Apple Arcade vs Google Stadia? Its On!!!

If you haven't heard... Apple has responded to Google (indirectly) with their own gaming platform.

Yes, folks, the Apple Arcade will be launching Fall 2019... but how will it compare? I guess it doesn't really have to compare, but I've seen... more promise from Google's Stadia platform.

I won't crap on Apple Arcade, because who knows what will be released on it. The Pathless... looks pretty good, so does OCEANHORN 2: Knights of the Lost Realm, Beyond a Steel Sky... which has a Borderlands meets Fallout vibe to it... and more. So who knows.

Apple Arcade will be an... All You Can Play subscription service.

No ads... No in-app purchases. 100+ games will be available.

Playable on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and... Apple TV (including offline... anywhere).

One plus I see with this is the ability for 6 family members to use the subscription. So families that use Apple products faithfully (which wouldn't be me)... they can game on one subscription.

Can they game all at once? Who knows. That... would be a question worth knowing, because taking turns would suck... royally. If everyone can game simultaneously, that's multiplayer action without the need to fish through a server (if you can game online with this).

Overall, I think it's good, because... both Apple and Google are giving their customer's more options. As long as the price is right... they should be fine, but I still think that Google has the upper hand as far as core gamers are concerned... just feels like there's more there. Doesn't mean it makes for better games... but Stadia caught my eye so much more than Apple Arcade. 

I'm not buying Apple products for that. Either way... if it means more people gaming, thumbs up!

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