BATTLERITE... Free Weekend access + Watch & Nab coming your way!

This one is for all you PvP fanatics out there!

If you aren't familiar with Battlerite, its a top down PvP arena brawler that jumped to the top of the Steam Global Top Seller's list... fresh out of the gate. The multiplayer action in this game can be addictive, and for those of you hungry to give it a whirl yourselves... you're in luck because you can play it for free from Dec. 1st to the 4th (2016).

At the same time, you also have the option of getting the game for 25% off during the free play window, so have at it. Also... we will be bringing a Watch & Nab of Battlerite, which will result in one of you getting your hands on the game to add to your library (sooo... stay tuned for that announcement)!

By the way, all the current and future champions are free when you own the game!

Game on!

Microsoft Malware? WTF?! Here are alternatives

Love the Windows 7 OS? Don't want to part with it anytime soon? Keep an eye on Microsoft because updates might have you going nuts. PopUps might be a regular occurrence on some websites, but on your PC's desktop area? Can I get a... "WTF?!"

This isn't cool, no matter what they try to present stuff to us as... cool. This is just freaking annoying and it's hard to truly determine what they will have to go through in order to do right by the customers.

I usually see that sort of stuff from programs people generally want to get off their computer... because its malware. The recent Windows 7 update brought on the Office 365 pop up ad for Office 2016.

It's presented as "Free with your Office 365 subscription". We don't have... Office 365 and chances are we might not get it at all unless it just makes sense as SDGT Studio grows and that's a perfect fit. There are other options out there as well... so it wouldn't be some leap of faith just because its Microsoft.

You may ask "How can you trust other software companies?", but we don't make those moves blindly. Microsoft is building a paper trail though... and it's really starting to annoy a lot of people. Did they truly learn from getting their butt burned by the sneaky tactics presented on Xbox One? Remember... that was a representation of Microsoft's game division, presenting something to gamers as if we are all just a bunch of dumb idiots that will buy anything. 

Their hand was revealed and the Xbox One was found to be a nifty box that YOU pay full price for while they control it... giving you: 

- Access for a limited time while away from home

- Access to games you've purchased at full price after you've connected to the internet

... and we spoke on our fears about what would ultimately happen to the system down the road once support went goodbye. What would happen to physical/installation discs once they were no longer able to be verified online? They'd be dead on arrival, and if the system had a hiccup or needed internet sign in's to allow you to use the system period... it would be a paperweight, just like the Onlive micro-console and controller. Xbox One owners aren't going through it today because of the fight some us put for what's right (and I hope this shows more of you the benefits of... Justice).

(A modder may be able to recode the Onlive console & controller as a steam link of sorts. Just want to throw that out there.)

Anyway, may of us aren't out here with the ability to just blow money, so the investments need to be sound. PC gamers who don't want to deal with Windows 10 and the possibility of having games affected by the OS are staying away. Even a heavy (heavy) amount of our viewers have switched to Apple once Windows 10 was ushered in:

SDGT Entertainment had majority PC users until Windows 10 was fully ushered in (i'm talking 76% or more). Now 96% are MAC users for desktop, Android & iOS access are still dominant for handheld devices and Chrome is still dominating for specific browser access.

Microsoft better way up. They have some cool tech that gets my attention (i'm not going to lie and say they don't) but... Microsoft is constantly moving so some things are more like test runs for the next. That's tech, but at the same time... being controlled is not a part of our plan, and we don't plan to slap stickers on equipment that read "Property of Microsoft".

There are some operating systems out there that provide some familiars and once some get to where the preferred PC functions are for gamers... Microsoft will lose yet another slice of the pie.

By the way... if you want to get rid of that "Get Windows 10" icon in your lower right bar:

Click on your start button and type in "Uninstall a program" >

Click on "Installed Updates" >

Look for "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) >

Click it and then click uninstall before resetting your PC.

To those of you ready to say goodbye to Windows and you'd prefer to seek a familiar structure, here are some operating systems to research:

Zorin OS is presented as a Window's alternative for people who prefer a non-Microsoft Windows. These are not their words, but essentially that's how it appears to be laid out. I mention this one first and foremost, because when one of us gets the time... this will be given a test run. 
This OS supposedly has an easy install for software released on Windows. 
If it's good, we'd buy the Zorin OS 9 Ultimate... but you can get the OS for free.

Ubuntu OS is a very popular operating system and I even have it as a dual boot option on a laptop. I don't use it often, but whatever floats your boat (it's free).

Steam OS is Valve's Linux-based operating system that I can't overlook, but it's designed to be a living room experience... not a desktop OS replacement.

Valve should be contacted about making an even greater push with their OS. A desktop version would be great, especially for those of us that have to do office work too. Gaming in the office is real.

Chrome OS is available on hardware like Chromebooks, which are owned by more than a few people I know. These people have gotten to the point that Microsoft is nothing more than a shoulder shrug to them, because what they need hardware for... requires internet... period. Going to websites and sending email are the two main objectives they seek and... even the majority of that is done on mobile when they don't seek a larger screen (and they don't cast).

macOS is also another option that can't be forgotten... and i'll leave it at that. If you want alternatives, do the research, look for stability and a good track record, because the options are out there.

Want to know what games are playable on Linux? Check them out here:

Nintendo... stuff!

This is a very appealing deal... (seen below) especially if you don't plan on jumping on the Nintendo Switch (at all or until you see how it fairs). Some gamers don't know where the future of the New Nintendo 3DS will be with the birth of the Nintendo Switch and we don't know either, but I don't think they'd be stupid enough to kill a juggernaut for awhile. Based on sales of this newer more powerful handheld being increased even more (if they wisely prep for the Black Friday sales... for those who don't do an annual boycott) that would be a crap load of units owned by people expecting for content to continue. So... yeah, I'd the engine continuing to run for awhile. Will the Nintendo Switch user in the end of the handheld based on the combined home console/handheld initiative? Let's see how it plays out in the road ahead, I think it would make sense. Yang gave a very sound reason for this.

New Nintendo 3DS System Available for Under $100 MSRP for the First Time on Black Friday

New Special-Edition System Comes in Black or White, Features Iconic Mushroom Kingdom Images
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- It’s a deal spelled out in black and white: For the first time ever, Nintendo’s popular hand-held New Nintendo 3DS video game system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $99.99. Two special-edition models – one black, one white, both featuring Mushroom Kingdom characters and imagery – will be available starting Nov. 25. This system, along with great software, will appeal to gift-givers and value shoppers alike.
It's a deal spelled out in black and white: For the first time ever, Nintendo's popular hand-held Ne ...
It's a deal spelled out in black and white: For the first time ever, Nintendo's popular hand-held New Nintendo 3DS video game system will be offered at a suggested retail price of $99.99. (Photo: Business Wire)
“Nintendo has some of the best gifts for the holiday season,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “Whether you’re looking for games for the whole family, or a cool new system at a great value, Nintendo has you covered.”
Once shoppers pick the system, the next step is to load up on great games. Fortunately, the Nintendo 3DS family of systems library is massive, and has options for every type of player. Some of the new and recently released games available during the holiday season include Mario Party Star Rush, which launched Nov. 4; Pokémon Sun* and Pokémon Moon*, which launch Nov. 18Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS** which launches Dec. 2; and both YO-KAI WATCH 2: Bony Spirits and YO-KAI WATCH 2: Fleshy Souls, which are now available. Shoppers can find more holiday game recommendations along with special offers, bundles and discounts by visiting Nintendo’s official Holiday Gift Guide.
Fans who want to build up their Nintendo 3DS game libraries can turn to evergreen classics like Animal Crossing: New LeafMario Kart 7Super Mario 3D Land or The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. At the same time, they can look to the future, knowing that a new Pikmin game for Nintendo 3DS, Ever Oasis and Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King are on the way in 2017.

Major Miitomo Update Brings New Features and New Ways to Interact with Friends

Send Private Messages, Customize Rooms and Share in More Ways than Ever Before
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- When Nintendo’s first smart-device app, Miitomo, launched in March, it heralded a new era for Nintendo, setting the stage for future mobile games like the upcoming Super Mario RunMiitomo is now getting a major update starting today that adds even more ways for players to express themselves and communicate with friends. After downloading the free update, users can immediately enhance their social adventures by sending private messages to any of their friends who also have the Miitomo app, customizing their in-game Mii character’s room with things like posters and Nintendo-themed wallpaper, and sharing their answers and outfits with even more Miitomo users.

Miitomo is now getting a major update starting today that adds even more ways for players to express ...
Miitomo is now getting a major update starting today that adds even more ways for players to express themselves and communicate with friends. (Graphic: Business Wire)
“With its focus on fun and social interactions, Miitomowas the ideal app to signal Nintendo’s entry into the smart-device space,” said Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. “This free update gives users even more ways to have fun with their friends.”
Here is a taste of some of the cool new things users can do after downloading the free Miitomo update:
  • Private messages: After downloading the update, users can send private messages to anyone on their friends list. But these messages just don’t pop up in a boring old window. Users can set the expression of their Mii, and either a user’s main Mii character or a Sidekick Mii (more on that later!) will personally deliver the in-app message to the friend.
  • Room customization: Rooms can be decorated with custom flooring and wallpaper, which can both be collected for free in the in-app Miitomo Drop game or by completing in-app actions. Some of the wallpaper is even inspired by some of Nintendo’s hottest franchises like Super MarioThe Legend of Zelda and Metroid. Rooms can also be decorated with posters adorned with Miifoto images or even real-life photos contained on the user’s smart device. Each room can hold up to eight posters. Each poster spot holds one poster and can be purchased individually for 99 cents from the in-game store.
  • Style Central: Dressing up in awesome outfits in Miitomo is a big part of the fun. With the new Style Central feature, users can submit up to three of their favorite custom outfits a day to share with other users. These other users can browse the submitted outfits to like them or try them on, and even purchase components without having to visit the in-game shop. By sharing outfits, users receive My Nintendo points that can be redeemed for fun Nintendo rewards. Visit for more information about My Nintendo.
  • Answer Central: One of the main features of Miitomo is answering fun questions and sharing those answers with others. The new Answer Central hub displays a public list of questions and answers that anyone can browse or comment on. This opens up the social interactions to a much wider base.
  • Sidekick Mii characters: Sidekick Mii characters are controlled by the account user, but play secondary roles to the main Mii. Sidekicks have their own rooms, can be dressed and can even be set to public or private. Up to 100 Sidekick Mii characters can be assigned to the main user.
  • Easier to Use: A new timeline feature allows you to see your friends’ latest answers without the need to speak to other Mii characters. You will also be able to see your friends’ customized rooms.
For more information about Miitomo, visit

Nintendo News: Nintendo Download, Nov. 10, 2016: Zombies, Robots, Rhythm and Farming!

Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village lets players revive the land and ...
Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system, Harvest Moon: Skytree Village lets players revive the land and save a village. (Graphic: Business Wire)
REDMOND, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- This week’s Nintendo Download includes the following featured content:
  • Nintendo eShop on Nintendo 3DS
    • Harvest Moon: Skytree Village – Exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS system, this game lets players revive the land and save a village. It features new and easy farming mechanics, updated tools, terraforming and a new animal: the Poitou Donkey. Play as a boy or girl, interact with a new cast of characters, get married and start a family.
  • Virtual Console on Nintendo 3DS
    • Mega Man X3 – After discovering a virus that is turning intelligent and peaceful robots known as Reploids into rogue Mavericks, scientist Dr. Doppler successfully creates an antivirus to the phenomenon. The reformed Reploids then move into Dopple Town, a place where humans and Reploids can live together in harmony. But when an outbreak occurs causing the Reploids to turn back into Mavericks, Maverick Hunters Mega Man X and Zero are sent to contain the situation. Choose either Mega Man X or Zero as you run, jump, dash, scale walls, avoid obstacles and fight enemies in eight challenging stages. At the end of each stage, defeat the boss to gain a special weapon that will aid you in the upcoming battles.
  • Virtual Console on Wii U
    • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles – Swarms of undead creatures and mutated terrors rule the streets, pestilent hordes born of Umbrella's botched biowarfare research. Gather your firepower, choose various routes and pathways and prepare to face the horror as you uncover the dark truth that could take Umbrella down forever.
    • Rhythm Heaven Fever – Perfect your rhythm with over 50 mini-games and remixes in this quirky, charming rhythm game. Catchy music and crazy scenarios will teach players to feel the beat. It’s easy to learn and tough to master...but aim for accurate performances, as players will be rewarded with in-game medals and bonus content.
Nintendo eShop sales:
  • New My Nintendo Rewards Celebrate Metroid – The latest My Nintendo rewards are inspired by the launch of the Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition, which includes the original Metroid game. Fans can redeem their My Nintendo points for discounts on digital games such as Metroid Prime: Trilogy (Wii U) and Metroid: Zero Mission (Wii U) or get a Samus theme for the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo 2DS system. Head to to check out the rewards today. And to learn more about the NES Classic Edition, check out its website.
  • Nintendo Badge Arcade Anniversary Sale – Save big in the Nintendo Badge Arcade game this week. Let’s celebrate the first anniversary of the Nintendo Badge Arcade game with a sale on game plays. Nintendo Badge Arcade is a fun-filled, free-to-start, crane machine game that challenges you to collect badges from popular games to customize your Nintendo 3DS HOME Menu. Game plays are used to play the game. From Nov. 10 to Nov. 17, you can purchase plays for up to 50 percent off the regular price. You can also get four free plays during the week—two free plays on Thursday, Nov. 10, and another two free plays on Monday, Nov. 14. So be sure stop by and check it out. The sale starts on Nov. 10 at 3 a.m. PT and runs until Nov. 17 at 2:59 a.m. PT. Game play purchases do not apply towards My Nintendo rewards. For more information, go to:
Theme Shop on Nintendo 3DS:
  • New themes this week include Animal Crossing: Falling Leaves.
Also new this week:

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From the Source: Here is a dose of gaming variety!

A new champion arrives... let the run & gun fest begin! - Blu


Only three weeks after releasing a huge patch, Stunlock Studios announces another new champion.

Introducing  Ezmo “The Mischievous”, an aggressive spellcaster who can move quickly utilising teleportation. Ezmo was once imprisoned by the warlock, Aradu The Reserved, but managed to escape when his captor was too engrossed in reading his tome. Ezmo sealed Aradu's soul within the book, creating the Lost Soul Grimoire, and has carried it ever since.  When he isn't playing tricks on people, Ezmo is searching for a way back to his home dimension.

Ezmo is part of the update scheduled for Thursday, November 10th. This patch will also include new types of chests, champion updates and general improvements. Don’t forget Stunlock Studios promises free champions forever when purchasing Early Access.


This is for the gamers seeking a change of pace from the SIM genre. There are plenty of SIM games, but they aren't usually as well known as... "The SIMS", but this particular game puts you in the hot seat... literally. - Blu

With siren and blue light: Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation deploys

Aerosoft and Crenetic release their first fire fighting simulation

Emergency Call112

(PresseBox) Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation is available now and can be ordered via the Aerosoft Online Shop, in retail stores, and on Steam. Emergency Call 112 is the first fire fighting simulation from Aerosoft – and a fully detailed simulation of the eventful life of a fire brigade. For the development of Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation, the developer Crenetic have worked in cooperation with the professional fire brigade Mülheim at the Ruhr. The fire station in Mülheim is one of the most modern stations in Europe. The vehicles, procedures and equipment items in Emergency Call 112 are realistically modelled.

In Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation players have to master thrilling, randomly generated missions. These include oil slicks, accidents with cars and trucks, fires with interior and exterior attacks and room fires. Players can relive the exciting missions of a fire fighter with realistic hose handling and a fluid system that realistically simulates fire spread.

  • Recreation of the fire station Mülheim in a fictitious town
  • Highly-detailed vehicles, such as the LF24 fire engine, a water tender, swap body vehicle and command vehicle
  • Removable equipment
  • Realistic, flexible, movable hoses
  • Interior and exterior fires
  • Technical assistance for accidents
  • Realistic fire spread using a dynamic fluid simulation
  • Many different scenarios, including:
o Oil slicks o Traffic accidents o Burning rooms o Blocked roads o Fire alarm o Security measures
  • Night operations
  • Navigation systems in the fire trucks
  • Sophisticated AI to control the interaction between the fire fighters
  • Realistic traffic at the site of the fire or accident
  • An open game world where all of the buildings can be a scene of the action

AUTOBOTS... ROLL OUT for multiplayer action on mobile! - Blu

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS Rolls Out Super-Sized Update For iOS and Android Devices

Command the Biggest Bots in the Universe as Combiners Enter Real-Time Combat Strategy Game

BOULDER, Colo., November 10, 2016 – Hasbro Inc., Backflip Studios and Space Ape Games today released their biggest update yet to the popular real-time combat strategy mobile game TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS, bringing fan-favorite Combiners characters Devastator and Superion from the iconic Transformers universe into TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS. Beloved by fans of Hasbro’s “Transformers Generations Prime Wars Trilogy,” the Combiners will be the most visually stunning and powerfully destructive bots on the battlefield.

Not all bots have the power to combine as these super-sized Combiners are robots formed by teams of five or more designated component bots. The landscape of the battlefield will change as players race to build these new characters and leverage their unique powers and abilities. Along with the new characters, the update will introduce new resources, buildings, and the Combiners themselves in a new campaign based on the first chapter in the Prime Wars Trilogy, Combiner Wars.

“Bringing Combiners into the game was a goal throughout development, and we couldn’t be more excited to have achieved this milestone for Transformers fans,” said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President, Digital Gaming and Corporate Development at Hasbro. “Combiners bring another level of authenticity to the game and a whole new mission for the player to collect, combine and battle at a new level.”

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS launched in June 2016 topping charts and building a player base of six million downloads. Published by Backflip Studios and developed by Space Ape Games, the game breaks new ground for the genre, pairing authentic Transformers storytelling with fast-paced gameplay, beautiful 3D animation and hundreds of characters with diverse strengths and abilities. The game also features notable storytellers and voice actors from the Transformers franchise, including voice acting from Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, and Frank Welker, the original voice of Megatron.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS is FREE to download, features in-game purchases, and is available on Android and iOS devices worldwide, except in Mainland China.  Please note that a Wi-Fi connection is required to play.

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From the Source: Robinson - The Journey... PlayStation VR out now!

Robinson: The Journey Out Now for PlayStation® VR

Step into a world of adventure in Crytek’s sci-fi spectacular
FRANKFURT, Germany – Nov. 8, 2016 – Get ready for a breathtaking encounter with a whole new reality in Crytek’s Robinson: The Journey – out now for PlayStation®VR in North America and launching Nov. 9 in European territories.

Combining the power of PS VR and Crytek’s CRYENGINE technology, Robinson: The Journey invites players to step into a sci-fi world full of adventure, secrets and dinosaurs. Playing as Robin – a boy stranded in the unmapped territory of Tyson III – gamers’ resourcefulness will be put to the test as they search for survivors of a doomed space voyage alongside AI unit HIGS and baby T-Rex Laika. With each step, they’ll discover just how hostile their surroundings truly are and unravel the engrossing storyline at the heart of the living, breathing VR world they find themselves in.

Check out the launch trailer below. - Yang

Gamers can also go deeper into the development of Robinson: The Journey with a series of dev diaries and blogs at
Robinson: The Journey is available now from the PlayStation®Store, the game’s official website, and major retailers for a recommended retail price of $59.99/€59.99. Players can choose to experience the game on both PlayStation®4 and PS4 Pro using the PlayStation®VR headset.

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From the Source: Square-Enix - Guardian Codex launch and promo!

More mobile games from Square-Enix = More options to enjoy on mobile.

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 4, 2016) – Guardian Codex™ is a new roleplaying game from SQUARE ENIX® that launched today as a free-to-play title for iOS and Android devices. The title features high-end 3D graphics and exciting multiplayer battle options, supporting up to four players. Additionally, a rich, single-player story allows players to fully explore the world of Guardian Codex.
Created by the team behind the popular card battler GUARDIAN CROSS®, Guardian Codex takes place in a war-torn world split between the Empire and Resistance forces Taking on the role of Resistance Agents, players are sent into the virtual “Codex” where they must find and capture the legendary Guardians. These fully-customizable teams of Guardians will be necessary to battle the waves of enemies within the Codex, and are also used in multiplayer mode when joining forces with up to three other players to take down even stronger foes. The game also offers limited-time special events providing chances for bonus rewards.
With over 300,000 pre-registrations prior to launch, Square Enix is offering all who download the game a 4-Star Banshee Guardian, 6,000 Codex Credits, and five Magic Stones (III). A special login promotion will also begin on November 6th, providing players with additional Codex Credits each day they log into the game. Guardian Codex is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Naturally mobile is going to ultimately have more options and the biggest gaming audience. Even kids have smart phones.

Whoa, what?! Not everyone has a cellphone. The biggest games are going to always be on pc/console.

I didn't say the biggest games. I said the biggest "Audience". Furthermore, not everyone has a PC or a game console. Mobile phone usage greatly exceeds PC and game consoles.

Which isn't the end of the world if you think about it. The more money developers can make... the more assets they have for the bigger games because they'd have more of a leg to stand on (financially). As time increases we see mobile getting stronger and stronger... which results in more and more visually impressive games (graphics wise). Remember the old (but faithful) phones of yesterday?

Yeah yeah. I remember the old bricks. They had to decrease the resolution for games like Zuma.

Now think of the mobile progression and where it will be as technologies continue to advance.

I don't want to say goodbye to pc/console.

You don't have to, Luis. You just get emerging technologies like the Nintendo Switch and console quality gaming away from the PC and console. Is that a bad thing?

I get it. More options! I think I know the next game we should do a giveaway for.

Imagine a day when you can take your phone and pick up where you left off on console. That would be sick... and Nintendo is doing that in a sense, but just think of where the tech will go and if gamer's push to keep more stationary platforms in the picture. There should be something like that (I think), especially if Nintendo... next move gets followed up on by the competition. I'd see Sony going into that before Microsoft... but who knows. More options is a beautiful thing, but I feel you, I want to be able to still pick up a controller and just game.

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