SUP Multiplayer Racing... Reviewed!

Ready... Set... Go! It's time for a mobile review! RkRk & I double teamed this one and he supplied the gameplay video, enjoy! Videos are less than 1 minute but they cover the full race.
SUP Multiplayer Racing is a... multiplayer racing game (shocker). 4-players race on a two-lane track to avoid being in 4th place. Controls are very simple, you use the steering wheel button to go from lane to lane and to perform tricks like 360 air spins and drifts on the ground. The nitro button boosts your speed, and... that's what you get... but that's all you need to play. Old school gamers who gave up on new games because of complicated control schemes can rejoice over this type of game and the new school gamers can appreciate the challenge of using the simple controls. It's the perfect type of game for the casual gamer who wants to step up the action. Vroom-Vroom!

How in the hell can you have a strategy in this type of game, seriously? - Luis D. Lucha

You can easily have a strategy in this game by timing your turns and the way you use your nitro. Turns allow you to change lanes, but you can also knock someone off the road if there is no barrier or worse. The worse thing you can do to someone is make them land on their side because it takes awhile to get out of that. I've seen people shoot sonic blasts from their cars to hit the driver in front of them, I've also seen trucks jump and cause a crack in the road that slows down other drivers that roll over it. Hmmm, what else did I see? Oh yeah, I saw cars jump and propel through the air.

The SdgtEnt car doesn't have all that, we have the free-to-play model that you build up the "free" way. It doesn't make you any more or less good from my experience. What I did notice during my experience playing the game is the crapload of ads. (Dude) There are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads in this game, I had to lay in on the "o" key. They're a real pain, and you have to go through them in order to receive rewards that you've won... after the race is done. They have a buy option to get rid of ads, but it's not in a place you see it regularly. It should be on the rewards screen.

So that's the con I give to this game Want to earn a reward? Watch an ad. Want to open a free chest? Watch an ad. One thing I wouldn't have a problem with regarding the ads, is them remaining for the sake of doubling rewards (at least those are optional)... unless you can double up without ads after you buy.

Visually the game looks good for... mobile. I'm not dissing mobile, I just give it a pass on mobile... but I'd probably expect more on console (but I think this decision was to make it playable on all sorts of phones). It's a free-to-play game, although if you want to spend money, you can drop from $0.99 to $99.99 USD on this thing. If you're using your parent's credit card without their permission... expect a punishment of equal or possibly lesser value. The sound is pretty good in this game too, it's not a wow, but its good and I don't play the game on mute.

One plus I give the game is that if you don't want to pay... you aren't boxed in a corner. I think the extra ads reward well because those are ads you're watching... a lot... to help drive up the dollars for the developer (pun intended). You don't really have to watch until a certain amount of time has passed so that your energy meter is back up... just put those ads to work for you, so that's the incentive you get for that. Another thing you can benefit from that doesn't require ads (surprisingly) is track building. You make custom tracks for players to race on... and based on the number of upvotes... you can win gems (7 Max). It will cost you 1,000 coins, but you can unlock chests, decrease clock times to unlock chests, and more with these gems. So they really come in handy. The game also includes an emoji system so that you can show faces. I've never used it... sorta hard to do that and expect to win.

Overall, SUP racing is fun, the replay value is there... because you honestly don't know what to expect from other drivers, and there are tournaments live 2 vs 2, etc. to keep you coming back. At the same time, if you don't buy the version that gets rid of those ads... it could get annoying after awhile. I also say that to say... if the competition makes something similar, look out.

Fun factor: 4

Visually: 4

Replay value: 5

Price: 5

Way Too Many Ads: -1

"3.5 / 5 Cool Points"

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ARMA 2018... Bundle!

This bundle is for those of you looking to finally get in on some ARMA action!
Humble ARMA 2018 Bundle

Top Audiences Last Week!

The Top Audiences For Last Week Are...

United States

United Kingdom




Nigeria, South Korea, and Egypt came close!

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LEGO The Incredibles

Is it safe to say that The Incredibles are really good at golf because they're always up to... Parr? - Blu



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GameChangers: Dreams of Blizzcon... Reviewed!

Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon... is a documentary following Korean StarCraft players in their pursuit of Blizzcon victory. Specifically MC and MMA, two well known eSports champions. In this film, you get to see what it takes to actually get these guys on stage in various eSports competitions and what happens after. Check out the trailer below.

I knew South Korea had a crazy eSports audience... but it's cool to learn how it was established and basically paved the way for other countries (via humble begins that I can relate to totally). They took a love for gaming, saw the potential in StarCraft as the type of game worthy of being a title for Major League level eSports... and made it happen. To know that it rivals professional sports and even surpass the viewership of sports leagues like the NHL... is very cool. As a gamer... that puts a smile on my face because not everyone is going to be the next top athlete in physical sports, but if you put in the work when it comes to an eSports game you like... you can reach heights too (and actually get paid). I'd even suggest pushing the right game if you believe it's worthy of being an eSports title... and host your own tournaments, especially if you're passionate about it.

I think they structured the documentary well and helped tell the story of life as an eSports competitor without losing steam. They explained things so that you aren't just watching it as a potential noob left out in the cold as far as comprehension is concerned. I'm glad it wasn't just showing StarCraft gameplay either, you can just watch "Let's Play" videos on that note. That's no offense to the game, I say that to say the story had the right elements for a strong film and it didn't need an unnecessary amount of gameplay video to let viewers know that it was StarCraft (2). They stayed on subject and focused on the gamers for the most part, and I really appreciate them showing little things like someone not being in the mood to play, feeling lonely and depressed, etc. That's real, we've even posted about getting burned out... and suggested variety to our audience because it can hit you out of nowhere, so that's something else I appreciate about the documentary.

Most of the shots in this film weren't anything dramatic from what I saw... but they didn't have to be for a documentary, they changed it up at some points when it was... game time. 

The visuals delivered along with the audio that built up tension at the right moments and all that good stuff that could have the right viewers on the edge of their seat. I know I was there at certain points. 

Overall, GameChangers: Dreams of Blizzcon was informative, and although I probably wouldn't watch it back to back... I enjoyed it and it held my attention (which isn't easy for movies or shows).

Informative: 5
Visuals: 4
Audio: 5
Replay Value: 2

4 out of 5 Cool Points

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Top Audiences For Last Week!

The Top Audiences For Last Week Are...

United States






Japan, Turkey, and Canada came close!

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Guilty Gear Xrd... Action?! Lets Rock!

Related image

We normally show the games... but we wanted to show you something kind of behind the game. Wouldn't hurt to start with Guilty Gear... Xrd - SIGN-, grab some popcorn and an ice-cold whatever to enjoy "GDC: The Art Style Of Guilty Gear Xrd" (in full screen). It's about an hour long... enjoy!

Like what you see? Get the game on sale at the links below!





Stay tuned... as SdgtEnt continues to deliver more anime 
squirrels in the form of  posts to brighten your day.
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First-Ever FF XIV Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk Preceding 6/16 Eorzean Symphony Performance

Image result for FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 – Eorzean Symphony
FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 – Eorzean Symphony
Join the First-Ever FINAL FANTASY XIV Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk Preceding the June 16 Performance

Calling all cosplayers!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re offering attendees of the FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 -Eorzean Symphony- the opportunity of a lifetime—the chance to walk the red carpet in costume on the world’s most famous boulevard, the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame! The fans attending the concert won’t want to miss this unique opportunity to show off their amazing cosplay on Hollywood’s legendary red carpet. Walk into the historic theater, take memorable photos with friends and fellow attendees, and share the red carpet with producer and director Naoki Yoshida, sound director and composer Masayoshi Soken, and vocal artist Susan Calloway!

While everyone is welcome to watch this historic event, those seeking to be a part of the Hollywood Red Carpet Cosplay Walk must possess a FINAL FANTASY XIV Orchestra Concert 2018 -Eorzean Symphony- concert ticket for either the June 15 or 16 performances.

Watch the Eorzean Symphony Preview Live Stream in English with Producer/Director Naoki Yoshida and Sound Director/Composer Masayoshi Soken:

Saturday, June 16, 2018 - Schedule of Events

3:00–4:30 PM: Pre-registration check-in and on-site registration (capacity permitting)

3:30–5:00 PM: Dressing and prepping in the dressing room

5:00–6:00 PM: Cosplayers Red Carpet walk: FINAL FANTASY XIV cosplayers, followed by the concert’s special guests

6:00-7:00 PM: All ticketed attendees (our treasured Warriors of Light) can walk the red carpet

7:00 PM: Venue doors open 

8:00 PM: Concert begins (ticket required)


Hollywood Walk of Fame, outside the Dolby Theatre 
Pre-registration for the Hollywood Cosplay Red Carpet Walk event is highly recommended and can be done free of charge at Pre-registered cosplayers will be welcomed first, while on-site registration may be possible based on event capacity. Each participant will have access to a shared changing room inside the Dolby Theatre (adjacent to the box office). Organizers will guide all participants from there.

Please Note: Cosplayers attending the event will have access to a dressing room from 3:30–5:00 PM. Once the walk has concluded, cosplay is authorized within the concert venue foyer, but any costumes or props that might prevent others seated near you from fully enjoying the concert will not be allowed within the concert hall itself. The venue will provide a coat check service to all patrons to store such items. Please be aware that neither the concert organizers nor Square Enix are responsible for personal belongings stored in the coat check service or left unattended in the dressing room.

If you're a Cosplayer or know a kickass Cosplayer, share this link!

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Dryel Update Number 2!

I've been using Dryel for months now and... nothing has changed as far as the product is concerned (still going strong). It still eliminates the need of running to the dry cleaners, and running a full wash... so I can wear what I want when I want. I can say it adds a bit more freedom... almost to a degree that I can be spoiled by a product. I have a particular set of shirts that I like to wear... so Dryel has been on deck so that they're clean and fresh for the week. This could work well for people with company uniforms.

I remember working for a pizza shop, which was pretty fun actually, nearly everyone gamed (I think PS2 was the console then). The only downside was the constant washing of the uniform so that I wasn't stuck with dingy looking threads after sweating them out the day before. We only had 2 or 3 shirts max and the head manager would have a... cow over spilled milk (think about that for a second), so we had to be on our A-Game. I didn't mind, but the constant washing... sucked royally. Two of my friends also worked at pizza shops (3 totally different shops), so we tried to coordinate laundry days so that we could play Phantasy Star Universe together.

I really enjoy not having to do a full load of laundry (constantly... you have no idea), and yes... I switch up the clothes I wear, I've just been doing less laundry because the time is short. The load of laundry that sucks the most is that last minute load that never seems to dry... until you no longer need the clothing, but with Dryel it helps me flow better. I'm going to see how this one particular shirt looks at the end of the year using only Dryel... which should be interesting. Looking good so far.

Battery Jam... Reviewed!

Splatoon X Bomberman? Battery Jam has that cross up nailed... in its own unique way!

Battery Jam is an offline multiplayer game placing you in an arena where you have to cover as much ground with your character's specific color or your team's color before time runs out. You can play Classic Jam with 2 or more players/bots or Team Jam with 2 vs 2, or 3 vs 1. So basically you're taking on the competition to... nab as much territory as possible before the clock strikes... zero!

Battery Jam has four different robots to choose from... Turbo, Rocket, Love, and... Slug. I haven't noticed any differences between the characters other than their appearances, but perhaps in a later update... that will change to be more obvious.

You have 8 levels to choose from as you take on offline friends... or bots (if you lack physical company). You aren't stuck with a specific gameplay clock in this game or even gameplay speed. If you feel that the clock is a little too fast... you can extend it up to an hour or make it endless. The shortest matches you can get are 1 minute long... or play to a certain score. Personally, I think the score build up adds more excitement to the match because it's a straight tug of war to victory. You can also play with infinite energy. These match settings make for great tournaments between friends or even something held on a larger scale. I say that to say... this game has the potential for eSports action if it obtains the right audience and the right push in that direction.

In the match settings, you have different Presets like... Default, Deathmatch, No Colors, Teleporters, Fast, and... Slow. These presets or manual changes give you different experiences for your matches, like... 

Game Speed: Slow | Normal | Fast
Game Length: 1 Min - 60 Mins | Endless
Teleporters: On or Off
Respawn Timmer: 1 - 25 Seconds
Max Boomboxes At Once: 1 - 10 | None
Boombox Timer: 0 - 25 Seconds
Capture Boxes: On or Off
Infinite Energy: On or Off
Points Gained By: Tiles Claimed | Kills | Crushes
Respawning: On or Off
Invisible Territory: On or Off
Points to Win: 1 - 200

I mention these specifically for eSport value... I'd like to see something come of it (because at the core of Battery Jam it has the right stuff for tournaments). The more the marrier to increase the variety of games and gamers available to take part in eSports action. Seriously.

You have various ways to be strategic in your matches. One of my techniques involves raising tiles around those that I've eliminated... then I place those raised tiles next to a boombox. I'll send the box in the direction of the opponent once it gets ready to go... boom, and then I raise a tile behind it so they can't return to sender. I have another but I'm going to keep that tucked in my back pocket... just in case.

You can raise tiles to send opponents flying, eliminate tiles to send them for a swim, use boomboxes to crush or explode near enemies, shoot to stun enemies and dash over lava in your fight for victory. The controls are super simple to make this happen and took less than 5 to 10 minutes for me to catch on.

Visually... I think the game is very clean with eye-catching characters and arenas. The gameplay can be fun and addictive too... under the right circumstances. When it comes to the audio, it sounds like something made for the arcade... based on the SFX. The music is pretty good too, nothing annoyed me to the point of muting it, so that's a plus. For all the audiophiles in the room... you might appreciate the explosions in this game if your headphones have a rumble feature.

One of the cons in this game is the lack of online play. That hurts this game for the people who lack visitors and don't care to play with bots, playing against bots gets stale... quickly (for me at least). Being able to play with others... changes that, which is why this game should (eventually) have an online mode. Sooner than later would be best... trust me.

Another con... is one that's a con for certain people under specific circumstances and that's the price. Battery Jam is... $14.99, and this is a decent price for someone with friends to play with... or someone who has plans to host a tournament, but not the single player guy or gal who rely on the internet to connect with other gamers. That's when the game becomes pointless (at least to some), but that could change under the circumstances that a single player campaign is developed around these characters.

I'd also recommend giving us the option of increasing the size of the area, especially in the event that online play becomes available, which could be followed up by an option of 4 vs 4 gameplay (possibly). In any event, the sweet spot for this game would be $9.99... unless online play is pending (if it is... let the people know!).

Overall, Battery Jam is a pretty cool game... with vibrant arenas, nifty characters, crisp audio, and smooth gameplay worthy of eSports action. I think that's where its true potential will shine, until then... I hope the developers continue to add the right touches to make this game worth the price.

Fun fact: Battery Jam began as a student project.

Fun factor: 3

Visually: 5

Replay value: 3

Price: 3

"3.5 / 5 Cool Points"

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