Wishmas List 2019

It's that time of year again, it's cold (for some of us)... and with the time change it's darker sooner, so you know it's holiday time! Now that we've cleaned out the left overs from Thanks Given Day, it's time to buckle down and compile our Wishmas List for 2019! This isn't a ranked list.

Philips Momentum Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Although its missing the keyboard shortcuts for certain secondary key functions (i.e. calculator)... the Philips Momentum (SPK8614) is both durable, responsive, and ready for gaming. The dual volume/ambiglow RGB light switch seen below definitely comes in handy to either swap between the 19 preset effects or control your volume. Just hold the the knob down for a few seconds and it will switch modes.

You can between effects... but you're limited to the 19 presets (there is no application to customize the colors). If you want something a bit more customizable... I have another item on the Wishmas List (though it costs a little more). I don't personally need to look down at the keys, but for those new to PC gaming with keyboard and mouse... the directional keys are lit up in pink (i.e. WASD & Up/Down/Right/Left keys).

If that's not your speed, you can play tons of games on PC via a standard 1st party game controller. You'd be surprised how often i'm told that someone can't play on PC because they can't do Keyboard and Mouse. I play on PC primarily with an Xbox controller so... if you didn't know, now you do.

Anyway, playing FPS games with this keyboard has been a sweet experience... along with top down shooters and games like Pacman 256 + Battery Jam.

Overall, I've enjoyed this keyboard while gaming and everything else. It retails for $39.99 which can work for a budget if you're looking for a good keyboard for your new rig that you paid a child's fortune on.

Check out the full review here:


Velocilinx: Artemis Pro Wired Gaming Mouse

I love this mouse! You get the metallic base and siding which make it look even more awesome, but... it doesn't just look good. It's easily the best mice I've ever used, it flows well with and without a mouse pad.

This mouse works great for gaming, and you can switch up the DPI (I was able to stop unwanted scrolling in games like SpellForce 3 by lowering the DPI) + the lighting of the mouse can be customized to your liking via the app (coordination!).

The Velocilinx: Artemis Pro Wired Gaming Mouse fits my hand nicely, the buttons are responsive and it doesn't feel flimsy or like it would crack if it hits the floor... you can use this thing as a paperweight (sooo... i'd probably check the floor first to make sure it's good).

I can't confirm or deny if this is really stuck in the wall, but the metallic part certainly can do that.

I've reviewed the mouse from both the Velocilinx Brennus and Boudica collections, and they're both on the Wishmas List because they're the exact same mouse (just different colors).

The mouse is $52.99, but the quality makes it worthwhile.

Check out the full review and why I gave it a 5 out of 5 cool points:


The Boudica Mechanical Gaming Keyboard makes the list because of its look, feel, and customizable options. Sure you have preset options for this keyboard with the push of one button... but you can also customize via the app to get really specific colors like those you see above (representing SDGT)!

Do you see the color strip just below the keys? That's something that also stood out to me... it gives an extra bit of eye catching cool for those of you using your gaming skills to pay the bills in an arena. Based on your team colors... all you have to do is open up the app and customize to your hearts content.

Oh yeah, if you prefer palm wrests for your keyboards... you're in luck (one's included). You have to screw it on in order to get it to fit the right way, but... that's a plus for those of you who like to game/work with your keyboard in your lap.

This image should give you a better idea of the color of this keyboard... which isn't the typical (same old). You get a silver and white combination, which also go well with the headphones seen in the full review at the link below. One thing they did miss out on is the opportunity to add more secondary buttons for shortcuts, that would've been nice for productivity but... other than that... this is a useful keyboard for both work and play (more so for gaming but its a keyboard so you can make it work). By the way FN + F3 opens the calculator!

This keyboard retails for $109.99, which is pricier than the standard keyboard and some of the others... but I've seen various prices of this keyboard if it truly tickles your fancy.


Puro Sound Labs: PuroGamer Headphones + PuroQuiet Headphones

These headphones are just a pure win. They're a quality build (especially for kids), have deceptively good sound... but they also don't require you to crank them up for an enjoyable listening experience (the quality sound surprised me but my daughter seems to appreciate it them also).

The quality audio allows for her to better identify sounds as she continues to learn about new things.

These make the Wishmas list for 2019 because... sound induced hearing loss is a real thing and as a dad I don't want my little girl affected in a negative way for simply wanting to use some headphones. I'm not ragging on other brands (I love headphones), but the guess work is taken out with these headphones so that kids, adults and the teens in between have audio at safe decibels.

The PuroGamer Headphones are playable on PC, console, and mobile... for those of you seeking gaming headphones for your kids. The PuroQuiet Headphones are playable on whatever pairs with bluetooth. At this time the PuroGamer Headphones are available for $49.99 and the PuroQuiet Headphones are $69.99 which are an absolute steal.

Check out the full reviews at the links below:

PuroGamer Headphones - https://sdgtent.sdgtstudio.com/2019/11/puro-sound-labs-purogamer-headphones.html

PuroQuiet Headphones - https://sdgtent.sdgtstudio.com/2019/03/puro-sound-labs-sweet-puroquiet.html


Don't have a cow... but this year we're adding the Nintendo Switch to the Wishmas List, because there are plenty of games available for those looking to game on the go. It has it's exclusives, but it's also a good all around secondary gaming option... especially for those of you who travel all the time. I know professionals that travel more than I'd be willing to... but traveling doesn't have to be boring and some of you are on planes, trains, and automobiles for hours on end.

No need to give up on gaming all together because... you don't have the time to game on a home console or PC. Adapt to the situation and get a Nintendo Switch if your phone doesn't cut it.

You have the option between the standard $299 and the $199.96 lite version. We collectively agree that the $299 version is better for those who want to play all games... including those that require motion controls + you can play on TV, but if you don't give a crap about that... go with the lite.

The lite version gives you the option of gaming in the standard way + you save $100 to basically get a few games for your new purchase. If you want to play Joycon related games... you will have to buy them separately.

Nintendo Switch Bundles are available too... so get the hook up!


External Storage (no specific brand)

One thing we have to add to this year's Wishmas List is external storage. We don't have one brand to recommend over another, but for those of you that game on PC... or just require a lot of storage to do what you need/enjoy, it doesn't hurt to keep files (pics, video, etc) somewhere that doesn't require it to use up PC storage.


NewAir Beverage Refrigerator
A beverage fridge is a bit of a splurge... but it's one for those things that really comes in handy, no running in and out of the office to grab beverages when you have a place to keep them cool. This is something that everyone can appreciate, even if its not a practical buy for everyone. Great for an office, game room, movie room, pool area, bar, etc. I love it and this particular one is the NewAir Beverage Refrigerator, it holds 90 cans (NINETY CANS!). It retails for $192.80... which is on the low end for these types of refrigerators.

There are definitely other options, including standard mini fridges for less... but this has worked well thus far.


The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are comfortable, sound great, and are competitively priced. Comfort/Tolerance level and sound quality top the list when it comes to headphones... for me, and these headphones get the job done well.

I've been able to wear these headphones and completely forget that they're in my ears (once the right sized ear tips are on). There are four colors to choose from and they include a cradle so that you can charge on the go.


They retail for $99.99 but you may be able to find them on sale (I've seen some). I've enjoyed music, movies, games + ASMR with these things (I go to sleep with them on at times). I haven't reviewed a lot of wireless headphones, but when it comes to bluetooth headphones in general... these have earned my respect.

By the way... these headphones were tuned by Grammy winning sound engineer, Luca Bignardi. 


If you're getting your hands on a new PC or even a console this holiday season, don't forget about the games. Good games don't have to be expensive, and neither does useful software. Check out the various digital bundles available here (a percentage of your purchase goes to charity) + Check out some of our recent game reviews

By the way... check out The Video Game Awards 2019 
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