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You might get a real... kick out of Anger Foot!

Devolver Digital has been known as the home of the craziest IP's for decades, and... I know this from first-hand experience. One of the first games I ever purchased myself on PC was 2003's Serious Sam: Gold, and it's a beautiful thing to see Devolver still... kickin'. Speaking of kickin', Anger Foot, is the perfect example of the crazy titles the developer continues to serve up with good times in mind. - Blu

Anger Foot features a character that looks like the reincarnation of Swamp Thing + Toxic Avenger. 

Hold onto your laces, sneakerheads and FPS fanatics, because "Anger Foot" is about to drop-kick its way into your game library with the subtlety of a size 16 boot to the face! This isn't just a game; it's a caffeine-infused, bass-boosted fever dream that'll have you questioning your life choices and your podiatrist's advice.

Picture this: You're in Shit City (yes, that's really the name, and no, it's not a tourist hotspot) armed with nothing but the world's deadliest feet and a burning desire to redecorate every room with broken doors and bruised bad guys. It's like "Doom" met "Foot Locker" in a dark alley, and their love child was raised by John Wick.

The game promises a "colorful cast of anthropomorphic enemies," which I can only assume means you'll be drop-kicking everything from wise-cracking weasels to pumped-up penguins. And let's not forget the "smoldering trail of shattered doors, broken bones, and crumpled energy drinks" you'll leave in your wake. It's like a frat party met a kung-fu movie, and somehow, you're the janitor.

But wait, there's more! You'll unlock new sneakers as you progress. That's right, folks - forget collecting boring old guns or armor. In "Anger Foot," it's all about that sweet, sweet footwear. I can already imagine the tagline: "Air Jordans? More like Scare Jordans!"

The game boasts "vibrant visuals" and a "bass-thumping soundtrack," promising an "assault on all your senses. Including common sense." Well, jokes on them - I lost my common sense years ago when I decided game journalism was a viable career path.

For $24.99, you too can experience the joy of being "one with the toes" and learning "the secret of the Anger Foot." I haven't been this excited about feet since I accidentally walked into that weird part of the internet.

So, if you've ever wanted to combine your love of sneakers, violence, and questionable city names, "Anger Foot" might just be the game for you. Just remember: in Shit City, you don't wear the shoes - the shoes wear you. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go ice my typing fingers and question my life choices.

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Xbox and Amazon Collaboration: Xbox Gaming Without a Console on the... Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K?!

Another addition to Gaming Convenience... is here!

In a sweet collaboration, Xbox and Amazon have joined forces to deliver Xbox games through Amazon hardware. The announcement brings the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate library to your TV screen, and the best part? You don’t need a console or a PC!

"Microsoft is doing a Microsoft again, because... why in the heck would I buy an Xbox console when I can get the benefits elsewhere? I'm not complaining... I'm just saying. I mentioned an Xbox streaming console years back, but... I never thought they'd go in this direction. Works for me!" Blu 

Let’s dive into the details:

Starting this July, you can install the Xbox app on two of Amazon’s latest Fire TV devices: the Fire TV Stick 4K Max (2023 or later) and the Fire TV Stick 4K (2023 or later). These affordable streaming sticks now double as gaming portals, allowing you to access hundreds of incredible games directly from the Xbox app.

How It Works

  1. Grab Your Gear: All you need is a compatible Fire TV Stick, a Bluetooth-enabled wireless controller (like the Xbox Wireless Controller or even a PlayStation DualSense), and an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.
  2. Launch the Xbox App: Install and fire up the Xbox app on your Fire TV device.
  3. Sign In: Use your Microsoft account to log in.
  4. Game On!: As an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate member, you’ll gain instant access to a treasure trove of cloud-enabled games. From epic RPGs like Starfield to high-octane racers like Forza Horizon 5, the gaming world is your oyster.

But what does this mean for the future of gaming? Here are some exciting possibilities:

  1. Console-Free Gaming for PlayStation & Nintendo: For those new to console gaming or looking for an alternative, this collaboration offers a budget-friendly, convenient, and portable way to enjoy top-tier Xbox games. No bulky hardware required! Will this open a door that PlayStation and Nintendo may walk through? Its a possibility, but I believe Nintendo would hold out the longest.
  2. Xbox-Branded Fire Stick?: Could Amazon create an Xbox-branded Fire Stick? Imagine a sleek Xbox branded device with Amazon’s Fire Stick engine under the hood. If they go that far, they might as well make an Xbox branded remote and create a bundled Xbox controller option too.
  3. Affordable gift for the gamers in your life: This is a win for parents who are in the market for purchasing their gamer an Xbox. If you buy an Xbox, you're going to need games, and if they want to play the latest games without buying each of the games individually, Xbox Game Pass is required. If they're going to play online, you might as well go with the Game Pass (in this case the Ultimate). The Xbox X|S consoles are hundreds of dollars compared to the one time purchase of a $50 to $60 Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K (Max), and $17/month or less for Game Pass Ultimate.
  4. Easy transport: Rather than lugging around an Xbox console and games in your bookbag, all you require are your controller, the Fire TV stick, and the remote. These essentials can easily fit into a universal controller case that slots neatly into your backpack. This doesn’t eliminate handheld gaming; it’s simply an added benefit for Xbox enthusiasts!

Whether or not we witness an Xbox-branded stick, this partnership remains intriguing. Amazon gains from hardware sales, while Xbox flourishes with its cloud gaming service. The Fire TV Stick 4K isn’t solely for binge-watching; it serves as your portal to console-quality gaming on multiple fronts. Keep in mind that we already have Luna, and if you own Ubisoft games, you can stream them for free via the Luna app. Now, with Xbox joining the fray, the excitement grows—especially if your internet supports seamless streaming.

So, what do you think? Is this something you'd consider? Either way, game on!


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The First Descendant: Is it worth a try? Absolutely!

Hold onto your loot bags, folks! Nexon Games has unleashed "The First Descendant" upon the gaming world, and it's time to dive into this free-to-play, third-person looter shooter that's causing quite a stir. Powered by the eye-candy machine known as Unreal Engine 5, this game is serving up some serious visual feast. But is it all sizzle and no steak? Let's find out!

 What's The First Descendant All About? 

Picture this: You're a Descendant and humanity's fate rests on your trigger-happy fingers. No pressure! Here's the lowdown:

  • Third-person looter shooter
  • Solo play or co-op with up to 4 players (introvert or extrovert, take your pick!)
  • Unique abilities for each Descendant (superhero vibes, anyone?)
  • Giant bosses to tackle (I hope you're in the mood to dismantle.)
  • Crossplay action between PC, Xbox, and PlayStation
By the way, not for nothing... but I appreciate the fact that they don't require us to sign-in to a separate platform/launcher to play this game. We can literally jump in on our platform of choice.

 First Impressions: More Than Just a Pretty Face? 

Now, I've been around the Nexon block a few times, and let's just say we've had our ups and downs. Remember 'Combat Arms'? I enjoyed it to an extent, until the hackers flooded the zone and made that game worthless to support. If cheating is needed, it made the matches DOA. People were getting kills through walls, knifing from a distance, and people we going nuts as a result. 

Now I must admit, some of the reactions were funny, but... at the end of the day if you can't even enjoy the DLC you invested in because the cheating was just that blatant, what's the point? So, I went into The First Descendant with expectations lower than my K/D ratio in most shooters, but at the same time the door wasn't completely shut because I've enjoyed some of their other titles.

Surprise, surprise! The game actually left a good first impression. Is it perfect? Nah. Will it keep me hooked for the long haul? The jury's still out. But for a fresh release, it's showing promise.

 Trailers vs. Reality: A Pleasant Plot Twist 

We've all been catfished by game trailers to some degree, right? Those beautiful scenes that bear no resemblance to actual gameplay? Well, hold onto your skepticism, because The First Descendant's trailer seems to be... actually representative of what you can expect to strong degree.

 The Power of Open-Mindedness 

Here's a quick anecdote: A guy I met from Manchester (cheers Matt) almost wrote off the game based on his friend's experience. Plot twist: His friend doesn't even like looter shooters (so... wtf?)! After showing Matthew the trailer and some gameplay, he's now itching to try it.

Moral of the story? Don't let others' biases cloud your judgment. Just because someone's lactose intolerant doesn't mean milkshakes suck for everyone, right? The judgement has to make sense, if there's a fatal flaw or the game is broken in a way that deserves no justification, that's different than simply not liking a game based on preference. The trailer showed the right stuff and served up elements of the story in a nicely packaged glimpse.

 The Verdict: Give It a Shot! 

Look, The First Descendant is free to play on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox ($0.00). You've got nothing to lose except some hard drive space. If you end up loving it, maybe toss some financial support their way if you see something you like. If not, well, at least you gave it a fair shake. By the way, 

Remember, gamers: Keep an open mind, form your own opinions, and as always... game on!

 + Sophima 

Survive the End of the World with the First Story Trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead

To dial up the anticipation for this game... we highly recommend checking out the films. I never saw them before... and funny thing is, growing up, watching all the latest horror movies was one of my things. I would rate them based on originality, substance, whether I'd watch them again... and if a sequel was justifiable. It shifted, but... suspense is another one of the reasons I had to check out the movies, and I actually owe it to this game because they would've gone unwatched. You aren't reliving the films storyline in A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead... it features a all-new story. -  Blu 


Survive the End of the World with the First Story Trailer for A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead

Watch, listen…but don’t make a sound!

Fans of the hit movie franchise "A Quiet Place" are in for a treat as Saber Interactive and Stormind Games unveil the first story trailer for their upcoming game, "A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead." This single-player horror game, set to launch later this year on PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S, promises to deliver a spine-tingling experience that captures the essence of the critically-acclaimed films.

A New Nightmare Begins

The game follows Alex, a young college student with asthma, as she fights to survive the apocalypse alongside her boyfriend, Martin. Players will guide Alex through the ruins of civilization, facing not only the terrifying creatures that stalk the land but also the challenges of finding a safe haven for herself and her family.

Immersive Gameplay and Atmosphere

"A Quiet Place: The Road Ahead" aims to recreate the intense atmosphere and gripping human drama that made the movies so popular. With minimal resources at your disposal, you'll need to rely on your wits and scavenged tools to overcome obstacles and survive the constant threat of detection by the sound-sensitive monsters.

Key Features

  • A New Story in the A Quiet Place Universe: Embark on a dramatic new adventure in the world of the blockbuster A Quiet Place saga. Discover an untold tale of fear and courage as a young survivor trying to endure the eerie new nightmare of the apocalypse.
  • Feel the Unnerving Terror of Silence: Experience absolute horror as you hide, distract, and sneak past the ultimate predatory creatures. But beware: even a single noise can give you away.
  • Survive the End of the World: Forge your own path through the disquieting remains of human civilization, using your wits and ingenuity to observe your environment, leverage whatever tools you can find, and overcome the dangers all around you.

We recommend using surround sound headphones or speakers to fully immerse yourself in the game's audio-centric horror experience. Blu, feels like they're essential for everything audio related.

To be honest, while the trailer looks promising, it's hard to say if this game will live up to the hype of the movies. Horror game adaptations of films can be hit or miss, but the unique premise of "A Quiet Place" could translate well to an interactive format. My fingers are crossed.

As a fan of both horror games and the "A Quiet Place" franchise, I'm cautiously optimistic about this title. The focus on sound-based stealth and survival could make for some genuinely tense gameplay moments. However, the real test will be how well the game captures the emotional depth of the family.

We'll have to wait until the game's release later this year to see if it can deliver the same level of terror and storytelling as its cinematic counterparts. Until then, keep your ears open and your footsteps light – the monsters are always listening. Game on!

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Rider's Spirits is available now + Gameplay First Impression!

Are you a fan of that classic Mario Kart action? Well, Rider’s Spirits might be up your alley. It's challenging as seen in the gameplay below as you race to the finish for the sake of tracking down plenty of achievements. So put your pixel pedal to the metal on Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series S|X, or the Nintendo Switch as seen here in my first impression: