Google Stadia: This is how you rock the boat!

If Google doesn't mess this up... and they actually already have the structure in place for Stadia to be used the way they're presenting it (as seen below)... it could be worth the investment. If the price is right!

Google is approaching the mound of what other companies like Onlive have approached, and I don't want to jinx anything... but I think Google has made enough sound decisions in this department to do okay. Gaming is a different beast... but who knows, i'm optimistic.

The Stadia controllers look like they could use some work, but... I think they really have something on their hands that can break ground where others have failed. They already have multiple other products, and to actually use some of those products in combination with their gaming platform... brings gamers closer to something I've mentioned in the past.

You can turn your gaming session into an event without 3rd party software to make it tick. I don't want to jinx anything, but based on what they're presenting... it really does feel like that. YouTube can be tied in, chat, and who knows what else. Onlive didn't have the user base Google has, and they already have multiple mobile gamers downloading and pouring crap tons of hours into titles available on Google Play... so I really think this will work.

Enjoy the keynote and i'll get back to you with more gab in about an hour and 19 minutes.
As you see, they're presenting Stadia as a platform that allows you to play AAA games (from 1080p up to the future 8k) on PC, Phone, and TV without major hardware on your end. You can play with devices you already have... which is a plus, so regardless of what controllers they have, you can use your own.

Their controller connects directly to your wireless, and has other features like capture, but if they're allowing others to be used... some features should work with the tried and true that some of us hold near and dear.

If their controller is awesome, and the platform proves to be something built for the long haul... it could be worth the buy... (say it with me) if the price is right! One of the biggest pluses that Stadia could bring... (in my opinion) is the ability to play with more people. I wrote a "Dear Developer" post about how some games eliminate their own potential player base merely based on specs.

So to have something like Stadia that doesn't require gamers to have hardware to back up that desire to game... the player base should boom (plus they presented it as being open to cross-platform). There are people i'd love to game with more often, but usually don't because they're on alternate systems, or simply don't own one. Everyone I know has a mobile phone and a TV. Give me a sec (geeking).

Internet speed requirements will be the biggest factor next to price... when it comes to Stadia.
I really don't think that games will be a problem... because Google Play has already stood the test of time, unlike Onlive.

They're working on 1st party titles (via STADIA Games & Entertainment), which Valve has gone to sleep on (can't say Google won't do the same with Stadia, but lets see). It looks like Stadia will also have 2nd party titles, and 3rd party should be a major duh considering the user base Google has. There will undoubtedly be a bunch of re-releases.

K.A. threw out the possibility that Google might just be offering a streaming service of games that we already own, versus being competition for the... competition, but I highly doubt it. That would result in them using their resources to help you stream games you bought else where. Good luck on that.

This is how you rock the boat in a good way. Developers and gamers win. One thing that hasn't come up in the chatter is... how is it going to impact the iPhone? Google could rock the iPhone if you can't use Stadia on it, because gamers that really want it on their phones would be put in a position where they have to make a decision... or own two phones.

Options are good... and I hope this is yet another great one that brings more of us together for memorable game play moments. I could end this by saying "Thank you and Good Night!", but I have to bring up a potential downside.

Google allows you to report people on YouTube, and sometimes its a good thing, but sometimes... people get reported for no reason at all and channels get affected. That can wreck a gamer's channel, and potentially their account. Don't know how that will all work out, but i'm sure there will be enough vocal gamers out there to help them work out the kinks.

As seen in the announcement... Stadia takes launch in 2019, which might seem too soon, but they might be launching to get ahead of the competition like, Microsoft. Who knows how it might affect Xbox, but the writing on the wall is showing more and more (to me) as Microsoft turns to PC.

Google doesn't have a vested interest in consoles, so releasing something like Stadia that doesn't require hardware updates on our end... gets a thumbs up if it lasts, and... if the price is right. 


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