again and again proven their sea-worthiness in the international games industry. This is going to be an amazing journey!” - 
SΓΈren Lundgaard, CEO of Ghost Ship Games

"Coffee Stain is the perfect business partner for us. We strongly believe that their experience with the development and publishing of Goat Simulator, Sanctum 1 and 2, will help us reach a bigger audience than we could ever have dreamed doing ourself as a small indie developer….and they are really nice guys too."
 - Mikkel Martin Pedersen, Game Director of Ghost Ship Games


Get ready to dig deep into procedurally generated cave systems in this frantic fps co-op action game. In Deep Rock Galactic, you take the role as a space dwarf, ready to do what dwarves do best, dig for minerals and gold! As part of the recently announced publishing initiative from Coffee Stain, Deep Rock Galactic will be going out in 2017. Read more about Deep Rock Galactic over at

Sign up for the closed alpha here:


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Consider me excited about... Redeemer!

A gun, sledgehammer, pair of sneakers... and one pissed off monk? Hmmm

Many games come out year after year... some awesome, some seemingly awesome... others an atomic face palm. Based on what I've seen of Redeemer, I don't see it ending up in that face palm box. It's not safe to assume, but I want to... assume that this game is as sick as it looks (fingers crossed).

_____Check out the Redeemer announcement trailer_____

I give props to them off the top for the spin they took with the top-down action. It's not just top-down, the camera zooms in on the action so that you aren't just seeing it from a distance... and for the amount of work that gets put into the detail of some games, I appreciate that.
I'm ready to jump in... and slay.

You take on the role of Vasily, an ex-operative of a huge arms corporation... who decided to get the hell out of dodge when they decided to turn you into a cyborg, which leads you up to where the trailer begins. You escaped to a monastery, which seemed to have put you in the clear... until the corporation was able to lock in on your scent after 20 years.

The adventure sounds promising and I hope the story driven single player is well rounded... and leaves room for a solid sequel. It doesn't have to have one if they round it out well, but... some games leave gamer's feeling a bit incomplete.

I can't put that on this game (at all)... because I haven't played the game, but i'm saying that if there is a chance for a game (any game) to feel incomplete based on the way it was written... developers should make sure to bring a form of closure (even if its temporary) in a way that can/should be followed up with a sequel. If the depth of this story is heavy and there is plenty to go on, who knows where it could go.

Redeemer will be available... Spring 2017 for PC (via Steam & GOG). If you enjoy games like the top down "Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris" and/or "Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light"... this could be the title for you. That said... game on!

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Warp into some 2D shoot-em-up action with... Zangeki Warp!

Warp into some 2D shoot-em-up action! I've been playing around with this game since launch, and... once you get the hang of warping... you should find the challenge interesting enough.


Master the hyperdimensional warp capabilities of Earth's most powerful craft neutralize the biomechanical threat to the galactic civilization!

This 2D shooter is now available at the Steam Store for Windows and Linux PCs priced at $5.99! If you're interested in some affordable action that delivers a similar feel to Gradius & R-Type, check it out.

In ZANGEKI WARP, you pilot the hyperdimensional fighter craft 'ZanFighter' and use its advanced warp functions to defeat an army of space beasts controlled by an evil scientist!

ZANGEKI WARP's warp capabilities bring a new twist to the style of GradiusR-Type, and X-Multiply, and are the key to overcoming thrilling stages filled with traps and obstacles that would be impossible in regular shooting games. Use the warp functions to stop time, instantly warp through enemy fire and obstacles, and even to destroy enemies.
★ Unique Hyperdimensional Warp mechanics!
★ Warp Slash, Dimensional Shockwave, Decoy, Omega Crash and more! 
★ ASTRO PORT's signature giant bosses!
★ 4 difficulty levels from Easy to Insane! 
★ 53(!) achievements to conquer! 
★ Online leaderboards to dominate! 
★ Steam trading cards to collect!

Check out ZANGEKI WARP here:
When you initially start this game, you may notice that you rack up quite a few achievements. That... is okay for achievement hunters that just want them, but for those that want to obtain them after accomplishing something awesome... maybe not so much. I haven't obtained them all, but I've racked up 16 of 53 thus far. Anyway, game on!

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From the Source: Xbox - Early access for Halo Wars 2!

This just in from the source!


Today we’re excited to join fans around the world in celebration of the worldwide launch of early access for Halo Wars 2. Available now for players who purchased Halo Wars 2 Ultimate Edition, 343 Industries and Creative Assembly have crafted an action-packed, strategic gameplay experience for both Xbox One and Windows 10 PC via Xbox Play Anywhere. The studios hosted a celebratory livestream event yesterday at 343 Industries in Redmond, sharing new details on post-launch content and other updates on Halo Wars 2.

In addition, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer has penned a blog post looking ahead to what’s coming for Xbox this year. As part of the sneak peek, a few Xbox developers and team leads joined Xbox Live’s Major Nelson and AceyBongos on a special episode of This Week on Xbox to share updates on several of the exciting exclusives coming to Xbox One and Windows 10 this year. - Team Xbox

Check out the videos below and game on! - Blu

This is that additional information we were told... they'd present us with soon. So enjoy!

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Xbox Media Briefing update + Xbox Fanfest!

Hi everyone (haven't heard a greeting on here in awhile huh? anyway), the Xbox team hit us up with an update about the Xbox Media briefing recently and that the time will be switched up.
It will be held June 11th (2017) @ 2PM pst, which will be a Sunday.

In the email they told us that they will be showcasing more games & experiences. This isn't breaking down anything we will end up seeing, but they've also said that there will be another Xbox FanFest event this year and that more details will be coming soon. We will get those details to you as soon as they hit our inbox.

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Battlerite fans... a new Champion has entered the arena! + A $10K eSports tournament announced!

New Champion & an event announcement? Yep... the developer is going in for the audience!


Wednesday (Feb. 15th, 2017)... Stunlock Studios releases a new champion into the arena. What's his name? Raigon "The Exiled Prince"... a flexible melee swordsman skilled in martial arts. He came to be exiled from his kingdom due to the manipulations of another champion, Pestilus. So the character has a target in this game adding to the depth beyond the arena. I don't see many players really caring about that... because the focus is using the right strategies in the arena to get the victory. That said... a little backstory for the characters doesn't hurt, or they would simply just be characters added in with no sort of origin. The cool thing though is that there are gamers out here who appreciate a characters backstory and connects a bit more with them because of it.

Enjoy this champion announcement trailer along with the tournament info:

Stunlock Studios partners up with major organizations Beyond The Summit and Twitch for “Enter The Arena”, the biggest Battlerite Tournament held so far. The event has a total prize pool of $10,000 and will be running simultaneously in Europe and North America.
“Enter The Arena is the perfect event for kicking off the competitive scene and showing off the game's potential in Esports. We’re hoping to not only offer an entertaining broadcast, but to also introduce the game’s intricacies to fresh audiences, newer players as well as esports fans." says Alexander Hermansson, Head of Esports at Stunlock Studios.

Onslaught eSports recently announced the signing of a currently top-ranked Battlerite squad who will compete in “Enter The Arena” under the Onslaught banner. The team members Connor "Averse" Shacklady, Alvin "Ninjas" Xu and Dominic "Arakune" Valentino are all on the global top-10 ranking, with Averse set as the best individual Battlerite player in the world. Here is an overview of all the invited teams:

  • TelroskMi (Teldo, Verosk, Mini)
  • MyCon - Prepare to Die (LittleMaster, GodOf, K3B4B1)
  • ​Intolerant (Joltz, Iska, Nyy)
  • Project Horizon (HotBiscuit, Blankzz, Wuzac)
  • Onslaught Esports (Averse, Arakune, Ninjas)
  • Identity Crisis (InTheFlesh, Vorime, Emperor)
  • Scylla (Maelstrom, Jeter, rarepeep)
  • Excel Wizards (Neewha, Skywind, Finlev)
The event will be broadcasted live in on Twitch and kicking off with qualifiers held 19th of February followed up with the grand tournament 25th & 26th of February.

Find out more info here:
Enter The Arena

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Zelda on Zelda action!

Zelda... Zelda... Zelda, less than one month away...
here's a bit of news to check out before we get to play!
Starting when The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild launches on March 3, players will be able to p ...

Nintendo is cooking up DLC action for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

"New Adventures Built on the Game's Huge World Coming Later in 2017" - Nintendo

This is okay because I trust that there is going to be a wealth of content, but... if I were Nintendo, I would've waited before dropping the news about this. Let gamer's experience the main game first and then hit us again to keep the fire of Hyrule going.

Anyway... both the Nintendo Switch & Wii U have the exact same versions of the expansion pass for The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (so you won't be missing out if you get one or the other), which include:

Expansion pass content pack 1 (Summer 2017):
  • 3 treasure chests (located in the game's "Great Plateau" area) w/ one containing a Nintendo Switch logo'd shirt for Link to wear (only available in the Expansion Pass)... and the other two chests have useful items (whatever those may be).

  • Cave of Trials challenge

  • Hard mode

  • New feature for the in-game map

Expansion pass content pack 2 (Holiday 2017):
  • New challenges via a new dungeon and a new original story
The content pack 2 is the most interesting for me... because it's not just extending on the main story. That said, I hope they wow every owner of this expansion pass by making it an original story with a hefty amount of content to enjoy. If they do so, it could sway the reputation of Nintendo's expansion passes in a direction that's more of a "Must Have".

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's Expansion Pass is priced at... $19.99!

If you thought that was all we had for you... guess again!

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild developers are going to host a GDC panel

Who's going to be on this panel you ask? (If you're asking that is... will be) Game Director Hidemaro Fujibaya, Art Director Satoru Takizawa and Tech Director Takuhiro Dohta... for all of you budding and veteteran developers out there. The topic will be... "Change and Constant - Breaking Conventions with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild".

The panel will be held 11am - 12:30pm on March 1st @ the Moscone Center
located at 747 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

For those who are not attending GDC, a video of the panel will be available at the following week. For those of you planning on attending and don't want to drive... consider using Lyft with code: SDGTENT (to redeem up to $50 in Lyft Credit).


Want more details about the expansion pass? 

Aonuma also created a brief video to share more details about the Expansion Pass. It can be viewed at
For more information about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, visit

For decades, The Legend of Zelda series has been recognized as a trailblazer in game design that has ...
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SDGT X Instagram!

If you've missed it... check out our Instagram, plenty to enjoy considering we've just hit 300 posts!

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The Walking Dead: A New Frontier... going retail, Feb 28th!

Ummm... this is okay, and I hate to be that guy... but I have to be. (Hear me out!) We have the retail version of the newest installment of a franchise that I have become highly fond of headed our way, and its great to be able to jump in... but not completely in the way its going to be delivered here. Its a physical disc, but you will still have to download the episodes beyond the two-part premiere (that's included)... as you wait for the rest to come along (like the upcoming Episode 3: Above the Law... dropping next month).

The reason why I say its okay... is because they are presenting it as a season pass disc. So you can go get a physical disc that acts as a key. There are plenty of gamers that enjoy physical copies of games (myself included)... but if I were able to choose between a season pass disc and a retail copy that I had to wait for after all the episodes are released... to include them all, then i'd take all so I can just flow from beginning to end with no downloading required. I'd be willing to pre-order that, so while this is okay... maybe they can consider a complete disc the next go round.

Look forward to this physical retail option... Feb. 28th in the US & March 3rd in EU!

Check out the trailer for the retail release (two cheers for Clementine)!

I still want to enjoy the world of The Walking Dead in VR... and I think TellTale can deliver that in a special way if they really wanted to. I have a few ideas up my sleeve, but they'd have to approach me.
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From the Source: Nintendo - Mario vs. Donkey Kong and... Anime!

March is less than 1 month away. Do you know what that means?
Time for Nintendo to kick *** for the Nintendo Switch and make
sure it holds its own with a great library of games.

Feb. 9, 2017 14:00 UTC

Nintendo Download: Team Mario or Team Donkey Kong?

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:
Put together by anime superstars LandQ Studios and Touhoku Shinkai, Inti Creates debuts an electrify ...
Put together by anime superstars LandQ Studios and Touhoku Shinkai, Inti Creates debuts an electrifying anime adaptation on the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. (Graphic: Business Wire)
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • Azure Striker Gunvolt: The Anime – Put together by anime superstars LandQ Studios and Touhoku Shinkai, Inti Creates debuts an electrifying anime adaptation on the Azure Striker Gunvolt series. The anime presents a scenario that fans of the series will be familiar with, while simultaneously presenting a deeper look into the world of Azure Striker Gunvolt. Download today.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Mario vs. Donkey Kong – Donkey Kong just made off with all the Mini-Mario toys, and now it’s up to Mario to chase his longtime nemesis and retrieve the stolen goods. In this GameBoy Advance action-puzzler, leap and battle through increasingly difficult levels as you use switches, conveyor belts and hammers to overcome the hordes of enemies that block your way.
Nintendo eShop sales:
  • Nintendo eShop on Wii U and Nintendo 3DS
    • Great deals this week include Shadow PuppeteerThe Legend of Kusakari and Word Search by POWGI (Wii U and Nintendo 3DS), plus several more! Check out the full list of deals on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U available this week at
Also new this week:
  • Plantera (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U)
  • Parascientific Escape – Gear Detective (Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS)
  • BRICK RACE (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • Words Up! Academy (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)
  • Y.A.S.G. (Nintendo eShop on Wii U)

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Fire Emblem Heroes + Nintendo Switch gets a Super Bowl commercial? Yep!

Fire Emblem Heroes is here... and I've been playing since Nintendo gave us the news. 
I have a question for @Nintendo though: Can we get a new Advanced Wars for mobile?

The good thing about Nintendo's wealth of intellectual properties... is that they can take various routes with mobile and it wouldn't make a dent in a Nintendo console's catalog (I just hope they make use of developers outside of Nintendo also... which increases variety in the Nintendo games and opportunity for the smaller devs too).

  • Fire Emblem Heroes – Nintendo’s hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series is now reimagined for smart devices. Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go gameplay. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes’ skills and take them to new heights. This is your adventure – a Fire Emblem that’s like nothing you’ve seen before! Available today on App Store and Google Play, this application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

Haven't seen the Nintendo Switch Superbowl commercial yet? Check it out.

Also don't forget to check us out on Instagram @Sdgt_Ent!

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