Is Disney ready to step back into gaming? It's possible.

Disney took a step back from gaming to a major degree... as far as its original characters are concerned, but are they creeping back in? I'm curious if they're ready or not... but I don't see why they wouldn't be.

Disney has some of the most recognizable characters on the face of the earth... and they have backstories to go along with them. Epic Mickey was on the right track, but... I don't know... just like Sonic The Hedgehog... I feel that a major release for Mickey would be better with a blueprint similar to Nintendo. No mystery I have my personal problems with Nintendo, but they usually tend to hit the mark.

They don't have to necessarily have a game developed by them, but take a good look at Mario's success and why he's gone strong for so long. I'm not saying that Disney is embarking on the next AAA title (just yet), but if they watch their step they might find themselves in a position where their games are worth being pre-ordered, day 1'd, or wishlisted.

Here is the trailer for their upcoming title Disney Sorcerer's Arena

This arena-style battler will feature a PvP, Quests, Tower Events... whatever that is, and more. As long as the replay value and fun factor are high... it could be worth the playtime. Let's see what they do with the former Playstation exec to showcase some of that... magic.

They have Star Wars, they have Marvel... and there are so many stories available in both of these universes as well. They just have to take the right steps, make the games make sense, make the stories memorable and don't rush the process. CD Projekt Red is respected for not rushing Cyberpunk 2077.

I don't know what i'd expect for Disney to deliver with the right time and creativity, but they have to remember who they are and the types of cards they hold. Also... they need to show more love to gamers in their Disney locations, that would open another door to showcase upcoming titles (and games can actually be sold there). Free concept... take it or leave it.

They had the Kingdom Hearts 3 pop up... which wasn't permanent, but the more love they show... the better it could be for them. A place to game would cost less than a new roller coaster.

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