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Characters Choose from Harley Quinn, Tom and Jerry, Finn the Human, Wonder Woman, Steven Universe, Jake the Dog, Garnet, Superman, and an extraordinary creature named Reindog. Every fighter boasts unique abilities that pair dynamically with other characters. Maps Play on various Maps from our characters' legendary worlds, including Batman's Batcave and Jake and Finn's Treefort, and more. Cross-Platform Defend the Multiverse with your friends anywhere, anytime on all available platforms. This includes full cross-platform play and progression Modes Play our innovative 2v2 co-op-focused experience or the intense 1v1 and 4-Player Free For All. You can also refine your skills in training mode or put your skills to the ultimate test in Ranked Competitive. MultiVersus supports online and local play. Customization Every character will feature its own customizable perk loadout that will change the way you play and how you synergize with your teammates. Competitive MultiVersus boasts an intense competitive experience with dedicated servers for seamless online gameplay. A Growing Multiverse MultiVersus is regularly updated with new characters, stages, modes, in-game events, skins and more.

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River City Girls 2 (Coming Soon)

Return to the bigger, badder streets of River City in summer 2022

The River City Girls are ready for round 2! Along with our collaborators at Arc System Works, we are overjoyed to confirm that River City Girls 2 is scheduled to arrive in summer 2022! With six playable characters, two-player online co-op, and an onslaught of new features and bone-busting combat techniques, this sequel to the 2019 RPG-infused beat-’em-up River City Girls is currently planned for release on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, and PC.

Picking up where the first RCG left off, River City Girls 2 throws hot-blooded high-schoolers Misako, Kyoko, Kunio, and Riki — along with newcomers Marian and Provie — into the fight of their lives when an old foe returns to wreak havoc. But the girls (and guys) aren’t just giving up; they’re fighting back with new stat-altering accessories, new items, new weapons, and additional moves (such as Kyoko’s Cartwheel Kick and Misako’s Lightning Rider), along with brand-new abilities like guard-crush attacks and lift-off combos. Recruited foes are back to assist in battle — this time you can hold two at once! — plus you can now enlist the help of hired henchmen who pack even more of a punch!

River City is more alive than ever, with a day-night cycle, more-complex terrain, more shops, new hazards, hidden areas, and an abundance of destructible objects. The brawl will take players to numerous new and updated regions of the city — including downtown slums, a tech-company campus, and an enchanted forest — and pit them against an assortment of new enemies and bosses, such as the Dragon Twins (Ryuji and Ryuichi). Our heroes can even visit hideouts where they can store extra equipment, swap recruits, or just chill while listening to music.

Other additions to River City Girls 2 include improved quest tracking, three difficulty settings, and a dynamic story system with dialogue that changes depending on the player-controlled characters. And, of course, the game features a new animated intro, new comic book-style cutscenes, and a new hard-hitting synthpop soundtrack from original River City Girls composer Megan McDuffee!

Key Features:
• Six playable characters, each with their own fighting styles and upgradable move sets!
• Enhanced combat: guard crushes, lift-off combos, and more!
• River City is bigger than ever! New locations with multiple routes and secret areas!
• Play solo or team up with a friend, locally or online
• New hired henchmen aid players in battle! Hold two recruits at once!
• Loads of NPCs to meet, interact with, and punch in the face – including surprise cameos!
• Awesome anime intro, comic book cutscenes, English and Japanese voiceovers, and a spectacular soundtrack featuring RCG1 composer Megan McDuffee!


The Gilded Age: The Complete First Season... Reviewed!

Before I jump in, I want to give a shout-out to Warner Bros for providing us with a copy of this show for review. My opinions are my own. That said, let's jump in!

The Gilded Age: The Complete First Season... takes place in New York around the late 1800s, so outside of one other review... I rarely review shows like this (unless something grabs my attention). Not only does this show come from the mind of Julian Fellowes, who's actually the creator of "Downton Abbey", but it's also packed with award-winning actors and directors like Salli Richardson-Whitfield.

Is this show worth the watch time? Let's find out.

Story: Off the bat, the show delivers a nice noticeable pace (which almost feels like those I'd usually see in a limited series). It starts with statues being delivered to this huge home that belongs to the Russels (new money), which is right across the street from the Brooks (old money).

This initial scene doesn't give much away in that aspect (though it does show that the construction hasn't gone unnoticed), this is when we get our first glimpse of Ada Brook. 

The scene flowed into a letter being delivered to the Brooks, which transitions over to the spinning cog that represents Marian Brook in an almost Back to the Future'sh way... because the letter was in response to her Aunt Ada Brook. 

The transition takes us back to before the letter was written in order to connect the dots of why Marian makes her way to New York.

Marian's father (Henry Brook) died and left her with nothing (not even the house... that joker was rented out), but... her aunts are tied into the situation because Henry (their brother) took the money they should've all benefitted from and left them all with nothing to show for it.

So Marian's journey begins after she and her Aunt Ada spoke via snail mail confirming. Agnes wasn't happy about this because Ada didn't bother including her in this little plan... though the home and wealth belong to Agnes. Ada Brook is more of a free-spirited aristocrat (to a certain extent), while Agnes Van Rhijn is a bit more reserved, and stern, and lives by the "Old Rules". Leeway comes into play through Ada, because Agnes doesn't necessarily stifle what she does... even if she appears to disapprove.

These cogs continued to turn as new cogs like Peggy Scott were introduced in this episode as well. Peggy Scott is a modest Black American woman, and though she's reserved... Marian seems to get her out of her shell a bit as their bond grows. I won't give away everything, but you will find out how they meet when you watch the show.

I can still the soft side of Agnes' through her tough exterior. She shows a... (hmmm) bit of resentment because of what happened with her brother leaving them in a hole and almost forcing her hand to marry a man she didn't love. Marian reminds Agnes of her brother, and she mentioned it in private, but... I haven't seen her target her in any way to try and get some sort of weird revenge. Agnes embraces her because she's family and wants Marian to embrace a similar mindset that maintains her values.

Agnes also takes a fair approach with Peggy, although initially, she shows a bit of bigotry (in private). It certain stems from racism, but... I call it that for a reason. Agnes also opens a door of opportunity to Peggy... stemming from something that actually reveals a connection they both have. Peggy's reserved, but she's honest about the racial climate to both Marian and this company based on a situation that shines more light on subtle overt racism. Peggy made her way to New York for a different reason... which involves her parents, and I won't reveal why she doesn't care for her dad, but I did begin to feel that there was a "Man Bad" vibe beginning to form.

This brings us to the other side of the Van Rhijn estate in the servant's quarters. Peggy Scott can be found going back and forth from this area to the main areas where the Brook's roam... so you get to see both sides as well as interactions and situations that involve other members of the cast. Luckily the "Man Bad" vibe dissipated among the multiple demeanors in the home.

One of the women working for the Brooks changed that because she couldn't hide her racism against Peggy, while the Bannister (a man) put her in her place at every turn.

Mrs. (Karen) Armstrong's a miserable woman, and you can see her being a hater to others as well. I think her ways are served up just to show how stupid they are, especially when swatted down by the Bannister.

Even Mrs. Bauer also put her in her place. I'll save Mrs. Bauer's story for you to check out, but the look on Peggy's face at one point was like... "WTH is going on with you?". I would say that Marian gets to navigate as freely as Peggy, but she has parameters, so Peggy gets to see and interact with others a bit more (whether good or bad).

These are multiple cogs with multiple demeanors... moving under the same roof (for the most part) in the direction Agnes needs them to move, while across the street the same can be said about team Russel who are moving in another direction.

It's the Brooks vs The Russells trying to break social customs, and Bertha Russel wants to try and force people to welcome her with open arms to basically tear down their way of life. Mrs. Russell is nuts, and both her and her husband (George Russell) are relentless. When you take a step back, Bertha runs their household... and George brings in the money if she doesn't like something... he takes action but I did notice something off with them as far as the writing. He went from marching to her drum and being shut down because of what she prefers, to them almost having this flip, to them leveling out and then back again where he aims to punish those who won't bend to his wife's desires.

I don't care for Bertha or George (although some situations were more so backfire to his adversaries). Even their own daughter Gladys doesn't care for Bertha because she keeps her in a box, and you will even find disapproval from members of their staff who feel like she's doing too much. I know she wants to be accepted, and (I give her credit) she did try to do something that her husband thwarted... which didn't help the situation but they could've gone in a different direction. It is a show though, so I tried to keep that in mind. I'll leave it there so that I'm not dropping any spoilers (I cut nearly 500 words out), but you can expect a second season.

Visuals: Visuals are clean and they threw a good combination of shots in there to showcase variety while presenting fashion, and decor from the time. Medium shots were the majority, but you had some low angles, over-the-shoulder shots, eye level, and even reflective shots where it wasn't directly on the characters but... showed their reflection. There were plenty of others to enjoy in season one, but these are some examples. 

Audio: Audio is served up in Dolby Digital 5.1 surround... and got the job done well (especially on surround sound). The Gilded Age takes place in a busy location, so surround sound helps increase the experience through immersion compared to standard stereo.

Price + Extras: Pricewise, The Gilded Age: The Complete First Season... gallops in at $24.98 on DVD (3 Disc set). Not sure why this doesn't have a Blu-Ray version... but... never the less you get the hook up for less... here. Even at $25, I think the price would be shrugged off because you get 540 minutes of solid, witty action that you may be tempted to binge-watch from beginning to end.

Extras include (avoid spoilers by watching these after):

All That Glitters: Creating The Gilded Age (DVD Exclusive)

Old Money vs New: The Heart of the Matter

Who's Who Featurettes

Invitation To Set

Carrie Coon BTS

Writing Peggy

Inside the Episodes

Story 5

Visuals 5

Audio 5

Price + Extras 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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Amazon Luna Controller... Reviewed!


The Luna controller arrived in time for Amazon Prime Day, but I wanted to follow up with an actual review of this controller that totally gives off... Saints Row vibes. Is it good... or does Amazon need to stick to being a great place to shop online? Let's jump in and find out... after an unboxing!

Quality + Comfort: The quality in this controller is there, it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart from a bump or a drop. Also, the package is... sturdy enough to secure the controller during delivery.

The digital buttons are clicky, but... not as clicky as an Xbox controller. That's not to say they're better than the LB + RB on the Xbox controller... but they feel good and made me lean in that direction until I thought about those times that I needed to rapidly click LB or RB.

The trigger buttons are comparable, but the LT + RT on the Luna controller are slightly lower and feel like they give a bit more resistance so you can gauge your squeeze.

As far as the analog sticks go, no complaints there... and I actually really like these, definitely quality. One thing I'm not crazy about is the buttons on the Luna Controller. I'm not saying they aren't usable, I'm just thinking about how those will feel after a while of using them without being as easy to press (compared to the Xbox buttons). It's not that the buttons stick or something, they work... but there's a lighter button press to use the Xbox controller.

Design: The Luna Controller is... similar to the quality of standard console controllers you're familiar with and has the same layout as the Xbox controller. There are some things that I noticed are a bit better than the Xbox controller. The underbelly of the hand grips has a texture that you can feel a lot more than the Xbox controller's subtle texture. 

Believe it or not, the Xbox controller has a textured underbelly on the hand grips, but you can't feel it as much. The best way to tell is to drag your nail below the B button down to the bottom in the front, and then flip the controller and do the same to the back. Do you feel a difference?

Take a look at the underbelly of the Luna Controller hand grips, it looks like braille (not sure if it is or not) but that's how much you can see it on the back of the controller. You can even see it in the image below.

Another thing that I was able to see off the bat in terms of difference is the grip around the analog stick. You can feel the grip on these... and they feel good and give a quality touch to the controller.

As far as the LB + RB button & LT + RT triggers, they may look like your standard set... but the design is smooth and rounded where the fingers would go on them. There isn't an edge on the LB + RB and a very minimal edge on the LT + RT triggers, it's set up well and you may not even realize it if you don't look at this sort of stuff. A bad controller build presents obvious problems, but good designs may go unnoticed, that's why this review exists (in part).

The D-pad works, and I notice the little bump around it that allowed me to slide my thumb from the surface of the body to the d-pad whether it was intentional or not (though not as smooth as the Xbox controller). There's also a 3.5mm line in/out for your headset, and a USB-C Port to connect to your PC.

One thing this design is missing is the ability to connect a battery pack, so you will have to get the AA's poppin whether they're the basics (that come with the controller) or the rechargeable ones (which deliver a lot more value).

**Amazon, I would've paid a little more for an option that came with rechargeable batteries and a little battery charger. I'd rather reduce, reuse, and recycle... but maybe they'll consider it in the future (even if it's just swapping standards for rechargeable ones).

Another thing I'm not crazy about when it comes to this controller are the X, Y, A, and B buttons. They work, but for long gameplay sessions... they should be a bit easier to press.

Functionality: I wanted to save this before we jumped into pricing because there are pluses about this controller that make it worth buying (at least for some).
The Luna Controller has Alexa, which allows you to jump straight to a game on an Alexa-enabled device. You can connect to a device via Bluetooth (which isn't much of a wow, but... it's a nice option), and the same applies to USB-C, but... there's something else. You can connect this controller to Wifi.

This stood out to me, because... why would you need to connect a controller to Wifi, but... the technology allows the most responsive feedback from the Luna Controller when cloud gaming (according to Amazon). Does it work? I'll let you be the judge of that.

Price: Pricewise, the Amazon Luna Controller lands at the standard price of $69.99. I don't really have any complaints about this, and I know that you can play certain games free (which are rotated out after a period of time), but... I think Amazon should throw in a month free of the full experience.

Quality + Comfort 4

Design 5

Functionality 5

Price 5

4.75 out of 5 Cool Points

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