Is Epic Games giving Content Creators easier access to Game Development?!

Let's go ahead and get this answer out of the way, by saying... yes & no. How can it be both? Well, they're making Unreal editor for Fortnite later this year. My guess is that it won't have all the bells and whistles of the full-blown Unreal Engine... as far as options go, it will likely be exclusive to the parameters of Fortnite, but... that isn't a bad thing.

This could actually be a good thing, and suggestions should be made in the areas where it should give more room for flexibility. The full Unreal Engine is geared towards developing your own games. Unreal Editor: Fortnite Edition breathes new life into a game that the developers have already thrown a lot of content into... for your enjoyment (and their gain). 

Fortnite has a huge fanbase... which would allow for the content creators with an interest in game development to increase business opportunities if things work out in that way. CEO Tim Sweeney, actually said that creators can monetize their work (during an interview with Fast Company). So whether or not it's limited or you get access to more options than I assume, there's money to be made (I won't say it's for sure money, but it's another avenue if it makes sense). Does anyone else get that Roblox vibe right now?

Anyway, I love this, and it's actually a bridge that we've spoken about in the past... which opens the door of opportunity for gamers. Not only does Epic Games win as they pursue their metaverse, it looks like you will be able to as well (financially). One thing I will say is that if you wanted to save something for your own IP, don't get excited to where you're contributing it to another game like Fortnite, because once it's out there... it's out there. You can also use the content you've created as a part of your portfolio, so keep an eye out to see when they launch this.

For those who would rather go the IP route in Unreal Engine 5, you still have time to get 8 UE5 training courses for $25 ($1500 value).

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