Rush Hour: A TellTale Series?!

Do you remember this gut-punch comedy starring Jackie Chan & Chris Tucker? It is easily one of my favorite film franchises... and considering the various avenues you can take with this martial arts meets comedy duo, it deserves a game series. Not just any... A TellTale Series, I think they'd be able to come up with awesome-packed episodes that deliver a combination of action and funny (so good) that even non-gaming fans of the franchise would want to spectate. Wouldn't be the same without the actual voices of Chris & Jackie... as... Detective's Carter & Inspector Lee though. If this ever becomes a reality... you heard it here first, but justice would be served with the actual actors.

That would probably require a kickstarter to afford the actors, but who knows... maybe they'd be willing to receive shares on the back end instead of everything off the top. Enough of the business chatter though, I just think it would be great to continue the adventures off the big screen... because their approach to solving crime can be applied to scenario after scenario... with plenty to spare (for the next season or more). Just a thought.

What do you think? Is this a game you'd be interested in? - Blu

Yeah this would be dope as hell, but until these games can be made by SDGT, I really don't foresee these ideas being brought to life. I'm glad you're saving all the ones that are true original IPs now. - Luis D. Lucha

This game would have to have the essence and witty pace the franchise is known for. Even the bloopers were better than scenes kept in other movies. Do you think their writers would be able to do that? - Yang

They have been able to deliver with multiple other games... so I don't see why not. It's what they're known for... and the studio's name is quite accurate for what they do. Adding comedy wouldn't be a stretch in my opinion. - Blu

True, but would it be on the level of what Rush Hour is known for? - Yang

I don't think it would have to mirror it to that degree, it would be TellTale's translation... which they've delivered well on in other games (is what i'm saying). - Blu

Understood. I'd play it just to see how they make it work. - Yang

lol That's what I was going to say. I would play it to play it... but I would be playing it to see if its really like Rush Hour. - RkRk

You know how that goes... it would still be different since games and movies aren't the same, but TellTale comes close since they keep you on rails in the right way... that let you jump from one track to the next. Speaking of movie related games, they did make Back To The Future... so keep that in mind. (By the time this posts... TellTale Games will have a link.) - Blu

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