Dear Developers: Using Game Platforms for other Game Platforms

Before I jump into this... I must say that this has nothing to do with the games or platforms involved (specifically). The problem I have is the overall approach of how those games are made playable... specifically through Steam.

Steam is a game platform, games are available for purchase through it... but suddenly you get hit with this process (after the basic "Install" and pressing "Play"):

The game software opens wanting you to set up... AFTER you thought you were ready to roll through Steam (since you did buy the game through Steam... and pressed play there).

My expression when another platform opens.
After investing in the game, you go ahead and install... thinking you will just roll after that finishes, but then you have to go through the whole rigmarole of creating an account, confirming the email address... and then you can play. Seems like it might not be that big of a deal... right? It's not, for the people who don't mind and have the extra time. For those that don't, this could mean the difference in customers returning or running for the hills.
Some of us want our games tied DIRECTLY (not kinda sort but not really) to the platform we made the purchase on... without a need to do more than hit play. To sign in through the game, I can respect that (at least it's in the game... once)... but outside of that... some gamers don't want to take that extra step and some refuse to.

Going that extra mile to simplify the access to your game (by making it actually accessible through the initial platform like Steam)... could, in turn, boost the bottom line, especially with free-to-play titles like the newly released Gigantic (for example). You can get it through Steam, but you can kinda sorta don't play through Steam... since you have to open Arc through Steam in order to play it (through Steam). I put the extras on it because it really is accessible... like that, and Uplay games are also in that boat. It's not the end of the world, just remember that some gamers are pressed for time.

Think about what the wins could be for you and your team by simplifying the process.

(Speaking of... Gigantic, here is my first time playing it... online.)