The hook up: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands $17.49 ! ! ! !

If you're a fan of Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon games, don't miss out on this sale! Ghost Recon Wildlands for $17.49? Come on son!

Ghost Recon Wildlands drops you smack dab into Bolivia, where your team takes to land, sea, and air in order to defeat the Santa Blanca Cartel. You can play solo or with friends. Get low and keep your head on a swivel because the Year 2 Pass in on sale too and its featuring the one and only, Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell franchise!

That's how you do DLC right. Give the right type of content that gives the supporters of these games the reason to pick up the game again. I don't want different outfits to play the same freaking missions. I want new adventures. I like this over a year to year sequel.

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!