FTS: Play the First Fifteen Minutes of The Walking Dead: The Final Season in New Demo on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Experience the opening moments of Clementine's final journey firsthand. Free playable demo now available for download on PS4 and Xbox One. 

Episode one launches August 14.

SAN RAFAEL, Calif., July 31th, 2018 -- Leading publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman's Skybound Entertainment today launched a new playable demo for The Walking Dead: The Final SeasonThe demo features the opening sequence of the upcoming season premiere and offers players their first chance to experience The Final Season's brand new combat, camera system, and art style. The demo is currently available for download on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. 

Episode one of The Final Season will be available for download starting August 14, 2018 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One across all regions. The Final Season will also come to Nintendo Switch later this year. The game is currently available for pre-order on PC, PS4, and Xbox One for $19.99All players who pre-order The Final Season will receive download access to each of the season's four episodes as they become available.

Players who pre-order on PS4 and Xbox One will also immediately receive The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection -- which gathers all 19 existing episodes of the award-winning series into a single package -- as a free pre-order bonusPC players can pre-order here and receive 10% off the full retail price. All pre-order offers expire August 14.

Season Description: Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached the final chapter in her journey. After years on the road facing threats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally be her chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice. Clem must build a life and become a leader while still watching over AJ, an orphaned boy and the closest thing to family she has left. In this gripping, emotional final season, you will define your relationships, fight the undead, and determine how Clementine's story ends. 
  • Emotional, Gut-Wrenching Story - See Clementine's journey through to the end. As she builds a new life, you will have to grapple with new types of choices and live with the consequences as AJ looks on, learning from your every move.
  • More Control, More Tension - A new over-the-shoulder camera system, greater freedom to explore detailed environments, and scenes with unscripted combat capture the fear of living in a world overrun by the undead and create the most engaging The Walking Dead game yet.
  • Striking New Visual Style - The all-new Graphic Black art style rips the ink from the pages of the Eisner Award-winning comic book series and brings the world of The Walking Dead to life like never before. Supports 4K resolution and high dynamic range on compatible devices.

In addition, The Walking Dead: The Final Season will be fully dubbed in French, German, Latin-American Spanish, and Brazilian Portuguese. It will also be subtitled in French, German, Latin-American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Italian, Russian, and both traditional and simplified Chinese. Episode one voice packs and translations will be available for download on launch day.

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1More iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones (New Model)... Reviewed!

What better way to kick off the weekend than a product review?! When this product arrived, I looked forward to checking out the actual packaging too... because of the impressive boxes of the other 1More headphones at a slightly higher price tag. I didn't expect it to be as sweet as the packaging of the... 1More Quad Driver in-ear headphones and the Spearhead VR Gaming headphones, but I was curious regardless. That said... enjoy the unboxing:

Although the packaging isn't as memorable as the other packages, it's durable... which kept the headphones safe during shipping. The shipping box was a bit jacked up, so durable packaging is reassuring.

This is 1More's new model of the iBFree Sport Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones. One thing I've noticed when it comes to 1More in my short time of reviewing their headphones... is that they don't shy away from revising their products, I appreciate that... the package also includes 1 flat charging cable, 3 sports grips, and 3 ear tips.

The ear tips and sports grips are appreciated. They don't come in as many sizes as the Quad Driver headphones... but, I appreciate the fact that there is more than one size. I had to switch up the ear tips that were initially on the headphones (so I guess that makes it four ear tips) and put the small ear tips on. They fit okay, they rest partially in my ear... but I have yet to have them fall out, even turning over and also stretching after a massage. I'm pretty sure the sports grips have something to do with that.

The ear tips have yet to cause discomfort, and I've actually found myself wearing them hours on end and forgetting that they were in my ears because there isn't pressure from the ear tips being forced to fit in my ears (I don't even feel the sport grips). I enjoy my other Bluetooth headphones but considering the fact that these don't go around the backside of the ear at all... I prefer these. The other headphones aren't even heavy, they're Bluetooth and on-ear, which are great... but if I can wear a pair that I don't feel... I prefer no feeling. Noise isolation cuts out about 50% of the noise for me, but the better the fit... the greater isolation is (i.e. when I push the ear tips all the way into my ears w/ limited movement the sound isolation is up to about 75% or more). The reason I don't mind it not being higher than what i'd consider is about 50% sound isolation... is because if I'm outside, I still need to be able to hear other things for safe keeping.

These headphones are light, look clean and have a very functional design. The charging port has a rubber cover preventing any moisture from getting in, and with all the rain that's a plus. Speaking of rain, these enhanced sports edition headphones have increased water protection that I can actually vouch for. It seems like every time I get prepared to go outside its raining these days (for like the past week and a half)... which sucks, but for the sake of the review it worked out. These headphones are fine even though I've gotten drenched a few times, so... if you like to work up a sweat or... you get caught in the rain like me, you should be good to go with these headphones.

If you're curious about the water resistance on a scale... these headphones are an international standard IPX6.

IPX0... isn't water resistant at all. IPX1 - IPX2 can take some water droplets. IPX3 can actually take some spray, so if you want to spray and clean your headphones you can (although I'd recommend an alcohol wipe). IPX4 can take a splash of liquid. IPX5 can take on a big water gun. IPX6 can also take on a big water gun with more oomph + mud. IPX7 can take on about 3 feet of water, and IPX8 can take on 3+ feet of water. So I hope this gives you an idea of the water resistance.

The buttons are tough too... so if you are working out and you need a pair that doesn't have hair-trigger buttons, you're covered.

The buttons are tough, but... responsive. You have the basics seen here... the power button, volume up, volume down, and the multifuction for play/stop/answer and all that good stuff. They do what they're supposed to do. There is nothing really wow here, but it's nice and functional without being in the way... and that's fine by me, its part of an overall clean design.

The headphones have a durable aluminum alloy body and the angles align with the curve of the ear... which allow for a really nice fit. So even if they aren't deep within my ears... the sound is full (definitely a lot fuller than my on-ear headphones).

I've played mobile + pc games, listened to music, watched movies, and made phone calls... with a thumbs up thus far. The headphones have a Bluetooth chip with hi-res transmission technology, which is said to provide a meticulous listening experience without the sound quality being affected by it being wireless. That sounds cool, but my actual first-hand experience confirms that its true. You're working with Bluetooth 4.2 with AAC in the new model vs 4.1 aptX found in the old model.

Oh... and by the way (before I forget), these headphones connect to my phone quick. Some Bluetooth headphones do that crap where they take a while to connect, or they connect partially where its just phone audio (w/out media audio). So I noticed the quick connection of these headphones immediately... I like that a lot, I don't want to sit around and tinker in my Bluetooth settings to get sound also connected to the headphones. I just want to turn it on and... go, which I've been able to go for about half a day before charging these headphones (which takes about two hours). Standby is listed at about 90 days... which is pretty cool, but I haven't had enough time to review them to that extent in order to confirm it.

Last but not least, distance is about 35ft... so if you're on a basketball court, you should be good with a half-court game or a smaller full court with your phone at about half court. I was able to go a few rooms away without losing connection with my phone, but... when I stepped outside it disconnected.

Price wise at $59.99 I think they're on point, and with the quality... they're competitive. I'd go as far as to say better than some at the $89.99 price point (I'm not saying any names). As far as cons go, the only con I could come up with... are the buttons (a partial con). If I could change one thing, it would be the volume + skip buttons being the same, because some phones/apps don't let you skip at all.

Overall, these are some comfortable... durable Bluetooth headphones that deliver good sound at a price point that doesn't make a dent in the piggy bank.

Design 4.5
Quality 5
Comfort 5
Price 5

4.9 out of 5 Cool Points

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Hunt: Showdown (Early Access)... Reviewed!

Strap up and make sure you bring the right tools for the job. Keep quiet, stay low, be prepared to run for your life and you may survive in the world of Hunt: Showdown. Oh yeah... being a team player is a major plus in this world, so don't go all lone wolf... kay?

Hunt: Showdown is an open world survival horror FPS, PvP, and PvE combo. Try saying that three times fast... ahhhhhhh (hmmm) never mind. Hunt: Showdown is set in this... nightmarish world crawling with monsters and the undead, but it also consists of hunters like... you. The objective in this game is to set out and get bounties for money, which may sound easy... but (remember) there are other hunters out there ready to take on the risk for the reward too. In this game they may just take you out after you've successfully taken the risk and collected the bounty.

So there is a lot going on. One of the best things you can do is go undetected in this game because you don't want to be seen or heard by monsters or the other hunters. This increases the tension big time, so you may find you and your teammate going stealth for the sake of survival. If they don't see you coming... they can't do anything to stop you. It can be a waiting game to see who gives up their position first so it might be worth going wolf. Find the right spot and stay there out of clear and present danger (keep your head on a swivel). Sounds like I'm really placing a lot on it... but you'll understand what I mean when it's go time.

Perfect example: I was sneaking around with a fellow hunter... and he decided to make his way into a body of water (it was way too open and you couldn't run without being heard by something or someone). I fell back to hide in the bushes behind some trees and used my rifle to see what I could see (see see), but instead, I heard something... a clap (and it wasn't a round of applause). Next thing I know I see my teammate's body fall into the water... and I couldn't get to him without giving myself up. I didn't intend on joining that pool party so I did what I could until they eventually got me. You can end up in the wrong creek without a paddle fast in this game, and I think that's a plus for any and everyone actually looking for a challenge to up their game.

Related imageIf you play with surround sound speakers or (specifically) a headset that delivers a similar experience, it should assist you (I used the 1More Spearhead VR gaming headphones)... but at the same time, it may increase your paranoia by 100%. So keep your drinks at a distance and sit with your back facing the wall, especially if you have family & friends that love to joke around. When you're in the heat of the moment and the tension can be cut with a machete... you don't need someone grabbing you from behind. Its not a good feeling, and Ms. Daisy can actually confirm that I got up with my fists ready when it happened to me a few days ago. They got a good laugh at my expense but if I was going out... I was going out with a fight. :p

In this game, before you proceed with the mission... I strongly suggest that you know what target you're facing, and then equip the right tools for the job. If a target isn't affected by fire (i.e. the Butcher), that option is out. Also, remember that your weapon can get you in trouble too... so stick with silenced weapons, the crossbow, and melee weapons until you have no other choice.

Here are three weapons from the game:

The bosses can be a challenge, but you can outfox them by running out of that area fast enough... shooting them as they turn back (at least during early access). Basically, if you run outside... you should be safe (from them... mainly the Butcher). You might be running into another hunter's bullet or a pack of growling monsters alerted by the gunfire out there, but the boss won't be out there. So you aren't exactly home free either way if you didn't clear the way before taking on the boss.

In order to track down the boss monsters, you have to use your dark sight ability... which gives you this ghostly view of the world that's blacked out with illuminated clues. That will get you on the right track to reaching your target. That dark sight ability will also allow you to see players carrying a bounty, which means they can also see you carrying one. If you live to see another mission (your hunter I should say)... your character lives on with the reward money, but if you die you lose everything except for your experience (so if you bought some sweet weaponry, kiss it goodbye along with that hunter). Your experience is transferred to your bloodline where it is applied to your other hunters... which is cool or experience would be hard to come by.

Visually, the world is stunning and so are the horrible looking monsters... but to truly appreciate it you're going to need some serious juice to get your money's worth out of the fictional Louisiana Swamps. The requirement is actually one of the cons in this game, but before I mention the reason why... check out the minimum specs:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Processor: Intel i5 @ 2.7GHz (6th Generation) or AMD Ryzen 3 1200
Memory: 8GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 TI (or AMD Radeon R9370)
DirectX Version: DX11
Disk Space: 20GB
Sound Card: DirectX compatible audio card
Additional Notes: Best experienced with headphones. We recommend having the latest drivers installed.

This con is a plus for those that can meet it, or exceed it. It's even better for those of you who can meet or exceed the recommended specs... but not everyone can meet the minimum. Nothing wrong with specs being high, but... the risk of high specs is one that involves cutting off potential customers at that mid-range. A single player game or a game running on a console is fine... but when you have a multiplayer or co-op game on PC, the community can be a bit empty if few can meet the requirements. The minimum specs have been lowered from what I see, but it would be cool if they could lower them a tad further.

Replay value is there via the bloodline progression, which allows you to rank up and unlock equipment, traits, better hunters, etc. So you have something to strive for. Reaching new ranks will unlock things like a stamina shot, a nice selection of guns, frag bomb, dynamite bundle, etc. Investing time in the game comes with its rewards, you get better (hopefully) and you gain new things to help make you more of a beast in the field... so stick with it.

Price wise... Hunt: Showdown is okay at $29.99 because I don't know whats coming once the game truly launches (but the price may increase upon release). Currently, I think the game would be better priced at $19.99 to increase the number of players (if they meet the requirements). If it's going to increase in price once it's officially launched... there have to be more monsters. There was an update, but to really make this a must play experience... there should be at least 12 boss monsters and a variety of maps.

I think there should also be a 4 player co-op with some sort of story-line that fits this world. The AI of the monsters can be bumped up too. I think it would be a great additional mode and would be a different yet satisfying experience.

Overall, I think its a good concept for a visually satisfying experience that gets you on the edge of your seat... but (I don't know) it just feels like something is missing to really round out the experience. It's in early access, so I'm keeping that in mine, but I hope they have a co-op experience (beyond the PvP) that gives you something else to do. Maybe even take down the persons behind the nightmare... maybe they're from the underworld or something. Just something that gives you a different mode so the experience doesn't get stale. I can only roam the same environment so many times before I start looking for a change of (pace and) scenery.

Fun factor: 3

Visually: 5

Replay value: 4

Price: 4

"4 / 5 Cool Points"

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2K Grows NBA Video Game Portfolio as Publisher of NBA 2K Playgrounds 2!

Partnership between 2K and Saber Interactive expands 2K’s basketball offerings;
Two-on-two arcade-action to be released this fall

2K saw the potential in NBA Playgrounds, now we're going to get a new NBA 2K Franchise where you can cut loose. 2K games is sticking to the script in NBA 2K games, so I see this partnership as a way to deliver a variety of NBA action for their audience. I know people like my cousin who only play 2K basketball games, now his my aunt has another game to buy him every single year. - Luis D. Lucha

New York – July 24, 2018 – 2K today announced that they will publish the next great arcade-action sports game from developer Saber Interactive - NBA 2K Playgrounds 2. This over-the-top, two-on-two basketball experience will complement the best-selling NBA 2K simulation franchise and expand 2K’s footprint in the basketball video game space.

“The original NBA Playgrounds was a fantastic throwback to the glory days of arcade-action sports,” said Greg Thomas, President, Visual Concepts. “The new NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 will step up this energy and attitude big time – with a bit of added NBA 2K flair – giving fans of both franchises an exciting new way to game with friends around the world.”

“No one is more committed to bringing fans a great basketball experience than 2K. We can’t wait to share more on how we’re teaming up to make NBA 2K Playgrounds 2’s incredible arcade action bigger and better than ever for players,” said Saber CEO Matt Karch.

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 will be released in fall 2018 on the Xbox One, PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Nintendo Switch™ and Windows PC.

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