Your Light: A Musical Storybook... reviewed!

Sometimes we venture off the main path into left field, and today is one of those times as I review Jillian Aversa's... Your Light: A Musical Storybook. This one is for the parents (and parents to be).

Your Light: A Musical Storybook, is a pleasant bedtime story with the goal of parents, grandparents, and caretakers... bonding with the children in their lives.

It contains a musical element to enhance the experience... but since "Musical Storybook" isn't part of the title... I didn't realize that. Before getting into the details about the book I jumped in so that I wasn't anticipating anything presented in the package beyond the actual book. I immediately picked up on the lyrics. I was thinking, "It's written as if you can sing it", and... that's because it's a song.

The book showcases a baby bunny being put to bed before traveling off on an adventure in dreamland where it pursues a fallen star. There's a fork in the road where it must decide which way to go in order to continue, but it gains courage from the love and support given by mom and dad.

I won't give away the whole book, but I think its a good reminder to our children that we're there... and its a good reminder to parents of why it's valuable to be there (and speak words of encouragement). It's just nice.

I can picture the illustrations by Marina Lezcano being animated for the purpose of a music video.

The sound of the song is just as pleasant as the book, and could definitely be a nice read + listening experience for you and your little one before hitting the pillow. I've read and listened to it with my daughter for about a week and... she seems to enjoy (especially the bunnies). She will be 2 years old soon, so the added opportunity to be able to bond with her more... made this review special.

I plan to add this book to her nightly routine for the long haul because the message of the song is beautiful and its something awesome for her to experience with both my Wife and I. I probably won't be singing it anytime soon, but... to each their own.

The illustrations are delivered in a soft watercolor from start to finish, and definitely help set the tone for bedtime. I was ready to dive into my bed afterward... and actually did on two occasions this week.

Your Light: A Musical Storybook is available in paperback and ebook via Amazon. One thing I'd love to see is a board book version because once Clementine gets her hands on a book... it's bound to be ripped. I keep the paperback books out of reach now, but she has full access to the board books. So that's something for the Author to consider.

Speaking of the author, if Jillian Aversa's name sounds familiar... that's because she's a busy woman contributing her award-winning vocals to film, video games, etc. She's also a mom, so she wanted to use her talents to create a memorable experience for parents to share with their children.

The paperback version is $9.99 which is about average from my experience, but you also get the song. The eBook version is $3.99... which is sweet, but... I prefer the paperback version because the light could tempt Clemi to remain awake longer than necessary.

Overall, Your Light: A Musical Storybook is a bonding experience worth capitalizing on. At times we get too busy to just sit down and invest in some serious one on one quality time with our children... and it's super crucial that it's done. Many of us can look back on our own childhoods and wish there were more opportunities we could've had with our parents... so why not give that to your kids?

Story 5

Illustrations 5

Quality 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

Get the book and download the song at

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