Colin Kaepernick is back... in Wild Card Football + 7 Players I want to see added!

I wanted to be the one to present this news... because I'm sensing something in the air (and it smells great). I've seen the NFLPA become a bit more active lately when it comes to a few football games. Before I go any further, here's info from our guest contributor, Sophi, about what the NFLPA is...

The NFLPA stands for the National Football League Players Association. It is the labor union that represents professional American football players in the National Football League (NFL). The NFLPA was founded in 1956 and is responsible for negotiating and enforcing the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) between the players and the league.

As a labor union, the NFLPA is not owned by the players but rather is run by a board of player representatives who are elected by their teammates. The board of player representatives, in turn, hires a team of executives and staff to carry out the day-to-day operations of the union and to negotiate with the league on behalf of the players.

While the NFLPA is not owned by the players, it exists solely for their benefit and is dedicated to protecting their rights, promoting their interests, and ensuring their fair treatment by the league. - Sophima

So you just read that, and might be thinking... so... what about it? Well, you don't see an NFL license stamped on this game, which means... it's possible that the players are standing up to take control of their likeness, and their benefit as players... including who and how money is made off of them. That's beautiful because they're already making a crap ton of money for the NFL, and now... we can enjoy other types of football games outside of Madden with some of our favorite players. I think this is awesome. This also puts money in the pockets of players no longer active in the league like... Colin Kaepernick, and others that we may be interested in getting back on the field. It was smart for Saber to bypass the NFL and go straight to the NFLPA since the official teams weren't going to be a factor at all here.

Speaking of Saber, one thing I also noticed here is... Playground Sports.

I don't know how they plan on moving with this in the long run, but... Saber brought us NBA Playgrounds 1 & 2. 

I played the crap out of NBA 2K Playgrounds 2, but this game isn't under 2K, so I'm wondering if that was just a one-off or things didn't work out... or Saber saw a bigger picture and decided to go hard on their own.

The reason why I believe they decided to set out on their own with Playground Sports is because of the NFLPA, but not only that... OneTeam Partners is in on this. OneTeam Partners not only includes NFLPA, it also includes MLBPA, MLSPA, U.S. Women's National Team PA, U.S. Rugby PA, LCSPA, and College Athletes! Before I continue, let's check out the trailer!

I think Saber Interactive is aiming to shoot for the stars in terms of being one of the biggest sports arcade companies out there. 

EA runs the football field in regards to Madden... and they now have their clutches on Super Mega Baseball.

2K Games rules the basketball court with NBA2K.

It's possible that Saber is going to own the... playground when it comes to arcade sports. Time will tell, but... either way, I wish them well. I'm really excited about this, and... it's Rated E for Everyone.


  • Create Your Dream Team: Choose from hundreds of genuine pro players, reimagined Playgrounds-style, and assemble the ultimate 7-on-7 gridiron squad. Advance through different challenges and events to unlock new players and other exciting rewards.
  • Play Your Wild Cards: Unleash over 150 Wild Cards to turn the tide of the game in your favor in an instant. Bust out special moves like summoning walls or invisibility, boost your team’s stats at a crucial moment, or play a Rule-Breaker and flip the rules of the game completely.
  • Become a Champion: Prove your skills in single-player Season mode, climb to the top of the leaderboards in competitive online multiplayer with full crossplay, or challenge your friends at home for bragging rights in local multiplayer.
  • Customize Your Squad: Personalize your team’s logo, uniforms, and colors, choose your home stadium, then build unique playbooks and Wild Card decks to perfect your strategies on the field.

I would like to see these players in Wild Card Football:

Prime Time

Bo Jackson

Warrick Dunn

Ricky Williams

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson would be a cool addition since he played for the Hurricanes. At least as a DLC player.

Warren Sapp (who actually replaced The Rock due to injury)

Emmitt Smith

These would be some kickass additions... would they not? I know some guys who would go nuts over this, and I'll be reaching out to Saber Interactive in hopes to see these guys on the gridiron.

Anyway, Wild Card Football will be heading in for a touchdown on... Oct. 10, 2023, on PC (Steam & Epic), PS5, PS4, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, and... Nintendo Switch!

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FTS: Hunt: Showdown’s “Tide of Shadows” Live Event Begins Today on PC!

Hunt: Showdown’s New “Tide of Shadows” Live Event Begins Today

With a new boss, pacts, weapons, and more, the Bayou is deadlier than ever!

FRANKFURT, Germany June 28, 2023 Crytek is thrilled to announce Hunt: Showdown’sTide of Shadows” Live Event launches today on PC! New challenges, gameplay, weapons, story, and a new boss await Hunters for the duration of the event, which runs until Aug. 23, 2023.

The “Tide of Shadows” Live Event introduces a new Boss category - the Wild Target. Rotjaw is a game-changing monster that brings a deadly new threat to the Bayou. Unlike other Boss enemies in the game, Rotjaw will not be found inside a compound. Instead, she lurks in the waters of the Bayou, lying in wait to attack any who encroach on her territory.

Rotjaw is designed for a new gameplay experience, forcing Hunters to improvise while defending in the wide open spaces of her watery home. Players must make decisions on the fly about how to approach and dispatch this deadly new threat. If successful, they will be rewarded with a valuable Bounty Token.

The “Tide of Shadows” Live Event also arrives with new Pacts for players to pledge their Hunters to - the Primal Pact, Smuggler Pact, and Grounded Pact. Each pact has in-depth lore about their origins and aims to be discovered, as well as new Legendary Weapons and Equipment associated with the three factions available to unlock.

“We designed Rotjaw as a new objective for Hunters, adapting several mechanics and gameplay flows from our established Boss Targets,” said David Fifield, General Manager for Hunt: Showdown. “Her design gives players a whole new range of risk versus reward choices when launching into a Bounty Hunt. Should you go after her right away or ignore her until you’ve banished the other Target and gained Dark Sight?  What trait, weapons and gear will set you up best to track and defeat her? Once she is banished how best can you secure the Bounty Token and extract from the map with it? We are incredibly excited to unleash Rotjaw and eager for her to leave her mark on the Hunt world."

To unlock rewards during the Live Event, players must earn Event Points, awarded for completing a range of in-game challenges and by interacting with or destroying new Ship Altars scattered around the Bayou. To help rack up Event Points, Hunters can take advantage of new single-use "Burn Traits,” which are only available for the duration of the event, offering players new ways to play. Event Points can be exchanged for a wide range of rewards throughout the Live Event. “Tide of Shadows” also brings a new Battle Pass with both free and premium pathways.

"Tide of Shadows" and Rotjaw are available now on PC and will arrive on consoles at a later date.

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5 Things To Consider Doing This Summer... As A Gamer!

If you're a gamer looking for something fun to do during summer vacation, here are some ideas:

1. Attend a gaming convention: Summer is a great time for gaming conventions, where you can meet other gamers, try out new games, and participate in tournaments and other events.

2. Join a gaming club: There are many gaming clubs and communities that organize events and meetups throughout the summer. Joining a club can be a great way to connect with other gamers and find new friends who share your interests.

3. Participate in online tournaments: Many gaming platforms host online tournaments during the summer, where you can compete against other players from around the world. Participating in these tournaments can be a great way to improve your skills and win prizes.

4. Create and upload gaming content: If you're interested in content creation, summer vacation is a great time to start creating and uploading gaming content to platforms like YouTube and Twitch. This can be a great way to build your audience and connect with other gamers if you're willing to invest the time.

5. Take a break and enjoy the outdoors: While gaming can be a lot of fun, it's also important to take a break and enjoy the outdoors. Consider having a pool party, taking a day trip to a nearby park or beach, or going for a hike or bike ride with friends.

Remember, summer vacation is a great time to have fun and explore new activities and interests. Whether you're a dedicated gamer or looking for something new to try, there are plenty of fun and exciting options to choose from. Explore them before summer comes to an end.

"Some of my best memories... are based on things we did in the summertime." - Blu

Sophima | Guest Contributor

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