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I can't lie. Zombie games are fun (at least some of them are)... but add in VR and it really awakes up the paranoid action. It also summons other symptoms of fear via a good survival horror experience, which shouldn't be amplified by someone outside the game... grabbing you (that would be soooo wrong). The experience brings certain gamers coming back for more, while others absolutely find it... too much to take. I'm on the fence (personally) because I enjoy them, I just don't like certain points when it just feels like something is about to happen. The tension starts to build up as I prepare to think as quickly as needed to make it out of the scenario alive (in the game that is).

It may sound weird, but I want to be in those scenarios I don't like... when it comes to survival horror games. I'm a strategic gamer, so the challenge increases when I have to think quick on my feet. I hope that if there is ever an Arizona Sunshine 2, may they dial up the depth even further. - Blu


Considering how many people enjoy this game and own a HTC Vive or the Oculus Rift + Touch, hopefully another one is in the works for a release some time down the road. - Luis D. Lucha

Resident Evil 7 woke up fans of the franchise after... (ummm) 6 sent some people into a tantrum. The experiences don't always have to be deep like this, but some games you expect to get depth from. Multiplayer doesn't always have those expectations, especially when its head to head... but some of my most enjoyable experiences combine both.

One game franchise I thoroughly enjoy when it comes to this combination is Left 4 Dead. I'm expecting Left 4 Dead 3 to be ready for Valve VR. - Blu

I think most VR games outside of arcade will need less physical action to maintain replay value. - RkRk

(Shout out to Engadget)

Yeah, I wouldn't want to move around all the time. - Luis D. Lucha

I'd prefer to enjoy the VR visuals... with a control in my hand too, which is the reason why a lot of the more physical Wii games were seldom played. Speaking of Nintendo... man, if they present a VR option down the line for the Switch, that should be launched with a new Metroid Prime or a full remake (i'll take a full remake). - Blu

Hell yeah! - Luis D. Lucha

Another game that deserves a full remake playable in VR is... Red Steel. It doesn't even need to be a Nintendo exclusive, and I like the look of the first a bit more than I do the second... so going back would be cool. It wouldn't have to go back completely, but capture that look via a full remake. The game feels like it would be right at home in VR anyway. - Blu

Does Ubisoft have any VR games? - Yang

Yep... but none like Red Steel could be. - Blu

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The Walking Dead - A New Frontier's... Episode Four is here!

'The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series - A New Frontier' 
Continues with Episode Four: 'Thicker Than Water' 

The wait is over... so prepare your nerves because its time to jump into another episode. You may be like me... going into each episode concerned that one of my favorite characters may not see the next. Someone by the name of Jason, was extremely pissed off about something that I can't mention (in a prior episode)... because its a spoiler. I wasn't happy either (not one bit) but that's the world of The Walking Dead. Rejoice in the fact that some outcomes can be changed at least.

Even though some things suck, the overall adventure is one heck of a ride... and is one of the reasons why it's so good. Check out the trailer below and... game on!

By the way... Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy: A TellTale Series is also out now!

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RiME is beautiful... and it's almost here, but the Switch has to wait. WTF?!

RiME is coming for PS4, X1, PC (May 26, 2017) and... the Switch... but... (but... but) the Switch will not get this game until Summer 2017. (Insert your pouting here.)

I don't know when it will be released in the summer, but... at least for Switch owner's its coming. This does concern me though (i'll say... somewhat concerns me). There were delayed 3rd party releases for the Wii U, but the reason why I say somewhat... is because the Switch just came out.

This game sort of reminds me of... ICO and... The Last Guardian. It has my attention for that reason alone, but the story will be the opportunity to dive deep into what this game has to offer. - Blu

I think it should have updates and stuff for enemies. - Luis D. Lucha

If the story allows for that, then more dlc adventures would be good. - Yang

It doesn't need to be part of the adventure. - Luis D. Lucha

It would actually take away from the game if it doesn't... fit. - Blu

From the Source:

 sends players on a deeply personal journey of discovery, experienced through the eyes of a young boy who awakens on a mysterious island after shipwrecking off its coast. While navigating the island’s rugged terrain and ancient structures, players will explore challenges using light, sound, perspective and even time.

Developer Diary

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Glyphs Apprentice and School

Glyphs Apprentice is one of those puzzle games that fits perfectly in a school setting. It's complex and safe enough to meet the requirements of school while teaching/challenging kids how to use tools and problem solve. Teachers looking to incorporate something into the class may find a game like this, a rewarding skill builder.

This game is available on Steam, but I could personally see it making the biggest splash in schools.

Glyphs Apprentice challenges you with with brain teasing puzzles as you take on the role of an apprentice mage trying to learn more about magic and creating your own spells. Your goal is to become a Mystic in the Circle of Mages. So while I recommend this to teachers for their students, if its something that peaks your interest grab it on Steam.

Ready for more NBA Arcade action? NBA Playgrounds is coming!

I'm hereeee with sports action for... Nintendo. It sounds so weird... right? Well... i'll say its just been a little while instead. :p

Did Allen Iverson get a tan?
Anyway, a studio by the name of Sabre Interactive... is developing a 2-on-2 NBA arcade game. NBA JAM comes to mind... which works for me. When you're talking a console like the Nintendo Switch, I think the game is a great fit for the system... and you can play the crap out of it offline with a friend out in the middle of Drablands if you know how to get there.

I don't always mention the developers, but you may find interest in some of the works this studio has under its belt. You may have heard of games like Quake Champions, Halo: Master Chief Collection and God Mode, right? Well... you will find Sabre Interactive in the credits. Experience in non-sports games (e-Sports is something they've played a hand in) doesn't always mean a studio can make a great officially licensed sports game. I'm just being honest, but... at the same time i'm super hopeful that they're able to deliver an NBA game with a nice flow, major fun factor and plenty of replay value.

The game will also be available on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One... but considering the fact that the Nintendo-Switch could use more releases, this may be capture the interest of Switch owners more so. Totally assuming that, but why not take advantage of the options... if (and I do mean "If") a new option is good. You're in luck when it comes to this game (all platform owners are) because it will be released in May 2017 for $19.99... and I give them props on that. Other developers should take note, don't overprice games... get in where you fit in (and benefit), not where you think you can get away with placing your game's price point. 

NBA Playgrounds will include all 30 NBA teams (duh of the day)... in addition to an extensive roster that includes retired NBA players. They also mention that you'd be able to level players up over time, and... I don't know how I feel about that if it isn't some sort of career mode, but we'll see. This game will be a digital only title... and I may not have said this several years ago, but that's fine by me. You have solo, offline and online modes to show off skills with your favorite (or not so favorite) NBA players.

I'll leave you with words from Saber Interactive's CEO:
“Basketball is such a pick-up-and-play sport at heart – we really wanted to bring that spirit into gaming,” said Saber’s CEO, Matt Karch. “NBA Playgrounds has a lot of depth for pros who’ve mastered their game, but it’s accessible enough that anyone can jump in, have fun and feel competitive.“

That said... game on!

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