New Metroidvania Game Revealed - MIO: Memories in Orbit Coming in 2025

The latest Nintendo Direct showcased an interesting new game from Focus Entertainment and Douze Dixiemes titled "MIO: Memories in Orbit," a metroidvania adventure planned for release sometime in 2025 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.

Explore a Mesmerizing and Dangerous World as MIO

In this game, you'll take control of MIO, a nimble robot with extraordinary abilities. You'll wake up aboard the Vessel, a massive spaceship drifting aimlessly in space. This technological ark, once serving an unknown purpose, now lies in ruins, overgrown with lush vegetation and rogue machines.

Unlock New Powers and Uncover Secrets

As you guide MIO through the vast expanse of the Vessel, you'll unlock new powers and abilities that allow you to explore new areas, face off against a fearsome bestiary, and uncover the ship's long-lost secrets. Delve into the heart of this technological labyrinth to revive its lost memories.

Stunning Visuals and Intense Gameplay

The first trailer for MIO: Memories in Orbit, unveiled exclusively at the Nintendo Direct, reveals varied gameplay with intense moments, in a magical environment with hand drawn elements. More information about the game and its gameplay will be announced in the coming months.

Creative Collaboration and Metroidvania Excellence

"Focus teams are delighted to work again with our internal studio Douze Dixiemes," said John Bert, Managing Director of Focus Entertainment Publishing. "Their creative talents demonstrate the same inventiveness and artistic flair that enchanted us in Shady Part of Me, which will shine through again in this unique and atmospheric metroidvania."

The Douze Dixiemes team expressed excitement about the collaboration, stating, "As a partner studio of Focus Entertainment, we're thrilled about this new project. As a publisher, they support our ideas and help us iterate on the metroidvania formula. After years in development, we're proud of what MIO: Memories in Orbit brings to the genre."

Anticipation and Excitement for the Adventure

While the visuals, gameplay flow, and combat look impressive, the depth of the story and adventure remains to be experienced. For those who missed it, check out the full Nintendo Direct below and stay tuned for more updates on this promising metroidvania game. Game on!


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Welcome Back, Kotter: The Complete Series... Reviewed!

This is a serious blast from the past, and shout out to WB for providing a copy of this product for my review. My opinions are my own.

I've never seen this show before (like ever), but... when I heard the theme song, I was like... ohhhh. The theme song is connected to multiple things I've heard growing up, "Welcome back... Welcome back... Wel-come... baaaacckkk!", but I never knew the origin. 'Welcome Back', was created by John Sebation back in 1975 (before my time) specifically for the 'Welcome Back, Kotter' TV sitcom. Enough about the theme song though, is the actually show any good? Let's jump in and find out!

 Story: I recognized a few faces in this show, which includes John Travolta, Lawrence Hilton, Della Reese, Vernee Watson, etc. Never knew this was Travolta's breakthrough role, I was thinking of Saturday Night Fever, but that came out a few years after the show started (again, before my time). 'Welcome Back, Kotter" takes place back in 1970's Brooklyn (NY)... keep that in mind, because it will feel outdated in a number of aspects (especially the singing and dancing). That 'Jeppers Creepers' performance definitely felt like something from that time (I made it through without hitting the mute button, but... I've never been crazy about singing in tv/film).

I won't say that this show isn't digestible by anyone beyond the time it came out or the location, because there are certain comedic touches that can be applied today. Horshack is a prime example. He was running his mouth trying to fit in with the other members for the Sweathogs when they were talking smack to Carvelli and Murray (but mainly Carvelli), and wrote a check with his mouth... that his butt didn't care to cash. He tried to get out of it by acting as if he didn't say anything. Some of you can relate to that via the Trolls on social media alone.

I think the story can be appreciated by newcomers aswell, especially teachers... because Mr. Kotter returns back to James Buchanan High School for the purpose of making a positive impact on the slackers. He takes a creative approach to connecting with the class for the purpose of engaging them, and teachers of today come to mind because the saga continues for a number of reasons. It could potentially be inspiration to connect with the students even more and gain more inspiration for the sake of helping them reach the finishline. I wouldn't say let your students trade off the way Kotter did, but... he wasn't uptight to the point where they weren't receptive.

Although the show revolved around Mr. Kotter and the Sweathogs, there were other aspects that challenged work/life balance for the teacher... because he was also a husband and father. It was good to see that addition added in there to give more depth.

 Visuals: Visually speaking, the show was cleaner than I assumed it would. It wasn't super grainy, the colors pop... and if you're cool with visuals that primarily consist of mids, longs, and closeups, enjoy! Speaking of visuals, I think you'll get a kick out of seeing the fashion from that time.

Speaking of visuals, it's too bad Afro's like Boom Boom's are deemed a fad a lot of the time. I rarely ever see them. It's not a fade, it's... natural.

 Audio: The audio is good. It's nothing that wowed me, but it's what I would expect. Dolby Digital 2.0 Mono.

 Price: Pricewise... the SRP for the 'Welcome Back, Kotter' complete DVD series is $74.99. But... you can get the hook up here for $55.99. You get all four seasons (95 episodes), which delivers a total of 35 hours & 30 minutes. If it were me, I would've added a fake gag mustache (similar to Mr. Kotter's) to the package. Overall, not a bad show at all and... I could see people crowding around the old telly back in the day. I think it's a good show for those of that time who want to revisit it, those who are curious and want to get a dose of that era + teachers and other faculty.

Story 4

Visuals 4

Audio 3

Price 5

4 out of 5 Cool Points

FTS: Generation Zero Announces New Skyfire Update, Launching June 25 on PC, PlayStation & Xbox

The stealth-action game’s next free update adds new endgame boss, the ability to repair Companions on the go, and the new Meusser Hunting Rifle

STOCKHOLM – June 11, 2024 – Systemic Reaction is excited to reveal the free Skyfire Update for Generation Zero, the open-world stealth-action shooter. Launching on June 25 for Steam, PlayStation and Xbox, this newest content drop will introduce The Vulture - a brutal new endgame enemy machine - as well as a bonus weapon and Companion Armor Kits, a new feature that gives players the ability to repair their Companions while exploring or in combat.

Skyfire Features:

  • New Endgame Boss: Face off against the terrifying Vulture, a new Tyrant class enemy in the form of an evolved Firebird. Arm yourself with your best equipment and rally your allies to defeat this menacing new foe.
  • Companion Armor Field Repair: Companion Armor Kits can soon be equipped into your weapon wheel and thrown onto Companions. This new feature allows players to repair or re-kit their Companions on the go, increasing the Companion’s versatility and the length of excursions without needing to return to a safehouse.
  • New Weapon & Augmentations: The new Meusser Hunting Rifle fires a chemical laser beam that can set the ground around the player on fire. New weapon augmentations will also be added that require defeating Tyrants to unlock.
  • Revamped Tyrant Spawning System & More: Players can now discover Tyrant locations after defeating Rival machines, gathering Coordinate Keys, and entering them into Tyrant Terminals located in base assault bases. Tyrant progression will also be updated, along with fixes to machine detection.

Generation Zero is a stealth-action shooter that puts players on the front line of an alternate history war against the machines. Explore a vast open world map inspired by the Swedish-era Cold War and take part in the resistance alone or with up to three friends in seamless co-op. Including the upcoming Skyfire update, Generation Zero has received 32 major updates and two substantial story expansions since its launch in 2019. With a growing community of over six million players and more new content on the way, there’s never been a better time to join the resistance! 

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