Aspiring Game Devs: Never Underestimate the Power of a Dream

Ladies, gentlemen, and everyone who's ever rage-quit a platformer only to come back 5 minutes later because we can't help ourselves - let this pixel-pusher preach the good word! A degree is to game development what a fork is to soup... it can be useful, yes, but spoons exist if you want to focus on the course without all the expensive extras!

The quest to become a game dev no longer requires the ol’ “sword in the stone” scenario - because, lo and behold, the internet hath provided a digital Excalibur, and it fits in your schedule like those side quests you swore you'd start after just 'one more main mission'. Whether you're a brave squire setting forth at dawn or a night owl hunting for bugs in the witching hours, there's a treasure trove of courses where the entry fee is on the low and all you need is Wi-Fi to access it.

And oh, let me weave you a tale of a future where your skills, sharper than a +10 sword of Truth, might just unlock the door to gaming's hallowed halls. Picture this... there you are, the artisan of a grand remake, bathing in the glow of your monitors, as you stitch together the fabric of your own game that could be considered a classic one day.

The critics? Those stoic sentinels of the game realm's formidable gates? They're perched, pens at the ready, peering over their half-moon glasses, prepared to unleash a flurry of words so jolly that their keyboards chuckle with delight. Because when an indie dev crafts a game so charming it makes nostalgia feel like the new kid on the block, they can’t help but tip their hat... even if it's an invisible one.

So whether you're plotting your very first sprite or coding up the next digital world wonder, never underestimate the power of a dream mixed with a dash of online study. Because, who knows? Your homemade pixel pie might just be the next big banquet critics (and players!) line up around the block for.

Strap in, future devs. Power up your rigs and let those creative juices flow like mana from the fabled fountain. Your game dev odyssey awaits!

Here are 5 of the best Udemy courses for game development:

Unreal Engine 5: The Complete Beginner's Course

Complete C# Unity Game Developer 2D & 3D courses

The Beginner's Guide to Animation in Unity

All About Gaming Industry Careers & Game Design Fundamentals

Unreal Engine 5 C++ Developer

 + Sophima 

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Outcast Tales: The First Journey... Free!



Keep your crew happy (or don’t) and engage in strategic battles against wandering outlaws in this exciting prologue to the upcoming Outcast Tales game!

NICOSIA, Cyprus – Jan. 29, 2024 – CRITICAL REFLEX is thrilled to launch Outcast Tales: The First Journey, a free playable prologue to the upcoming roguelike Outcast Tales by developer Hardlane Studio, on PC via Steam today. Lead a party of three mismatched outcasts in the post-apocalypse on the hunt for glory and wealth. Venture into the perilous wastes with the prologue’s launch trailer, featuring the game’s narrator, Samuel Barnett, known for portraying Dirk Gently in the BBC series Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency and Delamain in Cyberpunk 2077!

The wasteland is full of dangers - monstrous beasts, scavengers, hunger, and… stubborn personalities? Choose a unique party of three misfits with various roles, personalities and abilities to guide you through the post-apocalyptic desert. Traverse the map building - or destroying - the relationships and morale of your crew, all while devastating your enemies in thrilling and deadly turn-based battles.

Key Features

  • Lead a Band of Misfits: Outcast Tales: The First Journey features four characters and five unique personalities to construct your party. Different crew combinations will affect how your team behaves, so experiment on each run for new narrative events and strategic synergies.
  • Try Not to Die: Use turn-based abilities in combat to exploit your foes’ weaknesses, and keep your crew’s morale high out of battle to improve their odds of survival. If tragedy does befall your team, don’t worry: you can always start over with a new one!
  • Fight Better Together: Outside of combat, narrative events and dialogue choices can change your party’s morale and feelings toward one another, shaping the story as you go. Build their relationships so they help each other out in battle, free of charge! Or let them go at it and see if your band of bickering bandits makes it out alive - some outcasts are outcasts for a reason!
  • Precious Pet Companions: Travel with Chomp, an adorable lizard companion, or Awoo, a rescue dograt - just make sure to keep them alive!
  • Twitch Integration: Connect the game with Twitch to auto-generate community polls, allowing viewers to influence event options, travel locations, and level-up rewards.

An expansive journey awaits when the complete version of Outcast Tales officially launches later this year. With eight total characters, seven different personalities, an elaborate quest system, branching storylines, world-altering moments and 10 times the narrative events, Outcast Tales will be the adventure of a lifetime!

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Top Audiences Last Week + A Free Game!

The weather is warming up, and my happy meter is rising along with it. I hope your week has been an awesome one... and a delicious meal is on your radar. A deep dish pizza is in my near future. (Sigh) I can taste it now, but you're not here for my next meal... you're here for the top 10. Let's go!

So Close:

South Korea

+ a free game!

Free Until Feb 01 @ 11AM! 


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