Amazon Prime Day and The Porch Pirates!

Amazon Prime Day is almost here... and you have to beware of the sticky fingers out there. Package theft is at an all-time high according to SafeHome with nearly 46% of Americans surveyed being primarily concerned about packages being stolen. It sucks, especially if you had to wait a while.

To be specific:

48% Avoid buying expensive items online due to fear of them being stolen
47% Filed a police report
81% Got a refund for their stolen package

Recently someone actually stole two items from in front of my place (this week), and it shouldn't have to be that way but some people think they can just... take whatever they want. They really stole the items like it was nothing, so I need to force myself to move forward with a camera installation and monitoring service.

SafeHome also recommends installing security cameras, adding a smart doorbell, and using alternative dropoff locations. There are pickup locations, but my area doesn't have close pickup lockers. (Sigh)

Of course... in addition to security, Amazon Prime Day has other deals out there that are worth your attention. Blu would say "Browse and see what you need", but I'm promoting your wants!

Our friends at 1More have pending Prime Day Deals if you want a quality pair of headphones, jump on their deads that will last July 11 - 17, 2022:

The 1More Evo Earbuds are 20% off during that window. These were a win based on our review, and you can get them for... $136. Oh yeah... there's a firmware update coming today (according to our contacts there) for the earbuds with major improvements. You get multiple customizable EQ profiles + 12 studio-grade EQ presets formulated by Luca Bignardi (Grammy award-winning sound engineer). Also, the earbuds have a memory function now... so you can use the last ANC mode as soon as you put the headphones on (you don't have to set it). You can update through the 1MORE MUSIC app.

The ComfoBuds Mini are also going to be available for $80... instead of $100! The reds are fire!

The ColorBuds Pro is also on sale and at a similar price to the option below... but compare the two and see what you think. I'd personally go with the Pistons in this price range.

The PistonBuds Pro are also 20% off, so you can snag them for less than... $50!

The Piston Fit BT will also be available for $20. These neckband headphones have a smaller driver with Bluetooth 5.0. The battery life is better than the stylish and spearhead VR neckband options at 8 hours, but... since the sound isn't as good as the options above consider these for working out if you want to make sure they don't fall out of your ear and get lost.

This post is all about Amazon Prime Day Deals, so... I have to post about the awesome deal on the Luna (Game) Controller that's on sale for $40. It's more than meets the eye, but I'll let Blu expand on that one. Parents will love this one because your children can play free games on TV, their tablet, or a phone as long as you have a Prime account. The free game options rotate, so you don't know what they will play next... but it doesn't cost you anything extra. Luna doesn't cost anything extra, but if we do a review... you will see why the Luna controller isn't a bad buy.