GameChangers: Dreams of Blizzcon... Reviewed!

Gamechangers: Dreams of Blizzcon... is a documentary following Korean StarCraft players in their pursuit of Blizzcon victory. Specifically MC and MMA, two well known eSports champions. In this film, you get to see what it takes to actually get these guys on stage in various eSports competitions and what happens after. Check out the trailer below.

I knew South Korea had a crazy eSports audience... but it's cool to learn how it was established and basically paved the way for other countries (via humble begins that I can relate to totally). They took a love for gaming, saw the potential in StarCraft as the type of game worthy of being a title for Major League level eSports... and made it happen. To know that it rivals professional sports and even surpass the viewership of sports leagues like the NHL... is very cool. As a gamer... that puts a smile on my face because not everyone is going to be the next top athlete in physical sports, but if you put in the work when it comes to an eSports game you like... you can reach heights too (and actually get paid). I'd even suggest pushing the right game if you believe it's worthy of being an eSports title... and host your own tournaments, especially if you're passionate about it.

I think they structured the documentary well and helped tell the story of life as an eSports competitor without losing steam. They explained things so that you aren't just watching it as a potential noob left out in the cold as far as comprehension is concerned. I'm glad it wasn't just showing StarCraft gameplay either, you can just watch "Let's Play" videos on that note. That's no offense to the game, I say that to say the story had the right elements for a strong film and it didn't need an unnecessary amount of gameplay video to let viewers know that it was StarCraft (2). They stayed on subject and focused on the gamers for the most part, and I really appreciate them showing little things like someone not being in the mood to play, feeling lonely and depressed, etc. That's real, we've even posted about getting burned out... and suggested variety to our audience because it can hit you out of nowhere, so that's something else I appreciate about the documentary.

Most of the shots in this film weren't anything dramatic from what I saw... but they didn't have to be for a documentary, they changed it up at some points when it was... game time. 

The visuals delivered along with the audio that built up tension at the right moments and all that good stuff that could have the right viewers on the edge of their seat. I know I was there at certain points. 

Overall, GameChangers: Dreams of Blizzcon was informative, and although I probably wouldn't watch it back to back... I enjoyed it and it held my attention (which isn't easy for movies or shows).

Informative: 5
Visuals: 4
Audio: 5
Replay Value: 2

4 out of 5 Cool Points

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