Hey Blu: Do you ever review really bad products?

Yes... I have, and it's something I really don't like doing (imagine having to review it)... but if its a review that comes across my desk, it will be reviewed. I don't like reviewing bad products so that i'm not wasting time just bashing someone's product.

Dead Alliance is a prime example, but you never know what to expect (I don't go on someone else's opinion). 

If it appears to be good, I like to review how good it actually is for the retail price. So instead of wasting time on bad products... i'd rather spend that time on the products that will be a win for the viewers. That way you can decide on whether to make that next step versus just steering clear of something that received a poor score.

I've lucked up on a lot of reviews... but some that I hoped would be good don't always turn out that way, and I've actually tried to avoid reviewing anything still in development. I took a step back from that... because the final version will likely be different than what was pointed out in the review. In those cases I just provide feedback in hopes that it impacts the final release for the gamer's enjoyment.

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