Hey Blu: Where Can I Find Game Industry Opportunities?

I won't mention any names, but I was contacted about opportunities in the industry. Who you know is honestly one of the faster tracks to gain access, but... it isn't the only one. A previous article touched on this... which is more than likely the reason for the message, but... I'll deliver more information here.

One thing I will say is... you don't have to work at an established game studio in order to gain access to the game industry (as mentioned in the previous article). Having the ability to develop games gives you access as an indie developer, but if you want to work for an established company... click here.

Regardless of working for yourself or a company (which is great experience and a resume builder), you will have to do indie in some form so that you can gain experience for that job you desire.

Full courses are available outside of a college classroom, without the debt... including courses for game development using the new Unreal Engine 5 (literally 8 courses for $25, which this sale lasts until May 26, 2022). Learning how to create levels and characters is great, but don't feel left out if you're more so skilled with music, programming, or even making cool voice impressions, these all play a hand in games.

At times it will require you to work a day job while honing your skills, but at least you have a goal... and these skills won't go up in smoke. You have the ability to actually do something with them. Once you get the ball rolling, consider creating a LinkedIn account so that you can rub shoulders with other developers and companies. You will be able to include your work history, skills, and all that good stuff, which can turn heads and possibly get someone's attention. You will also see jobs promoted on this platform also, so... take advantage of every avenue possible when it's go time.

There are also Mod and Indie platforms out there that allow you to collaborate with others, just make sure you get with people you vibe well because it could actually turn into a game studio before you realize it. Ultimately, just avoid wasting your time and you will be fine. If you're a teen reading this, you and do the same things as far as learning and developing your own games, but consult with your parents before taking the step to share or release them so that your ideas are protected.