From the Source: Square-Enix - Guardian Codex launch and promo!

More mobile games from Square-Enix = More options to enjoy on mobile.

LOS ANGELES (Nov. 4, 2016) – Guardian Codex™ is a new roleplaying game from SQUARE ENIX® that launched today as a free-to-play title for iOS and Android devices. The title features high-end 3D graphics and exciting multiplayer battle options, supporting up to four players. Additionally, a rich, single-player story allows players to fully explore the world of Guardian Codex.
Created by the team behind the popular card battler GUARDIAN CROSS®, Guardian Codex takes place in a war-torn world split between the Empire and Resistance forces Taking on the role of Resistance Agents, players are sent into the virtual “Codex” where they must find and capture the legendary Guardians. These fully-customizable teams of Guardians will be necessary to battle the waves of enemies within the Codex, and are also used in multiplayer mode when joining forces with up to three other players to take down even stronger foes. The game also offers limited-time special events providing chances for bonus rewards.
With over 300,000 pre-registrations prior to launch, Square Enix is offering all who download the game a 4-Star Banshee Guardian, 6,000 Codex Credits, and five Magic Stones (III). A special login promotion will also begin on November 6th, providing players with additional Codex Credits each day they log into the game. Guardian Codex is available on the AppStore and GooglePlay.

Naturally mobile is going to ultimately have more options and the biggest gaming audience. Even kids have smart phones.

Whoa, what?! Not everyone has a cellphone. The biggest games are going to always be on pc/console.

I didn't say the biggest games. I said the biggest "Audience". Furthermore, not everyone has a PC or a game console. Mobile phone usage greatly exceeds PC and game consoles.

Which isn't the end of the world if you think about it. The more money developers can make... the more assets they have for the bigger games because they'd have more of a leg to stand on (financially). As time increases we see mobile getting stronger and stronger... which results in more and more visually impressive games (graphics wise). Remember the old (but faithful) phones of yesterday?

Yeah yeah. I remember the old bricks. They had to decrease the resolution for games like Zuma.

Now think of the mobile progression and where it will be as technologies continue to advance.

I don't want to say goodbye to pc/console.

You don't have to, Luis. You just get emerging technologies like the Nintendo Switch and console quality gaming away from the PC and console. Is that a bad thing?

I get it. More options! I think I know the next game we should do a giveaway for.

Imagine a day when you can take your phone and pick up where you left off on console. That would be sick... and Nintendo is doing that in a sense, but just think of where the tech will go and if gamer's push to keep more stationary platforms in the picture. There should be something like that (I think), especially if Nintendo... next move gets followed up on by the competition. I'd see Sony going into that before Microsoft... but who knows. More options is a beautiful thing, but I feel you, I want to be able to still pick up a controller and just game.

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