Dryel Update Number 2!

I've been using Dryel for months now and... nothing has changed as far as the product is concerned (still going strong). It still eliminates the need of running to the dry cleaners, and running a full wash... so I can wear what I want when I want. I can say it adds a bit more freedom... almost to a degree that I can be spoiled by a product. I have a particular set of shirts that I like to wear... so Dryel has been on deck so that they're clean and fresh for the week. This could work well for people with company uniforms.

I remember working for a pizza shop, which was pretty fun actually, nearly everyone gamed (I think PS2 was the console then). The only downside was the constant washing of the uniform so that I wasn't stuck with dingy looking threads after sweating them out the day before. We only had 2 or 3 shirts max and the head manager would have a... cow over spilled milk (think about that for a second), so we had to be on our A-Game. I didn't mind, but the constant washing... sucked royally. Two of my friends also worked at pizza shops (3 totally different shops), so we tried to coordinate laundry days so that we could play Phantasy Star Universe together.

I really enjoy not having to do a full load of laundry (constantly... you have no idea), and yes... I switch up the clothes I wear, I've just been doing less laundry because the time is short. The load of laundry that sucks the most is that last minute load that never seems to dry... until you no longer need the clothing, but with Dryel it helps me flow better. I'm going to see how this one particular shirt looks at the end of the year using only Dryel... which should be interesting. Looking good so far.