Journey For Elysium

Journey for elysium


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Tsum Tsum Saturdays: The Four Seasons of Tsum


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Top Audiences Last Week!

Here's the last top 10 Audiences of Last Week (List)
for 2019!

United States

Hong Kong




United Kingdom



Australia, Portugal, and Spain came close... game on!

For the end of the year, I will show a little more love!

The Unknown Regional users using VPN!
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

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Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from our family to yours! I'm playing some older games with my cousins right now, arguing about the ones launching in 2020. I expect Cyberpunk 2077 to open a big can of whip a$$! 


It's a long story, but this week I'm in... Philadelphia, PA. Regardless, the action carries on + it's not snowing so that's a win... although we took a slight dip into some wet cement because a street wasn't blocked off! Get it together Philly, where are the lines on the roads?! Anyway, enjoy your holidays, family, friends, food and all the fun you can stomach as we approach 2020!


Happy Holidays Everyone! Thank you for making me feel welcome to the Super Duper Gamer Team, here is my latest review. What do you think?

I don't pose with game controllers, I use them.


Happy Holidays everybody! I'm jumping in the desserts already, but I got a little surprise when I found out the kids helped make cookies... and someone forgot to wash their hands. WHY?!

I was the only fool eating them, gee I wonder why? (MOMMA NO!!!!)

This holiday season, don't contaminate the desserts (please and thank you!), just grab the soap... you know that thing sitting on the sink that smells good but you can't eat it? Yeah that, grab it, turn on some lukewarm water and get to scrubbing like you're prepping for surgery. Clean hands make the food and the sweets taste so much more EDIBLE! [This has been a public service announcement.]

Time to warm up some pizza, I hope no one wakes up. My dad won't replace his loud ancient microwave because it still works, but you have to turn the thing on like a lawnmower almost! 


"Seasons Greetings",
from your friends at SDGT Entertainment!
Adventure Force 5

Looking for something new to watch with your family that isn't related to Christmas?

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Tsum Tsum Christmas: Tsum Present Delivery



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Survival Vacancy

Survival vacancy


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Call of Duty: Mobile... Reviewed!

To sum things up, COD: Mobile is amazing!

There is a good selection of guns (like a really good selection of guns) that don't seem overpowered. You get plenty of guns, nades, and more of those options are coming as the season's progress. 

You will have to earn Battle Pass points by completing certain tasks & challenges in order to get access to the free Standard Battle Pass items. The other rewards will require you to upgrade to the Premium Battle Pass, which obviously unlocks better rewards. So you do get access to some of the better (looking) weapons, along with hero's like Season 2's Alex Mason but a good looking gun and better/different specs won't make or break a match if can't hit a target. So get in lots of practice vs bots!

The Premium Pass for Season 2 has rewards like Tier 10: AK-47 - Glacier, Tier 25: Ruin - Jade, Tier 60: Arctic .50 - Glacier, Tier 100: Epic M4 - CQB.

You get the standard touchscreen controls, but you also have the option of going traditional with a Bluetooth controller which is amazing for console players like me.

In comparison to the PC/Console gameplay, it doesn't skip a beat you're pulled right in. You start with the tutorial and then you go right into the multiplayer.

The game is a blast and contains familiar modes like zombies, team deathmatch, domination, and more. The fun factor doesn't stop there, even if some modes are more enjoyable than others but you get Event options also. It's the Holiday season right now, so you get events like the Candy Cane Collection, and Chasing Zombie Santa. There are more event options like One Shot One Kill, Multiplayer Weekly Challenges, Log-in Events, and New Player Login Rewards that you shouldn't miss if you're looking for an edge.

The game is better with friends, so connect for some fun.

The graphics look great on mobile, and you can change them if needed. If your phone or tablet can handle the best graphics, you can take advantage of them. If you can't take advantage, you can still play at a lower resolution so you aren't missing out. Win Win!

Here are the graphics at medium quality.

Replay value is basically the weekly challenges and other events that help you build up and unlock new weaponry, but also the standard multiplayer matches make you come back for more. You aren't going to have the same exact matches, no one is going to play the same exact way all the time. You win some, you lose some and this increases the incentive to come back and also improve your W/L ratio.

Gotta love those matches where your team feels like a lost cause vs a team ready for an eSports tournament!

You have Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus. The basic Premium Pass is CP 800 and the Plus is CP 2000 (they have it listed as 80% off so I don't know the full price but 2000 is $24.99).

If you want to invest, invest, but if you want to take advantage of the freebies and the great multiplayer you can do that too (which I probably will be doing). Maybe after a while, you will be sold on buying something which is up to you and keeps the game available for all to enjoy. DLC ranges from $0.99 to $99.99.

I haven't found any downsides to the game just yet.

COD: Mobile is available now on Google Play and the App Store. Lock & load soldier!

Fun factor: 5 out of 5
Visuals: 4 out of 5
Replay Value: 5 out of 5
DLC price: 5 out of 5

I give it 4.75 out of 5 Cool Points!

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