Terraria gameplay + Take the "U" off of ZombiU and you've got... Zombi! + Grandia II is back!

I'm going to start this off with the announcement of... Zombi.

Ubisoft goes back in... re-releasing ZombiU for the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. While this is cool... I seriously hope that Ubisoft takes the updates and also applies them to the Wii U version. I'm sure owners of that version would appreciate more options to survive... (no offense Mr. Cricket Bat), not to mention faster load times, and all that other good stuff.

By the way... there will obviously be no multiplayer similar to Wii U (because there will not be a second screen), but they could add in a tablet if they wanted to. Worth the development time? Ummmm... nahhhh.

It would be great to see a multiplayer component to this game, but perhaps something like that could come in the form of a multiplayer sandbox... that allows gamers to tinker around and challenge others to survive in their builds. Now that I think about it... would I be wrong when I say that this game should have Steam Workshop? Maybe, but... I can just imagine what some of you can do if they don't give it that well deserved... oomph.

It's cool though... if they can deliver this re-release at a fair price, thumbs up! I can appreciate single player games... as long as the story and quality are strong.

Terraria: To The Stars and Back

There are so many games to play... and I probably sound completely crazy when I say this, but Terraria has been at the office long before it was played. It's quite fun... if you're into building and exploring. Check out the gameplay below (There will be parts 1 - 4 uploaded as soon as possible).

Part 1
Part 2
 Part 3
Part 4

Grandia II HD is coming... to Steam!

Some of you might be shrugging your shoulders wondering what the hell is Grandia II, while some of you are smiling from ear to ear looking forward to the re-release... in HD! This game was released on Dreamcast originally, and I still have a mint condition copy of that version... along with the OST that came with it. I had the surround sound cranked up, and would set the commands up... before watching everything play out (sigh)... it was awesome. The story is good... and ended in a way that I appreciated.

This HD version is headed to Steam thanks to the responses of a recent survey. See... all companies have to do is listen some time and... I hope this release does very well. Thanks... GungHo Online Ent.!

Square-Enix Collective vs Doing it yourself... which way is better for an Indie Dev?

Do you need Square-Enix Collective or can you do it yourself? These aren't the only options... but these are the two being discussed today for indie game developers out there.

Square-Enix Collective... is, (hmmm) for the people who lack the know-how, support, or willingness to go the process of crowd funding alone and (or just) want a major 3rd party company distributing their game.
I'm not going to go into extreme detail, but expect them to receive money on both ends of the process... because time is money (making it worth their while if there is any to go around through this process).

They get a percentage from crowd funding, a percentage for distribution, the sales platform gets a chunk (...unless you refuse to use one), the licensing fee, sales tax, and... once the smoke clears you basically surface with about 40% of the sales revenue.

That's not bad (at all)... because a lot of developers may receive around the same, or just a little more than this. They will... not provide you with advertising (which may be one of the bigger things some indie would hope for... and they should give them some sort of spotlight on their social media channels and at E3 in a reel or something), but it results in less cost for you when they don't require an ad cost.

Should the option still be there? Yes... but in replace of them doing it... they will provide you alternatives companies if you desire marketing (so the option is there). Marketing can prove very helpful... so that people know that your game even exists.

Square-Enix Collective... in my opinion, serves a purpose that shouldn't be required... but often is... because some great games never get a chance at life (aka released to the public). Either there is no interest (which can happen), no one knows about the game (which happens too), or there isn't enough interest. So while I can say "Do it yourself" with the reasons I list below, I know that not everyone has that option... and some feel like they need a bigger company to start them out to get the ball rolling. Support is that magical word that makes all the difference, and there has been more of that to go around because of PC & Mobile giving you the option to go your own way and be great. (This isn't new to some of you... but I had to mention this "duh"... so that those new to all this, do not feel powerless when it comes to doing it themselves.)
There has to be a starting point though, and sometimes the concept creator needs the money in order to hire the right people to bring that concept to life. Double-check if the concept is good enough to get a good response and solid support (because liking is not the same as financial support... remember that). There are some development teams that start off developing with no financial compensation through that entire process... but that's a freaking labor of love, if it ever gets completed. You've seen labors of love before, people dedicating hours upon hours to remake games in HD... only to have the company tell them to shut it down when it gets too much attention (rather than bringing them on and seeing if it has enough support to work with them and get the game done the legit way).

Honestly, when I see labor's of love when it comes to fan remakes... I think of the hours gone down the drain that could've went towards making amazing indie games. The fan version is usually going to be taboo to the game industry from a legal standpoint, so it really isn't as worth it to me... when the plug can just be pulled.
There are indie developers who will tell you that team members come and go for all sorts of reasons... good, bad, tragic, and weird... making it hard for a game to be completed. Some games you may have looked forward to being released... and they just "died" while you're screaming "What?! The game's almost done... just finish it!". A game can't be finished without people to finish it, and teams usually consist of multiple team members because not everyone has the same skills (and know-how... usually).

That's one of the sad truths that can happen in indie (and even in bigger studios... but you'd expect them to have money and resources for projects they take on... or believe in the project enough before they even allow development to begin so that they don't end up cancelled like "Mega man Legends 3").

That said, you still have access to crowd funding without Square-Enix Collective. So if you want to do it yourself... more power to you because there will be a higher profit percentage that comes with that. Understand that doesn't always mean more profit as a result, because a higher percentage of the profit from $100,000 is not going to be as much as that 40% mentioned above out of over 1 point whatever... MILLION dollars or more, because a known company is behind it. I can't say the game would net that amount (could be much more or much less)... but examples are helpful.

You won't have as many rules when you develop your own game without obligations to a big company... but don't let that mean there is a lack of structure (we try to maintain a structure here also). Having a successfully crowd funded project can gain you the help you need to get your game booming... but remember, you are responsible for handling the funds appropriately to get that game to the people who believe in you and your presented vision.

So you will have some rules with crowd funding (that rewards), which should include:

- Make the game

- Maintain a real schedule for the release date (so that the dates don't change... at all or at least not dramatically.)

- Deliver as promised (on all platforms, and rewards)

Hope this gives insight to everyone on the fence about going with Square-Enix Collective or Doing it yourself.

From the Source: Nintendo reveals... Devil's Third will NOT be a Wii U exclusive. Say what?!

July 21, 2015 01:00 UTC

Nintendo News: Tomonobu Itagaki’s Devil’s Third Heads to Wii U in the Americas in Q4

REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Devil’s Third, an upcoming shooter game with melee combat from Valhalla Game Studios Co., Ltd. and renowned game developer Tomonobu Itagaki, will launch for the Wii U console in retail locations and in the Nintendo eShop in Q4 of this year. The game is an over-the-top, third-person action shooter that combines modern military weaponry with ninja-style swordplay and melee combat.
Devil’s Third delivers a unique combination of shooting and melee combat to provide Wii U owners with a fresh action-oriented experience,” said Valhalla Game Studios founder Tomonobu Itagaki. “We’ve been working hard on the game and can’t wait for fans to get their hands on it later this year.”
While the Wii U version of the game will be published by Nintendo in the Americas, Valhalla Game Studios will release a standalone version of the game for PC. The Wii U version will feature a full multiplayer mode as well as an exciting single-player story mode, while the free-to-start PC version will offer a multiplayer experience tailored for the platform.

As you see... from the source, Nintendo's Wii U will not have exclusivity of "Devil's Third" multiplayer

Does that matter? Heck no... but it should include cross-play for Wii U & PC owners. The thing that will be missing from the PC version... is the story mode (which stinks), but Nintendo required that out of Valhalla in order to receive Nintendo's publishing of the game in the Americas.

The multiplayer free-to-start experience on PC is a good idea if it has a lot to offer. If the contract didn't prevent them from making this move... then more power to them, but with this, there should really be cross-play so that Wii U & PC owners have more people to play with online.

We will contact Nintendo & Valhalla about cross-play this week!

RIP: Satoru Iwata + Nintendo's Notification of Death

I wasn't sure what was going to be presented to me the other day... but this is not the news I wanted to get on a summer holiday/vacation. I wouldn't wish his situation on anyone, and he will be missed (I know its just as surreal to Miyamoto & Fils-Aime). The notification of death from Nintendo was a bit cold... like wow, can you add a bit more to that? It is a business related form though, so it will be different. His family had better receive something a lot more... heartfelt.

Let this be a reminder of... why gamers shouldn't go the bad route and just have all out... fun (seriously)! It won't last forever. Being pissed off over things meant for a good time... are not worth it... especially if you could be doing something else you'd like better than video games that piss you off (if that's what it often comes too). I can write a book... but, I won't... fun awaits.

I couldn't leave this alone... and we are aiming on doing something (that's not because of Iwata), but the focus of fun is important. Gotta bring that awesomeness back, it's so much better. -RkRk

Even though I wasn't exactly happy with something that occurred with Nintendo's 2nd party department (i.e. resemblance in Splatoon's city to a concept presented in 2014), and i'm still not, but it's unfortunate that Iwata passed away. My condolences go out to his family.

He still had many more years to go, and I hope this is a wake up call to many of you to make life worth living. So when it's all said and done, you've made a positive memorable impact that you wouldn't regret. That said, don't allow work to dictate whether you're able to take care of yourself or not. This isn't a subliminal shot towards Nintendo, but that's also a realization that hit me this year.

RIP Iwata -BFG

That's f*cked up, he was only 55. That's sad. -LB

RIP Iwata-san. For the people who think it's cool to make fun of the man dying, you are a big bad example of what's wrong in gaming. F*ck stupid a** console wars that fill your hearts to go back and forth debating about. Even if you don't like Nintendo, Iwata-San did not do something that involved your family being killed or something.

To think of the people out there making fun of him dying, because they didn't like a f*cking game console or the decisions the guy made, that's disgusting. Every single person involved, be it child or adult, you all should feel ashamed of yourselves. I do not play online because of a**holes like you.

I'm not posting any of the pics and comments here because it doesn't deserve an ounce of glorification. It's just another reason why the bad seeds don't deserve to enjoy a second of game time with level headed gamers.

Learn what the f*ck "Compassion" is, and try to gain some. -ISG

Anita Sarkeesian... I have a question.

Hi Anita,

Based on your interests in gaming, your desire to make gaming more fair/more considerate of women... and less violent, I thought i'd present a very valid question to you. I don't know you, but based on a strong enough interest that you seem to have:

Have you ever thought about creating your own game studio? I ask this question because, if you disapprove of (not all but) many things in the gaming industry (when it comes to women and violence in games)... it would be cool to see what you could come up with... to provide more options. This is a serious question.

If you have many supporters, you can get your first game started through a KickStarter campaign, fund it yourself (if you have that type of money), or something... and go from there. More games, more options, and it would even allow you to bring newer game developers in... and give them a chance in the field (since some people lose out on jobs regardless of skills... because someone else had a friend on the... inside, among multiple other reasons).

Doing this would allow you to speak through your games. You can even help promote non-violent and fun games created by other indie studios to either increase support and/or funding for them.

Some companies make violent games, and I've played plenty... while others I've just never found an interest in. They can't exactly have their hand forced without having the hands of various entertainment genres forced to also comply (which also includes supporters who play those games, read those books, etc). Creating more options would be a great move... and it would be cool to see.


A response from someone on our Google+ page... allows us to add more to this post.
Call it... a helpful Clarification for anyone who doesn't understand the question above.

Yesterday 7:00 AM

I'm not sure I am following the logic here -- if I think the publisher of Fifty Shades of Gray needs to be more selective in their content I should start my own publishing house?

RkRk: Yeah... you're not following the logic here.

No Man's Sky
You might not be familiar with how Nintendo-Demand rolls, but if something is disapproved of... like the example you presented and the publisher won't consider what you have to say as a supporter, they don't have to be supported (money talks). On that note though, you don't have to start your own publishing house (that's entirely up to you). At the same time, if that's something you want to do for book readers... and you have the sort of following, the time, financial support, to do it yourself or help someone else, why not?

The more support Nintendo-Demand has (financially), expect to see more options... that may be in the form of game development. We're an option.

The post is to Anita, with the purpose of asking a question because... it would be cool for her supporters and others that may enjoy the games that she may have in mind. That's not a bad thing... as far as we're concerned.

We think in an optimistic and adaptive way. If a company is doing something uncool... we don't back a game (or the studio if they push it to that point), and we are all for more game development. From there, someone with aspirations of developing games could develop more options for games... that we can enjoy. More options are a beautiful thing... just look at "No Man's Sky". 

If you want to understand the logic here, it's similar to the reason why we applaud the Comcept & Inti Creates move. Mighty No. 9... would've never come about if the developer just accepted the BS shoveled up by Capcom (and their excuses). A new path was forged, and now... we have... the highly anticipated Mighty No. 9.