Switch it up: Mario Strikers Battle League + Premium Decals!

Fifa this, Fifa that, but what about Mario Strikers Battle League though? If you're a fan of soccer (aka futbol), it doesn't hurt to mix it up and play a different style of game in one of your favorite genres. Yeah, this is about the upcoming Mario Strikers game, but if you're planning on getting it and wouldn't mind getting a freebie... you're in luck.

There are a few gamers I know that love Fifa, but some put it on ice after pouring a great deal into their ultimate team. I won't say names, but... it doesn't mean all gaming has to take a hit. 

That's why I suggest playing more than one genre of game and even switching it up within a genre so you aren't burned out. 

This came up with FPS games like Call of Duty in the past, and I know I'm not the only one who knows someone that use to play a certain game faithfully until they just stopped and then they no longer game... at all. Is someone coming to mind? (Come on... be honest.)

Anyway, regardless of what your favorite game is... consider a few alternatives (even if they're free to play) so that you get a change of pace that keeps the party going. If you're big on Mario Strikers, flip it and try Fifa or even Rocket League.

Pre-order Mario Strikers Battle League and get Premium Decals at no additional charge. A physical miniature wouldn't have been a bad idea or a collectors edition that had all the miniatures... but it's something. Regardless of how you choose to play, game on!


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