Dear Gamer: Do You Follow The Crowd Or Game Your Way?

You might be scratching your head at times wondering what route to go as far as what you plan on playing in terms of new releases. Do you follow the crowd, or... do you... do you and game your way? I've been there, done that, and I revisit that question from time to time.

Don't get me wrong, I have no problem playing a popular game, but I play these times of games based on my preference. This question is presented to you so that you can be more satisfied with your purchases. There are pluses to having one of the more popular games out there, and that's certainly the large player base that keeps the party going for online play... but that doesn't mean they're the only player base. At the same time, that means nothing in terms of a single-player game outside of popularity and buzz.

Outside of playing a variety of games so that you can experience different genres, this also gives you a better idea of what types of games you might like regardless of their genre (this also includes hybrid games). It goes back to not being restricted or feeling as if you have to go with the flow, aim to have the ideal experience that works for you.

Your money, your choice, but... will it be a win or will you have buyer's remorse?

To be fair, buyer's remorse can come from any game purchase, so... do your research on the titles you're interested in. Make sure the reviews are legit, and also check out gameplay videos... like those featured on SDGT's First 30. (Try to avoid the early release gameplay videos because it's not the final product.)