BATTLERITE... Free Weekend access + Watch & Nab coming your way!

This one is for all you PvP fanatics out there!

If you aren't familiar with Battlerite, its a top down PvP arena brawler that jumped to the top of the Steam Global Top Seller's list... fresh out of the gate. The multiplayer action in this game can be addictive, and for those of you hungry to give it a whirl yourselves... you're in luck because you can play it for free from Dec. 1st to the 4th (2016).

At the same time, you also have the option of getting the game for 25% off during the free play window, so have at it. Also... we will be bringing a Watch & Nab of Battlerite, which will result in one of you getting your hands on the game to add to your library (sooo... stay tuned for that announcement)!

By the way, all the current and future champions are free when you own the game!

Game on!