Mobile Edge Deluxe Rolling Duffel... Reviewed!

Going on a trip? This just might be the duffel bag for you!

As you see... there is the main area where you can stuff things into, but the additional compartments are the things that caught my eye.

If you can't tell... this is a big duffel bag (and I mean big), just keep that in mind... because this size is also evident in the other areas. To be specific, the product dimensions (W x H x D) 26" x 15.6" x 15". The side compartments are a wonderful size. I wear size 14 shoes, and I can put a pair in one of the compartments comfortably. I like that, because I don't have to place them in the main areas with my clothing.

How can I describe the side compartment size better? Hmmm... ah yes, lets say you had a book bag and cut the main compartment in half... that's basically the size of each side compartment (they sort of look like the top half of a bookbag too). When it comes to tech... I was able to stick a pair of PuroQuiet headphones in this compartment inside of their case, two Xbox controllers, and still had room to spare. Pretty sure I could fit four Xbox controllers (without cases) + two pairs of PuroQuiet headphones (in cases) in one side compartment... if I really wanted to. So I hope this helps you visualize the space (and you have two of these compartments).

The front side of the bag has a durable meshed zipper pocket for easy access, while the backside has a pocket... for your info card (may it never gets lost in transit, but that info card can hopefully get it back to you).

Underneath the main duffel area is a lockable zipper area. Nothing wrong with added security, and when you open it up... you see a huge mesh pocket. Its actually wider than the main duffel area.

This can fit a crap load of underwear.

This area also has straps to hold your clothing down, which is great for those traveling business men and women... like my friend, Cary. He's on a plane almost every week.

This is a durable duffel with a heavy canvas exterior. The inside of the bag looks like it has a layer of material to keep moisture out, and as you see the outside bottom of the duffel has something like a thick plastic-like material (not sure what it is) that should keep the contents from getting soaked if the bag lands in something. The bottom also has these jagged teeth to prevent it from sliding while laying down. The mesh pockets also feel durable, they aren't super stringy... they're of a thicker mesh.

Unlike duffel bags I've used in the past... this one not only has the carrying handle and the shoulder strap, it also has two smooth roller blade wheels so that you can pull it. They roll with no restrictions. The pulling handle for rolling is hidden away behind a zipped area (which keeps it clean)... and you just extend it when you're ready to roll. It also has a handle on the side of the bag on one of the side compartments... so if you didn't want to extend the other handle... you get that option too.

The shoulder strap is extendable, but also... this is a durable shoulder strap and pad (which is longer than my forearm).


The Deluxe Rolling Duffel is priced at $129.99... which feels about right. I'd price it between $120 to $150, even if alternatives with less compartments cost more... I just figure price tags are a bit more based on the brands. Did I forget to mention that the Mobile Edge Deluxe Rolling Duffel comes with a Lifetime warranty?

One thing I'd do with this bag is add more lockable zipper pulls to it... instead of just the bottom compartment. If this bag gets a revision, this should definitely be the goal. It might look crazy to have four locks on the duffel, but at least there would be an option for the added security. Also, if you might just want to lock up one specific area that isn't the bottom compartment.

Design wise... I would also remove two of the logo's and place it in one area only (maybe on the top side near one of the compartments... almost like some golf club bags since it kinda reminds me of that).

Overall, this is a nice duffel bag. It can replace a suitcase and a standard duffel. You get the ability to pull it with ease... and you don't have to worry about carrying it when you don't have to.

Usability 5

Durability 5

Portability 5

Price 5

5 out of 5 Cool Points

Brought to you by the... Baby Fu Clothing Co!