Wrap Buddies... Reviewed!

Today I have the pleasure of reviewing a product known simply as... Wrap Buddies.

Yes... you can use this for gift wrapping, but... you can use multiple types of material for different wrapping purposes.

This product was actually born after Bret Wortman became frustrated with trying to wrap a gift... which is kind of funny, but that's usually where a good idea is born.

Wrap Buddies are these cool clips that go on the sides of tables, counters, or anywhere they can be clipped for use. They can be used for gift wrap + butcher paper + cellophane wrap & more.

I think this product would also work well for shrink wrap. I use a handheld wrap, but this would save some time when needed. I wouldn't need tape for shrink wrap, but when tape is needed for other wrapping materials, the side dispensers definitely come in handy.

Here's an example of the wrapping process.

One of the pluses of having Wrap Buddies is that it allows the wrapping material to be placed on something so that you can keep it stationary while neatly wrapping up a gift, meat, products, or whatever.

There is nothing complicated about this product, you just clip them on a table with the right space for your gift wrap, and... go. The tape dispenser part is supposed to face outward, if your clips look like this... just flip them (nothing more... nothing less).

The clips haven't moved around and maintained their hold during use... but I will tell you to always keep in mind that they're plastic. Get a little too tough on them and they could wrap, so take care of them and they should last.

Wrap Buddies have a great design... giving you plenty of room to grip and squeeze for clamping without giving your hand an unnecessary workout. You also have the built in tape dispensers (which was a great idea), and... you get a pretty good opening on the mouth of the clips to clamp onto multiple surfaces. As seen in the image above, this work table works well with the product.

The clips are easy to story, you just place them together and clip them somewhere... so they don't end up like some of our socks.

Price wise... $20 is... okay, but I think $10 would be more fitting. The people this may appeal to at this price would be the frustrated wrappers (wrap check... 1... 2... 1... 2!), and small businesses. The frustrated wrapper is the person you might find running out to a store or to a friend or family member to wrap their gifts. So $20 would be a shrug. A small business owner would likely shrug at the price because its inexpensive in terms of boosting productivity... which equals more efficiency and possibly more business.

Overall, Wrap Buddies is a pretty nifty product and it's actually useful (that's the biggest thing). You're able to set up your wrapping material, no matter the width... without the frustration of trying to keep it in place because these do the job so you can focus on wrapping the gift well.

Design 5

Quality 4

Ease of Use 5

Price 3

4.25 out of 5 Cool Points

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