Happy Holidays

Happy holidays from our family to yours! I'm playing some older games with my cousins right now, arguing about the ones launching in 2020. I expect Cyberpunk 2077 to open a big can of whip a$$! 


It's a long story, but this week I'm in... Philadelphia, PA. Regardless, the action carries on + it's not snowing so that's a win... although we took a slight dip into some wet cement because a street wasn't blocked off! Get it together Philly, where are the lines on the roads?! Anyway, enjoy your holidays, family, friends, food and all the fun you can stomach as we approach 2020!


Happy Holidays Everyone! Thank you for making me feel welcome to the Super Duper Gamer Team, here is my latest review. What do you think?


I don't pose with game controllers, I use them.


Happy Holidays everybody! I'm jumping in the desserts already, but I got a little surprise when I found out the kids helped make cookies... and someone forgot to wash their hands. WHY?!

I was the only fool eating them, gee I wonder why? (MOMMA NO!!!!)

This holiday season, don't contaminate the desserts (please and thank you!), just grab the soap... you know that thing sitting on the sink that smells good but you can't eat it? Yeah that, grab it, turn on some lukewarm water and get to scrubbing like you're prepping for surgery. Clean hands make the food and the sweets taste so much more EDIBLE! [This has been a public service announcement.]

Time to warm up some pizza, I hope no one wakes up. My dad won't replace his loud ancient microwave because it still works, but you have to turn the thing on like a lawnmower almost! 


"Seasons Greetings",
from your friends at SDGT Entertainment!
Adventure Force 5

Looking for something new to watch with your family that isn't related to Christmas?

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