Should you invest in Refurbished Tech?

You can find refurbished products all over the place. You may even find that we will recommend them from time to time, but... (but but but but... major... but), we don't recommend just any refurbished products. "Factory Refurbished" products are the only ones we recommend, the parts under the hood get replaced if damaged, and the body gets parts replaced if the damage is beyond subtle blemishes.

If it's beyond economical repair, the company will offer a replacement... which is usually always a factory refurbished equivalent. There are times when you can get a new replacement, which usually happens when the product has issues/damage right out of the box or didn't function properly within that window.

Buying from a retailer may not be a bad thing... but it would have to be the third-party seller actually selling first-party factory refurbished items. If a third party isn't selling products based on this type of refurbished option... it's not worth it. Don't let your urge get the best of you.

I would even go as far as saying... if you can get the tech brand new for just a little more, go new. You can get the new warranty, the ability to replace it with a new option if there is an issue, and it wouldn't have any miles on it. If you're saving good money and it helps you land a product you need... have at it.

Take a look at this video from the CBC Marketplace team if you'd like a clearer picture of why you should avoid third-party refurbished tech. I don't know if every company delivers the same iffy results, just remember... the cheap can come out expensive if you don't play it smart.

Here are some of the factory/certified refurbished options:

Lenovo Factory Refurbished (Lenovo has some of the best savings)