FTS: Legendary ‘Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn’ | Summer 2024

Hidden in the Shadows For 33 Years…

It’s Finally Time For Real Ninja Action!

The critically acclaimed Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn is officially releasing

in Summer 2024!

Berlin, 26 January 2024 - Sharpen your katana and ready your ninja stars– the trailblazing, true ninja action game returns! ININ and SLG are excited to announce the pre-order start for the Limited and Collector’s Editions of the upcoming remake Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn (Retail Editions following)! After 33 years, experience a revamped 16-bit style, an improved combat system, a BRAND-NEW level, and an epic soundtrack by the one and only, Iku Mizutani! You can enjoy the teaser trailer here for comparison.

Shadow of the Ninja - Reborn lands physically on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 5 for 29.99€ and digitally on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox Series S|X, and PC Steam for 19.99€ this Summer. Pre-orders of the Limited and Collector’s Editions are available now at Strictly Limited Games. Fans can also wishlist on Steam today, while the Retail Edition will soon be listed on iningames.com.

Regarded as one of the best two-player co-op games for the Nintendo Family Computer (NES) in the early 90s, Shadow of the Ninja (also known as Blue Shadow in Europe and Australia) propelled NatsumeAtari and TENGO PROJECT into becoming one of action gaming’s greats.


In this thrilling action-adventure platformer, you will use your striking katana, as well as the acrobatic finesse of a ninja to face the advance of powerful enemies. Our fearless heroes, Hayate and Kaede have undergone a major visual upgrade from their original 8-bit models. From the deadly foes to the no-less deadly stages, every part of this title has been faithfully remade in stunning high-quality graphics.


Special attention was dedicated to the already acclaimed 2-player mode, which now features upgraded cooperative gameplay dynamics, refined character interactions, and an overall optimized experience. So, grab a friend and engage in deadly shinobi combat to save the world in this dark action gem Shadow of the Ninja – Reborn!


This remake brings back Iku Mizutani, the star composer who helped create the iconic Natsume sound and renowned tracks for various NES games.


  • An Arsenal of Deadly Weapons: Caltrops, shuriken, and more! Departing from the NES original, Hayate and Kaede will have an expanded variety of weaponry!

  • Jungle of Concrete and Steel: Five completely recreated stages featuring devious traps and challenging platform puzzles. Plus, a 6th entirely new stage!

  • Two Ninjas are Better Than One: Grab a friend and get ready for the critically acclaimed couch co-op!

  • A Fresh New Look: Beautiful modern in-game sprite art as a faithful update to the 8-bit original!

  • Bringin’ It Back to the 90s: Feast your eyes on the key visuals and characters illustrated by Dynamic Productions, the same remarkable illustrators of the original 90s title!

  • A Star-Studded, Rockin’ Soundtrack: Play along with the legendary Hiroshi Iwatsuki and Iku Mizutani’s electrifying guitar riffs and fast-paced retro melodies.

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