1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones... Reviewed!

I love these headphones... and it's not because they're the 2019 iF Design Award Winner. :p

As you see... the 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones come in a variety of colors. 
I went with Black this time around.

1More continues to maintain the tradition of showcasing the final art for their products inside of their packages... along side the product. I've seen this more than a few times, but I enjoy looking at these every time, because I get to see how they drew up each design.

Inside the box you get:
  • 3 additional pairs of ear tips (4 in total)
  • 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones
  • Charging case (I call the electric egg)
  • 2 additional pairs of O-Hooks (3 in total)
  • USB cord
  • Storage bag
  • 1More Sticker
  • Etc.

The sound surprised the crap out of me. I don't know what I was expecting, and I wasn't doubting them but the bass is what got me. I'm still tuning my ear to determine the best lows, mids, and highs... but at this time I haven't found any problems (unless i'm wearing the wrong sized ear tips... which make them sound a bit muffled).

Music sounds good, games, movies, ASMR, and podcasts sound good (as good as the recorded quality). I don't know any headphones able to fix horrible recordings... so I have to say that the sounds of some recordings were good. If it sounds bad, headphones able to amplify it will amplify it... and these headphones pick up those little sounds (i.e. someone taps the table).

Luca Bignardi did a good job. If you're new to these reviews, Luca is a Grammy winning sound engineer who tuned multiple 1More headphones (for a fully balanced and precise soundstage). If you want to hear something the way it was recorded... that's what proper tuning does (it doesn't compromise it).

Even with Luca on deck... it means nothing if the headphones don't have the right oomph to connect and deliver that quality sound.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones has a Bluetooth chip with both aptX (Android) and AAC (iOS) for hi-res transmission technology + SBC (for those that need it).

These headphones have a titanium composite diaphragm with a 7mm dynamic driver for compact headphones. They get a low latency as a result of high speed signal transmission... so you can enjoy your visual content without it looking like an old school Kung Fu flick.

The LDS Antenna is what helps ensure a solid connection for music and calls by preventing less signal interference and transmission.

You get ENC (Environmental Noise Cancellation) technology... so that the person you're talking to can hear you in noisy places, and I can attest that it works for the most part. If i'm just surrounded by a slew of people talking loud, a phone call was not going to happen without a lot of "What was that?". When I'm not in a crowd of people, or i'm about 10 feet away... i'm able to complete my calls (even in a crowded convention center). I have no idea if it would go over well at a concert or not.

Sound quality in the phone calls were great for me + the caller... and I was wondering if it had something to do with the ear also helping the MEMS Microphone pick up my voice better. They share the same canals (the ear and mouth), so I was curious about that... since I have a deeper + lower tone of voice.

If you're wondering about the connection when it comes to distance away from the connected device, the sound quality was able to hold up well. I left my phone in the living room and made my way into my bedroom in the back area of my home without a break in the audio. I'm not sure of how many square feet away that is... but it remained connected. The wireless range is about 10meters.

The body of the 1More Stylish True Wireless Headphones is vacuum plated with a non-conductive vacuum metalizing (or NCVM) coating that won't conduct electricity. You may scratch your head and wonder what NCVM is... but its designed for things like these headphones and even cellphones so that electromagnetic signals are not interfered with. Check out a full breakdown here... if its something that fascinates you: https://www.model-solution.com/services/mock/ncvm

They feel sturdy, even though I wouldn't want to drop them from a great height. I have gone to sleep with them on... to enjoy the soothing sounds of ASMR and woke up to one laying on the hardwood floor in the morning (no cracks or anything). It still works... so you should be good with light accidental drops if they ever occur.

The multi-functional buttons feel good too, they aren't a loose click that can easily be pressed by mistake... but they're also placed in the right spot so that you can use your thumb and finger to make them do what they do.

The left button answers, hangs up, declines calls, and uses AI assistance like Google or Siri.

The right button plays, pauses, and switches to the next or previous track. I've used these buttons a lot and... they've worked without fail.

I figured these headphones would fit with the right ear tips, I just wasn't sure how well these would stay in my ears... but they actually stay. Recently I did some broadcasting work for a sports TV network and these arrived around that time... which gave me the opportunity to really test them day in and out. They did a stellar job and didn't fall out, no snags from a cord, but at the same time... there isn't a neck cord getting the occasional collar interference either so I really liked that. I was also able to use one at a time if I wanted... and if I were brave enough, someone else could use one while I use the other.

The right ear tips make all the difference, so make sure you have the right ones... because they don't annoy my ears (and my ears are sensitive). Before finding my ear tip size... I avoided in-ear headphones and even earbuds at all costs. I still have unused headphones laying around in boxes from the past.

The ear tips are made of silicon (along with the O-Hooks)... and the way they're angle gives it a good fit that's easy for me to use for a long period of time. An 8 hour day at the event only required 1 charge, and that charge was about 15 minutes for a full charge. It was quicker than that if I took them out to charge during breaks, but I think it took about 21 minutes for a full charge when they're completely dead. I can think of a few people with 30 minute lunch breaks who can benefit from that.

The 1More Stylish True Wireless In-Ear Headphones are priced at $99.99. This is a clean price, i'd value them at about $140 - $150... so $99 is a freaking steal. Apple fans are Apple fans, I have no beef with you guys and gals... but thei Airpods are $199 with the charging case, $159.99 with a charging case that you have to plug up in order to charge the Airpods, and $79.99 for the wireless charging case alone. That's $20 less than the 1More headphones along with its wireless charging case.

Overall, 1More aimed at quality... without going above and beyond on price. Money doesn't just magically appear in someone's pocket (if it does in yours, let me know where you bought your pants), so when the value is more than the price... I have to applaud that.

Other specs include:

True Wireless Bluetooth 5
Multiple pairing modes L & R switch over (you can use one or both and swap)
55 mAh for each Headphone Battery
410 mAh Case battery capacity
96h standby time for fully charged headphones
24h Totle battery life w/ charging case + headphones
You're able to fully charge your headphones 3 times between case charges
Gold-plated charging pin
Impedance 16

Sound 5

Quality 5

Comfort 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

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