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The Benefit To Delayed Game Releases

Delayed Games and Other Options

Though the wait for much-anticipated titles may be discouraging, the delay presents a unique opportunity for gamers to explore a range of other gaming options. With the abundance of existing titles and the emergence of new ones, gamers have the chance to uncover hidden gems and expand their horizons. From delving into beloved classics to discovering fresh and exciting releases, the selection of gaming experiences ensures that all gamers can find something to captivate their interests.

Moreover, the variety of gaming choices provides gamers with the chance to form meaningful connections and build relationships with other passionate players beyond the usual genres. 

By joining multiplayer games or joining gaming communities dedicated to particular genres, gamers have the opportunity to find like-minded peers and embark on unforgettable virtual journeys. Thus, even with the delay of certain titles, gamers can still come together, share their love of gaming, and create lasting bonds with newfound friends.

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Sophima | Guest Contributor

FTS: Deck-Building FPS ”Friends vs Friends” Launches Today on Steam

Friends to the End: Friends vs Friends Launches Today on Steam

Play weapons and powers from your deck of cards in this rapid-fire FPS featuring 1v1 and 2v2 battles!

STOCKHOLM – May 30, 2023 – Friends vs Friends, the delightfully frantic deck-building FPS from developer Brainwash Gang and publisher Raw Fury, releases today on Steam for $9.99|€9,99|£8,50, with an additional 40% limited-time launch discount available for those who dive in right away. Friends vs Friends combines 1v1 or 2v2 combat and deck-building with all the frenetic fun of an online PvP shooter: choose your character, create a custom deck of madcap weapons and abilities, and hop into fast-paced multiplayer mayhem!

Players can also take their friendship to the next level with Friends vs Friends: Deluxe Edition, a bundle that includes the full base game, the digital game soundtrack featuring six music tracks, and the next two Premium Expansions coming later this year.

Friends vs Friends puts a game-changing twist on the classic FPS formula: all your powers, weapons, and debuffs are played from your deck of cards! Become a titan, summon friendly turrets, steal health with vampire bullets, or just give your opponent a big head. Earn new cards, level them up, and unlock new characters with unique skills in chaotic 1v1 or 2v2 game modes.

Key Features

  • Friends vs Friends: Matchmake with players worldwide in fast-paced 1v1 or 2v2 combat, or host private matches with your friends. Need support? Invite some pals to spectate!
  • A Game with Character: Choose from a cast of stylish characters, each with its own special abilities that improve the synergies of your deck.
  • Progress to Impress: Level up and get new cards through matched bouts and timed challenges.
  • Stack Your Deck: Collect weapons, trap, and curse cards, then level them up to increase their power.
  • Play Dress-Up: Unlock cool cosmetics like skins and card design variants for bragging rights!
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Go up against bots to try out new card combos and improve your skills for when it really counts.
  • Low Price + High Quality = How?! Keep the crew together! Friends vs Friends levels the playing field on cost, so jumping in is a big-brain move.
  • Updates & Seasonal Content: Expect loads of post-launch content, including new unique characters, cards, maps, and upgrades to your home base!


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Update Your Game Library: Don't let genre burnout get you down!

If you're feeling burned out on your usual genres, why not try something new? There are plenty of amazing games out there, across all genres, that you might be missing out on.

Trying a new genre can open up a whole new world of gaming for you, and who knows... you might just find your new favorite game. So don't be afraid to branch out, and explore all that the world of gaming has to offer!

It's no secret that some gamers are more genre-loyal than others. In fact, many gamers only stick to one genre, and within that genre... they only play certain IPs. No hybrid genre action for these guys!

We've talked to well over 1000 gamers this year so far, and one guy told me recently that he gets bored playing Call of Duty pretty quickly now. I pointed out that there are other games out there, and he says, "Yeah, but what else is there? Like... that's where everyone is". I tried to hold it in, but I was like:

There are plenty of popular games out there that get a lot of love within the same genre (and across genres). I got him though because I presented him with a list of IPs (similar to what you see below) which he acknowledged he was aware of, but... he hasn't played one of them.

It's nothing you have to do, but knowing other games are out there only to deny yourself the pleasure of enjoying them because you (yourself, and the person being reflected in the mirror) choose to only stick to one genre or one IP is a... personal decision. You can see it on the faces of some people that they truly miss a controller being in their hands, so why not fun it up? We can never get any of this time back, so you might as well enjoy as much of it as possible.

Switching things up is the perfect solution to a gamer's funk regarding... genre burnout. Instead of playing the same games over and over again, try out something new to get a break. 

Buy the AAA game you love (no shade), but add a AA game to the mix, show indie developers some love by adding an interesting game to your library from that side as well, and show a free-to-play game some love. 

Free-to-play games don't require money out of the gate (and they're available on console too), but if you like the game, buy something to keep the free-to-play party going.

I can't just leave you with the list above, here are some of the latest games:

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Prodeus: A solid AA retro-boomer shooter

Before I jump into this somewhat... salute of a post, here's the description for Prodeus:

"Prodeus is a first-person shooter of old, re-imagined using modern rendering techniques. It reaches the quality you expect from a AAA experience while adhering to some of the aesthetic technical limits of older hardware.

The game features a hand-crafted campaign from industry FPS veterans, a fully-integrated level editor, and a built-in community map browser for instantaneous action with nearly limitless levels to play.

Get ready to paint the walls red. This is the Boomer Shooter you've been waiting for." - Humble Games

For the most part, I have no issue with this description, but... AAA... I wrestle with that. Don't get me wrong, it looks wrong, and I love what the indie team did here (shout out to Bounding Box Software Inc.), but I'd say it's more of a AA experience. My A.A. stands for affordably awesome because you can grab this game for less than 50% of the standard $59.99 shooter that tops the SRP. 

I would've gone for 'Retro-AAA' (which they kinda sorta did), but despite how smooth the gameplay is... it still feels a bit rough in some areas like a number of AA games do (i.e. level transition). I shrug at the melting screen when it comes to transitions, but I can do without it and the loading screen from one area to the next. I know they wanted to give that retro feel, but... I don't think loading was necessary unless the levels are segmented to a certain degree that requires it.

The initial opening was beautiful, and even if I wouldn't expect every area to be like... that, it proves they have the know-how to deliver transitions in an alternative way. That melting transition screen could've been saved for the end of the levels or something. Doesn't break the game, and they did say, "...a AAA experience while adhering to some of the aesthetic technical limits of older hardware", but they also said, "It reaches the quality". I'd just give it a full-stop AA and surprise gamers with those AAA-worthy experiences the game reaches regarding the quality.

Overall, awesome shooting game that plays extremely smooth at a nice price... with plenty of replay value + level design fun. This isn't for kids, it's rated Mature for ages 17+... and is full of bloody gunplay action that one would expect from games like... Doom. So if this is up your alley, check it out here and... game on!

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First 30: Somerville

Somerville is a work of art. Off the bat, you're pulled into this beautiful cinematic experience that feels like a polygonal film. I didn't even realize that it was officially time for me to take the reigns when the gameplay initially began.

I wasn't sure what to expect with this game, but once I got into it and began to flow... I was definitely ready for more. It's safe to say that this 1st 30 wasn't my last time playing this game, but... I couldn't just play it to the point that left nothing for you to experience. So... get ready for this "hand-crafted narrative experience". This game is listed under Adventure in regards to genres, but I'd also add puzzle + thriller for you... and the people that watch you play this game.

I highly recommend either listening to this on surround sound or a nice pair of headphones... like the Audeze Mobius... or even the 1More Aero earbuds (based on the spatial sound technology).

Welcome to Somerville, enjoy!

This game is rated for Everyone 10+

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Indie Showcase: Shadow of the Guild

We got a request to cover this indie title and thought it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase the game... and speak on indie dev projects like this.

Shadow of the Guild is described as an epic tale of the Rain Merchants Guild. In this side-scrolling beat-em-up adventure, you play as Yaran, an assassin with a powerful combination of mage and warrior skills. You're able to perform stealth attacks, cast spells, and use combos for a variety of attacks.


  • RPG: 3 skill trees to follow the path that suits you best: Warrior, Mage, and Assassin
  • Beat 'em all: Dynamic fights where you can mix your skills in epic combos
  • Items: Consumables, throwing weapons and a whole bunch of runes to give you new skills
  • Exploration: Side quests, special items, secret passages

I like what I'm seeing in this game. As you've heard in the first 30, I understand that the road of indie development is challenging... and there are a lot of indie games that never get this far. There are projects that come to a complete halt based on a lack of time and resources, so it's good to see those that break through. 

Shadow of the Guild, launches on November 10th (2022), so I'm not sure what the release date's build will look like... but from what I've seen and played, it certainly has room to grow.

If the team plans to continue updating the game past launch (which we don't know what that version looks like but), I see a number of things supporters can look forward to. One of the biggest things I see them updating is the art and animations, just fleshing them out more (because a number of assets look like concept art/placeholders). 

I wouldn't normally post these... but the team gave me the green light to proceed, so shout out to them. If you're a dev team on the road to release and your game is playable, I think there's a bit more grace for an indie dev versus a bigger studio.

If the game is playable with the finishing touches being minor (or other things have to be implemented), consider early release. It makes sense, especially if the bugs aren't game breakers because... it can help fund the rest of the project or put more wind in your sail to get it released. I say this because of what I've mentioned with some projects coming to a halt, if you can avoid that and deliver a great game... early release could be the route for you and you can update it moving forward. Just make sure that you follow up with the updates so that the efforts don't go to waste as a result of burning supporters.

As far as Shadow of the Guild goes, I enjoyed the gameplay, and the stealth kill scenes. The stealth kills are brutal... so (parents) keep in mind that the mature content will likely get it an "M" (for mature) rating. I don't know what else they have in store... I know that there was a warning + the First 30 showcased some of it, so just keep that in mind when it comes to your kids.

Anyway, the game definitely reminds me of Prince of Persia + Mark of the Ninja, but when it's all said and done... I hope it stands on its own as a memorable title.

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