Dear Developers: Work Life Balance

When it comes to your teams... they're just as human as the rest of us (unless there is something I don't know). They need time to rest, recharge, and have a life outside of the studio in order for them to come back ready to contribute their best work.

I know sometimes the development window may increase the urgency to crunch it out... and if its close to the release window, I can understand that (just to make sure that all the i's are dotted and t's crossed) but if you have the option to give your team the time to have a balanced life do so.

The games may not be pumped out as quick, which will result in money coming in at a later time... but that's not a bad thing if it means more bugs will be squashed in the process. I've mentioned this before... but a well rested team will be less likely to slack off because they're a little too tired to focus.

A game with little to no bugs will give gamers the confidence that they can jump in asap, because reviewers are going to point those bugs out whether you like it or not. Waiting to buy a bugged up game until its less buggy won't help you anyway, so taking more time to get it right... should help the company and the team.

If you're burned out, you might not be in the best mood either which can make the tension at work and home... greater. I won't point out any specific studio in this post, but... if you want to maintain top talent for your team... keep them happy. You don't have to spoil them, but make it make sense for a healthy work and life balance. A team with little to no resentment is a good thing.

You wouldn't want to lose out on the second coming of Hideo Kojima, would you?