Toy Time: Mazinger Z Infinity Metal Build Mech!

This is the toy from the Mazinger Z: Infinity film.
This mech is 3 x 3 x 10 inches in size and over 2 pounds in weight!

Mazinger Z Infinity Toy Description:

 An all-new great Mazinger for an all-new era. Overseen by designer Takayuki Yanase, this metal build edition is the definitive portrayal of the character, rendered in three dimensions for fans to enjoy. Incredible possibilities and a huge amount of accessories make this a must-have for Mazinger fans. 

The figure includes: 

Exchangeable hands(3 left, 4 right), brane condor×2, Scramble Dash, great booster, drill pressure punch upper arm parts×2, drill pressure punches, great Boomerang, backspin kick×2, knee impulse kick×2, Mazinger blades, drill pressure punch effect parts×2, Bargaining, 2 Vernier thruster parts×2, Vernier thruster parts×2, exchangeable chest part, Calf tail wing, stand, joint parts for display.

Just imagine this thing suspended from your ceiling or positioned on a shelf.

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