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All About Final Fantasy 7!

The revival of Final Fantasy VII was a result of a game publisher listening to the audience. It may have taken a while, but the timing of the release was absolutely perfect. As avid gamers ourselves, we too can't help but wonder if a remake of Parasite Eve could be next in line (Blu brought this up). It is evident that there is an opening in the industry for another survival horror game, and the combination of nostalgia and curiosity could be enough to attract players to hit the buy button if they saw the stylish Aya Brea back on the scene in an all-new way.

For those who may be confused about the Final Fantasy VII releases, let me provide you with a comprehensive rundown from past to present.

The journey began with the release of Final Fantasy VII in 1997, which was the installment that started it all. Then, the prequel, Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII, a mobile game that focuses on the covert operatives known as the Turks, was released in 2004.

In 2005, fans were treated to the visually stunning animated film, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, which represents a sequel to the original game centered around Cloud Strife and his allies. That same year, an anime OVA called Last Order: Final Fantasy VII was released, providing additional backstory to the events of the original game.

Surprisingly, there was also a snowboarding mini-game called Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding, which was released on mobile. Then, in 2006, an action RPG sequel to Advent Children called Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII was released, following the character Vincent Valentine. Although it had a lot of potential, this game did not receive the justice it deserved and deserves a complete remake. This would be one heck of an Action-RPG/undercover third-person shooter if the FF7 team developed this game with the help of Avalanch Studios (the team behind the Just Cause franchise).

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII was released in 2007, continuing the party on the PSP for those who owned one. This game explores the story of Zack Fair, a minor character from the original game. In 2009, an extended version of the CGI film was released called Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete. I found out about this while writing this article.

Finally, in 2020, the much-awaited Final Fantasy VII Remake was released, bringing back the magic of Final Fantasy VII for fans and a new generation of players to experience. To eliminate confusion, Intergrade, the visually enhanced version released on the PS5, was released in 2021 and features numerous gameplay additions. This version also showcases Final Fantasy VII Reunion Episode INTERmission, featuring Yuffie as the main character.

2022 broughts us the HD remastered version of the PSP game Crisis Core -Final Fantasy VII- Reunion, showcasing Zack Fair's legacy connecting to Cloud.

In 2023, Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis expanded the lore of the original game, allowing players to experience key elements of the timeline and follow Sephiroth's journey as a young hero. It is a chapter-structured RPG that has been optimized for mobile devices and features effective RPG elements like the iconic Active Time Battle System and customizable party lineup.

Additionally, players can dive into engrossing battles with powerful bosses that can be taken on in up to three-player co-op. Ever Crisis adds new story elements penned by Final Fantasy VII Remake story and scenario writer Kazushige Nojima.

And finally, we await Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, which is scheduled for release on Feb. 29, 2024. This standalone title reimagines the original game into three parts, starting with the party's journey to the Forgotten Capital after they escape the city of Midgar to pursue Sephiroth. Exciting new elements are sure to be introduced as the story unfolds, ultimately leading players on a journey that will decide the fate of the planet.

The Final Fantasy VII series is vast, and fans have a lot to look forward to. If you're a fan of the game, make sure to check out all the available titles and game on!


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FTS: [NetEase Games - Press Release] Identity V rings in Year of the Dragon with new Survivor and In-Game Event

Identity V rings in Year of the Dragon with new Survivor and In-Game Event

Hangzhou, China – February 1, 2024 – Developer and publisher NetEase Games is excited to introduce the in-game celebrations around the Lunar New Year in Identity V today! The event titled "Dancing Dragons Usher in the New Year” brings the new survivor, Puppeteer - Matthias Czernin, a festive Chinatown map rework, and more to the asymmetric 1V4 competitive mobile game.

Watch the Dragon Dance Documentary:

Chinatown has been lushly decorated to celebrate the arrival of the Year of the Dragon and mysterious Dragon Dance items have appeared on the map. To help players check them out in style, ten free draws as well as an A Costume Unlock Card will be gifted to everyone, and new login rewards have been added, including outfits for the Gardener and Mechanic.

New Survivor: Puppeteer - Matthias Czernin
The lifelike puppet "Louis", based on the young Matthias, brings his family endless honor and wealth. Everyone loves it, except for Matthias, who is no longer cared for, as Louis is quietly taking his place in the family. Unable to escape the puppet's shadow, Matthias chooses to burn it. A terrible accident ensues, killing his parents and seriously injuring Matthias - but he does not care. At least Louis is gone.

Ninety-one days pass and a crate arrives at Matthias' door, containing a new Louis. The confused Mathias immediately throws the ominous puppet into the fireplace and watches it turn to ashes. Seventy-eight days later, he receives another crate, and Louis is back. No matter how the boy disposes of him, he always finds his way back to him. When another box arrives on his 24th birthday, he notices a badge in the corner of the crate. Upon investigation, it leads him to a notorious Manor, across the sea.

Check out the trailer:

The Year of the Dragon celebration continues throughout the month, with new Chinese-style furniture being added on February 7, new skins for a number of characters releasing on February 9, and on February 10, all players who log in will receive 10 free draws!


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FTS: The 'Identity V' Christmas Event is Coming to Town!

Hangzhou, China – December 14, 2023 – NetEase Games' 1V4 asymmetric competitive mobile game Identity V launches its Christmas event “Letter on a Snowy Winter Night” today! Christmas spirit fills the whole place, as players find new Christmas costumes as well as various festive furniture under the tree  and can aid the game's Postman to deliver mysterious letters!

Send mysterious letters to unlock special rewards!
On Christmas Eve, the Postman, still hard at work, receives a special mission from a mysterious man to deliver a stack of Christmas letters. Help the Postman pick the perfect recipient based on various conditions!

After the update on December 14th, visitors can complete check-ins to claim wonderful rewards including Coordinator - Xmas Ensemble and Sculptor - Xmas Ensemble (choose 1 out of 2), StickerEvent PortraitEvent Portrait frames, as well as upgradable B furniture! Get tokens by completing tasks and redeem the decorations needed for upgrading, so the Christmas tree can warm hearts and hands this snowy Christmas Eve.

New Christmas costumes to start the party!
Besides the Christmas tree, the Painter and the Postman have already dressed up in their Christmas costumes and put on their Santa hats to share gifts with The FeasterWith the aurora borealis, the first officer also changes into a warm Christmas costume as a way to travel through the wind and snow in search of the most beautiful stars.

After maintenance on December 7, Evil Reptilian A costume - Christmas Party returned to the store. After maintenance on December 14, Season 29 Essence 3 containing Postman S costume Christmas Messenger, Painter A costume Cozy Christmas Eve and The Feaster A costume Krampus, and First Officer A Costume Star Seeker will be available. Meanwhile, [Unique Fashion] Bartender - Christmas Outfit, [Unique Fashion] Cowboy - Christmas Outfit and [Unique Attendant] Naughty Bruce return to the Event Store. Barmaid and Cowboy B Costume - Xmas Ensemble, and B Pet - Naughty Bruceare will return, too.

Christmas decorations make the manor sparkle!
Lacking a festive touch in your room? Don't worry, part of the Christmas furniture has returned on December 7, with fireplaces, chairs, cabinets, and more. This year, there will also be new furniture, besides the Christmas tree that needs to be decorated by players. The store will be updated with 4 B furniture pieces and 2 A furniture, including an elk, snowman, carpet and other winter themes.

The Christmas spirit has arrived all around The Manor, including the Matching Room, so players can be merry and bright while waiting for the next game to start!

"As the holiday draws near, the Christmas atmosphere in the game becomes even more prominent." Said Ethan Wang, Senior Vice President of NetEase, Inc. "We have prepared a wealth of content, aiming to bring players more joy and surprises. I believe this update will provide an unforgettable gaming experience for everyone."

After the maintenance on December 21st, the Christmas-themed public map will be available for a limited time. Be sure to invite your friends and relatives who have been with you all year to visit the map and experience snowball fights, ice skating, and performances together.