Dear Developers: Using Game Platforms for other Game Platforms

Before I jump into this... I must say that this has nothing to do with the games or platforms involved (specifically). The problem I have is the overall approach of how those games are made playable... specifically through Steam.

Steam is a game platform, games are available for purchase through it... but suddenly you get hit with this process (after the basic "Install" and pressing "Play"):

The game software opens wanting you to set up... AFTER you thought you were ready to roll through Steam (since you did buy the game through Steam... and pressed play there).

My expression when another platform opens.
After investing in the game, you go ahead and install... thinking you will just roll after that finishes, but then you have to go through the whole rigmarole of creating an account, confirming the email address... and then you can play. Seems like it might not be that big of a deal... right? It's not, for the people who don't mind and have the extra time. For those that don't, this could mean the difference in customers returning or running for the hills.
Some of us want our games tied DIRECTLY (not kinda sort but not really) to the platform we made the purchase on... without a need to do more than hit play. To sign in through the game, I can respect that (at least it's in the game... once)... but outside of that... some gamers don't want to take that extra step and some refuse to.

Going that extra mile to simplify the access to your game (by making it actually accessible through the initial platform like Steam)... could, in turn, boost the bottom line, especially with free-to-play titles like the newly released Gigantic (for example). You can get it through Steam, but you can kinda sorta don't play through Steam... since you have to open Arc through Steam in order to play it (through Steam). I put the extras on it because it really is accessible... like that, and Uplay games are also in that boat. It's not the end of the world, just remember that some gamers are pressed for time.

Think about what the wins could be for you and your team by simplifying the process.

(Speaking of... Gigantic, here is my first time playing it... online.)

“Spawn” writer Jon Goff writing the story for Crackdown 3 campaign

Today it was announced that Jon Goff, well known in the comic book industry for his work on “Spawn” and “Jack Rabbit” is writing the story for “Crackdown 3’s” campaign mode. He will join the both development team and another special guest this Saturday at San Diego Comic-con for a panel revealing brand new story details, characters and a discussion around the development of the game.

John will also discuss his role as the author of “Crackdown 3’s” story in campaign mode and share some of the inspirations behind his writing, how he got involved with the project, and the comic book and art influences he hopes to bring with him into the “Crackdown” universe.

“Crackdown 3” marks the explosive return of a celebrated franchise to Xbox, bringing with it all the ingredients that made the series a favorite for fans. 

- Raj | Xbox Wire

Crackdown is one of the more interesting open world franchises for me. It's more arcade-style and that's been missing in the world of AAA games, for the most part.

From the Source: Perfect World Ent - Go GIGANTIC or Go Home + Contest!

If you were waiting for this game... the wait is now over! Grab this strategic hero shooter... free on Steam, Arc, Xbox One and Windows 10! I will be digging into the Gigantic Ultimate Pack as soon as possible (on Steam via Arc).

Tip: For those of you trying to play this on PC and may be facing challenges with this initial start up of the game... go to your start menu and search for "Repair Arc". Let that run, and it should get you going like it did for me.

 By the way... for those of you running Dedicated Video RAM at 512 MB, you will be happy to know that I was able to play the game without lag at 512 MB (even though it supposedly requires a minimum 1536 MB).

I have 5.0 versions of the Pixel & Vertex Shaders, so that may have helped along with my laptops CPU speed (2.7 GHz performance rated at 9 GHz)... but the Dedicated Video RAM was the only thing below the minimum. That said... try it anyway if you have similar specs because it might work out (and lower the graphics a tad if you need to). There are people who lower the visuals anyway to have an edge over the competition in some cases... so play with the video settings and jump in (smoothly)!

Anyway, check out this news from the source... while I work on uploading my initial gameplay (to get a feel for the game). I totally need to find the right character for me, and that's the beauty of different characters. I'm more of a dodger that represents with ranged weapons. Before you continue below to the source related news and contest, i've highlighted the reason why buying the Ultimate Pack on Steam & Arc is better.


Motiga’s Strategic Hero Shooter Offers Players Biggest Fight of Their Lives
REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – July 20, 2017 – Today Perfect World Entertainment Inc., a leading publisher of free-to-play online games, and Motiga, Inc. announced Gigantic has officially launched on Steam, Arc, Xbox One and Windows 10. The free-to-play strategic hero shooter combines visually stunning heroes, diverse creature families to summon and massive Guardians to aid in epic battles for victory.
“We’re thrilled to welcome all players to the vibrant world of Gigantic,” said Chris Chung, CEO of Motiga. “The team has worked incredibly hard to develop an experience unlike any other. We hope you join us and the community of players who have fallen in love with the game and helped us throughout its development.”

Check out the Gigantic Launch Trailer:

Gigantic launches with an exciting new update which introduces text chat, new packs and a brand-new, blade-wielding hero. Players can now access the game’s 19th hero, Ramsay, a cunning heavy-hitter brandishing a seriously lethal blade. Ramsay is the first of many characters to join the game’s original diverse roster, with a new hero planned for release each month following launch.

In addition, Steam players who log in to the game and play a match will receive an exclusive Stone Relics skin for the jet pack pilot Beckett. Logging into Arc and playing a match will grant players a Lightning skin for the stealthy assassin Tripp, while Xbox One and Windows 10 players who do the same can get the Excelsior skin for the spinning cyclone of blades, Tyto the Swift.
Players looking to unlock even more for their Gigantic experience can purchase the Ultimate Pack for $29.99 to gain access to all 19 current heroes and any future heroes for life, along with unique skins, progression boosts, fortune cards and premium currency. Steam and Arc players purchasing the Ultimate Pack will also receive a free Starter Pack code to gift to a friend.

As a thank you to supportive players, purchasers of the Founder’s Pack will be automatically upgraded to the Ultimate Pack.

Finally, has partnered with Gigantic to launch a Top-5 Plays contest starting today. All players can participate in the global contest and clip their best moments using to win gaming hardware and Steam gift cards.
Gigantic is a free-to-play strategic hero shooter developed by Motiga. Gorgeously rendered, light-hearted and charming, Gigantic is for all types of gamers, pitting teams of five heroes and their massive Guardians against each other in epic battles across a variety of maps. The game combines explosive combat with fast-paced teamwork, strategy and skill, as players must work together and fight relentlessly to defeat the opposing Guardian with spells, guns and swords.

For more information about Gigantic, please visit the official website:

I have a trip coming up soon and I look forward to tossing my laptop, HyperX Cloud Stinger headset & Xbox controller into the Solo Rival backpack for some serious quality time with Gigantic during my down time. Game on... affordably!

Shadow Warrior Special Edition... Free?! Get it now!

Want a free game? We're giving away FREE copies of Shadow Warrior: Special Edition for 48 hours here! This promotion is available from Thursday, July 20 at 10 a.m. to July 22nd (2017)!

HyperX Cloud Stinger... reviewed!

HyperX Cloud Stinger is easily one of the more popular headsets in the $50 range... and there is a reason why; it's an awesome headset!

When this package arrived at the office... all I could think is “It's go time!”. So I grabbed the scissors... after multiple attempts to slice the tape with a pen.

Opening this bad boy up... I knew what to expect (like duh) but, it was still exciting because I'm a bit of an audiophile. You can find me sleeping with headphones on... often. Which is why my avatar has them.

Anyway, even though these headphones are presented on the lower end of the price scale... they are presented in packaging that's surprisingly better than others I've come across in this range. Granted some companies want their headphones seen through the packaging at retail stores (or being creative with the cheaper packaging), it just doesn't feel like a higher quality presentation (to me). So I was pleasantly surprised.

These headphones were made with quality in mind... while also keeping them in the realm of affordability as far as the average Joe is concerned. There are nice touches to these headphones like the adjustable steel slider... that didn't have to be added, but they went the extra mile. This adds to the quality of the product... which doesn't feel flimsy.

In addition, this headset is lightweight... and doesn't feel like I'm lugging something around on my head. The 90-degree rotating ear cups are also a plus for me... because if headphones are not on my ears, they're on my neck or close by. It allows me to place one cup on my ear if they're around my neck or allows for full movement of my head when both cups are laying flat on my shoulders... which doesn't seem like a big deal, but (again) these are being reviewed by someone that uses headphones nearly every single day. When it boils down to it, when I want to multitask or get the headphones off my ears... when I'm not home or in between online matches, this comes in handy. I don't want to feel like my head is trapped in between ear cups pressing against my cheeks.

The earcups are comfortable also. When wearing them on my head... I have been able to keep them on for hours without needing a break, and they aren't pressing against my ears... they fit fully around them. That's a plus for me because my ears are sensitive and don't feel too well if something is pressing against them for a long period of time; if you have your ears pierced up top... this is a plus). This sensitivity with my ears has caused me to cycle through multiple headphone types in search of comfort that allows me to enjoy my love of quality audio.

If the comfort isn't there... I really don't care how good they sound (although its a sad day whenever that happens) because I need a combination of comfort and quality audio to help up the enjoyment of my experience. FYI: Noise cancellation is pretty good too.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger headset has simple controls... that get the job done. I have another headset with various controls on the cord, but it feels like an anchor at times. While this headset on the other hand... has a volume slider under the right ear cup... and a mic on the left earcup that you merely swivel down to turn on and up to turn off. That's all there is to it, and... that's fine by me... especially with what I am seeking when gaming on the go. Members of HyperX know that my alternate headset has a USB connector, it's cool... but heavier and remains in the office because I can't connect it to multiple devices. This headset on the other hand... gives me multi-platform compatibility, and this versatility puts a smile on my face because you know what time it is from that point.

The HyperX Cloud Stinger has 50mm direction drivers... which have given me excellent sound playback in games like Nex Machina (which I've been playing the crap out of), movies and music. The music surprised me... the headphones deliver some nice bass and the sounds of the instruments consumed me for the duration of the tracks I listened too.

I mention these non-gaming-related options... because I get my worth out of headphones to a serious degree. Gaming is obviously a major factor also, and this headset gives you the option to go from PC gaming, to console gaming to mobile... and back again.

As far as the mic is concerned, the recording is pretty clear... but I'm going to go ahead and use this to usher in the cons for an even better version.

The headphones are great, but when the mic is swiveled up... I get concerned about it being hit and going back too far, ending in a damaged mic. If it were me, I would've added something on the side to block it from going back to the point of no return. When it comes to the cons... that's the only one I have with these headphones, so feel free to rejoice now.

This isn't a con... but I believe that if HyperX had another set of these Cloud Stingers that had a detachable cord and mic... for maybe $15 more, those would likely be the more popular version (it decreases the concern of a damaged headset in the event of snagging).

Overall, this is a great gaming headset, especially if you want to get an affordable pair that doesn't feel... cheap. I recommend the HyperX Cloud Stinger for online multi-player, multi-platform gaming, gamers that present commentary & eSports team action. Discord & TeamSpeak are just a number of compatible programs that will work with this headset... so you're good to go. What's also included in the box is an extension cable that has separate 3.5mm headphone and mic jack plugs.

Design: 4
Quality: 5
Price: 5
Usability: 5 

I rate the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset a 4.8 out of 5.

You can get the HyperX Cloud Stinger headset... for $49.99, and for what it's worth... if you were looking for a nicely priced headset for gaming, etc. might as well get something with some oomph (that's realistically portable). That said... thanks for checking out this product review, game on!

Brought to you by... HyperX!

Rush Hour: A TellTale Series?!

Do you remember this gut-punch comedy starring Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker? It is easily one of my favorite film franchises... and considering the various avenues you can take with this martial arts meets comedy duo, it deserves a game series. Not just any... A TellTale Series, I think they'd be able to come up with awesome-packed episodes that deliver a combination of action and funny (so good) that even non-gaming fans of the franchise would want to spectate. Wouldn't be the same without the actual voices of Chris & Jackie... as... Detective's Carter & Inspector Lee though. If this ever becomes a reality... you heard it here first, but justice would be served with the actual actors.

That would probably require a kickstarter to afford the actors, but who knows... maybe they'd be willing to receive shares on the back end instead of everything off the top. Enough of the business chatter though, I just think it would be great to continue the adventures off the big screen... because their approach to solving crime can be applied to scenario after scenario... with plenty to spare (for the next season or more). Just a thought.

What do you think? Is this a game you'd be interested in? - Blu

Yeah this would be dope as hell, but until these games can be made by SDGT, I really don't foresee these ideas being brought to life. I'm glad you're saving all the ones that are true original IPs now. - Luis D. Lucha

This game would have to have the essence and witty pace the franchise is known for. Even the bloopers were better than scenes kept in other movies. Do you think their writers would be able to do that? - Yang

They have been able to deliver with multiple other games... so I don't see why not. It's what they're known for... and the studio's name is quite accurate for what they do. Adding comedy wouldn't be a stretch in my opinion. - Blu

True, but would it be on the level of what Rush Hour is known for? - Yang

I don't think it would have to mirror it to that degree, it would be TellTale's translation... which they've delivered well on in other games (is what i'm saying). - Blu

Understood. I'd play it just to see how they make it work. - Yang

lol That's what I was going to say. I would play it to play it... but I would be playing it to see if its really like Rush Hour. - RkRk

You know how that goes... it would still be different since games and movies aren't the same, but TellTale comes close since they keep you on rails in the right way... that let you jump from one track to the next. Speaking of movie related games, they did make Back To The Future... so keep that in mind. (By the time this posts... TellTale Games will have a link.) - Blu

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