Dear Gamer: Do You Follow The Crowd Or Game Your Way?

You might be scratching your head at times wondering what route to go as far as what you plan on playing in terms of new releases. Do you follow the crowd, or... do you... do you and game your way? I've been there, done that, and I revisit that question from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem playing a popular game, but I play these times of games based on my preference. This question is presented to you so that you can be more satisfied with your purchases. There are pluses to having one of the more popular games out there, and that's certainly the large player base that keeps the party going for online play... but that doesn't mean they're the only player base. At the same time, that means nothing in terms of a single-player game outside of popularity and buzz.

Outside of playing a variety of games so that you can experience different genres, this also gives you a better idea of what types of games you might like regardless of their genre (this also includes hybrid games). It goes back to not being restricted or feeling as if you have to go with the flow, aim to have the ideal experience that works for you.

Your money, your choice, but... will it be a win or will you have buyer's remorse?

To be fair, buyer's remorse can come from any game purchase, so... do your research on the titles you're interested in. Make sure the reviews are legit, and also check out gameplay videos... like those featured on SDGT's First 30. (Try to avoid the early release gameplay videos because it's not the final product.)

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EA had merger talks with Amazon, Apple, Disney, and NBCUniversal?!

The merger of EA and NBCUniversal might have been a huge discussion in the gaming industry. Electronic Arts (EA) CEO Andrew Wilson had negotiations with NBCUniversal CEO Brian Roberts to combine their companies together, however, no conclusion was made about this deal.

A report that EA also had discussions with Amazon, Apple, and Disney was also in the recent past. The timeline was not stated except for Disney where they were said to have been held as recently as March of this year.

However, the discussion between NBCUniversal ultimately fell through in the last month because of a lack of approval over price and structure, having talked to four close sources about the matter.

After weeks of negotiations, the merger between these two companies would have seen NBCUniversal take most control of the newly formed entity, which is headed up by Andrew Wilson.

EA has not commented on the speculation associated, while Apple, Amazon, and Disney refused to give comments.

The persistent pursuit of a sale has been the theme in recent years of EA, but why?

Lastly, Ubisoft's CEO, Yves Guillemot has debunked the reported news of his company being for sale. In an earnings call following their FY2022 financial results, he said they intend to remain independent. As long as the developers don't end up in the wrong has to limit our platform options and quality, then there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

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Switch it up: Mario Strikers Battle League + Premium Decals!

Fifa this, Fifa that, but what about Mario Strikers Battle League though? If you're a fan of soccer (aka futbol), it doesn't hurt to mix it up and play a different style of game in one of your favorite genres. Yeah, this is about the upcoming Mario Strikers game, but if you're planning on getting it and wouldn't mind getting a freebie... you're in luck.

There are a few gamers I know that love Fifa, but some put it on ice after pouring a great deal into their ultimate team. I won't say names, but... it doesn't mean all gaming has to take a hit. 

That's why I suggest playing more than one genre of game and even switching it up within a genre so you aren't burned out. 

This came up with FPS games like Call of Duty in the past, and I know I'm not the only one who knows someone that use to play a certain game faithfully until they just stopped and then they no longer game... at all. Is someone coming to mind? (Come on... be honest.)

Anyway, regardless of what your favorite game is... consider a few alternatives (even if they're free to play) so that you get a change of pace that keeps the party going. If you're big on Mario Strikers, flip it and try Fifa or even Rocket League.

Pre-order Mario Strikers Battle League and get Premium Decals at no additional charge. A physical miniature wouldn't have been a bad idea or a collectors edition that had all the miniatures... but it's something. Regardless of how you choose to play, game on!


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