Nokia 3310 3G... Reviewed!

This review is short and sweet. The Nokia 3310 3G arrived not too long ago, and I just can't help but speak on how nifty and useful this thing is. The Nokia 3310 3G is small, comes in 4 colors (I went with yellow as you see) but... there is also red, blue, and black if you aren't feeling as adventurous.

Nokia 3310 3G is the revision of a classic, and whether you have a smartphone or not... I think they are a fantastic backup phone. Which is the main reason for this review. Anything can happen, and at times some smartphones are incredibly dumb... phones. I was ready to hulk smash a smartphone recently, and... I just can't afford to be in that type of situation if I need a phone for emergencies. It can be anything, so having a backup phone able to charge quickly, and allows for me to dial out without opening a phone app is appreciated. I'm just able to dial up.

This particular phone was $59.99 at the time of purchase... which isn't bad at all. If you aren't in dire need of a smartphone due to specific apps for business or things like that, and you need to stay in contact with those that matter most (or those you're obligated to be in contact with), its worth having a phone like this. I used this phone off and on for about 14 hours, and the battery was still at about 75%. A 45-minute phone call didn't even put a dent in the meter, it still showed full. 

I didn't utilize the phone much at all for two straight days, maybe a text or two, and... it was still full. A phone with a long-lasting battery is imperative for me, so this gets two thumbs up. I love that. The Nokia 3310 3G is powered by a 1200mAh 3.7V 4.4Wh battery. You may say... "That's not a lot of power bro", but it's not always about the size of the battery, it's about the power consumption of the device... bro.

This phone comes with a micro USB plug and earbuds. It works... didn't expect a whole lot in the package... and I was going to use alternate headphones anyway (still haven't used the earbuds). There is also Bluetooth, so you aren't stuck using wired headphones. You get a music player, video player (which isn't bad), Snake (remake) preloaded... which is... okay, and a built-in FM Radio. You can get up to 32GBs of memory on this thing via a MicroSD card too. I'm not a huge fan of the web browser (should've been a bit more custom), but... it is what it is. The UI feels a bit too... bite-sized for me, and the Twitter icon is more like a bookmark, I'd prefer something. Before smartphones took over, I had a phone with an actual Facebook app. Anyway, it also has a 2MP camera... which can come in handy regardless of not being the best cam out there.

There is a con about this phone, and it's something missing in the design. They should've put some grip on this phone... because it slips way too easy. I've dropped it at least twice thus far. It didn't have to be a rubber material... it could've been a bumpy texture on the sides and left it at that. A case wouldn't break the bank on an already affordable phone, so it's cool. A headache when it comes to this phone is the volume, they could've added volume buttons on the side. I don't like going into settings to adjust the volume at bedtime just to turn the audio down.

Design 3

Battery 5

Price 5

Function 3

4 out of 5 Cool Points!

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