The City University of New York Introduces A Digital Game Design Program, but...

The gaming industry is growing at an exponential rate, and new doors are opening for individuals interested in joining this exciting field. One of the latest today is the funding and launching of the City University of New York for their new Digital Game Design degree program.

You have read it right! The City University of New York is looking to provide college students with a public and affordable option that will give them access into the industry of digital games.

The Digital Game Design degree program will be a vital part of providing students with valuable industry-related experience and credentials. This is the city’s first public games-related qualification.

The CUNY's Career Pathways program is expecting a $2 million investment from MOME, the Mayor’s Office for Media and Entertainment. The program expects more than a thousand students in the next three years. Its aim is to diversify the gaming field and boost the city's presence as a hub of game development.

New York City Mayor Eric Adam has surprisingly said that it is time for the Big Apple to take on a more prominent role in this emerging industry. He also suggests using NYC’s talented population by investing wisely by way of financing student-driven projects.

Young people growing up in New York City are primed to become gaming professionals, according to the president of City College, Vincent Boudreau. This could be done by enrolling them in programs like Digital Game Design at the City University of New York, which aims at transforming and expanding the gaming field in NYC.

Not only does this prepare them for their future careers but also supports economic development by creating jobs that suit their passions. Will NYC become the new home for game developers on the East Coast of the United States? Only time will tell.

Before you enroll:

You have no idea how important the backing and overall support is when it comes to students in this field. You're still preparing for a very challenging industry where some win big and others could end up closing their doors because of a severe loss. If New York plays its cards like a victorious Yu-Gi-Oh card battle, debt won't be an issue. CUNY definitely has to make sure this program is affordable because we're still in a situation where college grads are drowning in student debt with no jobs in sight.

I don't want to sound like a hater, but CUNY's Career Pathways program is "expecting" a $2 million investment? That's not reassuring, and how do the students know they will benefit for sure? Remember, there were a number of students told that they'd be placed into a job once it's said and done. This information is cool, but I had to add this perspective in because student loan debt is no joke. Exercise your options, make a list of pros and cons, and think think think before you leap. I still come from the angle that you can learn without the debt, but... if the cost of the program is reasonable for what it has to offer (shrugs). - Blu

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