Microsoft Malware? WTF?! Here are alternatives

Love the Windows 7 OS? Don't want to part with it anytime soon? Keep an eye on Microsoft because updates might have you going nuts. PopUps might be a regular occurrence on some websites, but on your PC's desktop area? Can I get a... "WTF?!"

This isn't cool, no matter what they try to present stuff to us as... cool. This is just freaking annoying and it's hard to truly determine what they will have to go through in order to do right by the customers.

I usually see that sort of stuff from programs people generally want to get off their computer... because its malware. The recent Windows 7 update brought on the Office 365 pop up ad for Office 2016.

It's presented as "Free with your Office 365 subscription". We don't have... Office 365 and chances are we might not get it at all unless it just makes sense as SDGT Studio grows and that's a perfect fit. There are other options out there as well... so it wouldn't be some leap of faith just because its Microsoft.

You may ask "How can you trust other software companies?", but we don't make those moves blindly. Microsoft is building a paper trail though... and it's really starting to annoy a lot of people. Did they truly learn from getting their butt burned by the sneaky tactics presented on Xbox One? Remember... that was a representation of Microsoft's game division, presenting something to gamers as if we are all just a bunch of dumb idiots that will buy anything. 

Their hand was revealed and the Xbox One was found to be a nifty box that YOU pay full price for while they control it... giving you: 

- Access for a limited time while away from home

- Access to games you've purchased at full price after you've connected to the internet

... and we spoke on our fears about what would ultimately happen to the system down the road once support went goodbye. What would happen to physical/installation discs once they were no longer able to be verified online? They'd be dead on arrival, and if the system had a hiccup or needed internet sign in's to allow you to use the system period... it would be a paperweight, just like the Onlive micro-console and controller. Xbox One owners aren't going through it today because of the fight some us put for what's right (and I hope this shows more of you the benefits of... Justice).

(A modder may be able to recode the Onlive console & controller as a steam link of sorts. Just want to throw that out there.)

Anyway, may of us aren't out here with the ability to just blow money, so the investments need to be sound. PC gamers who don't want to deal with Windows 10 and the possibility of having games affected by the OS are staying away. Even a heavy (heavy) amount of our viewers have switched to Apple once Windows 10 was ushered in:

SDGT Entertainment had majority PC users until Windows 10 was fully ushered in (i'm talking 76% or more). Now 96% are MAC users for desktop, Android & iOS access are still dominant for handheld devices and Chrome is still dominating for specific browser access.

Microsoft better way up. They have some cool tech that gets my attention (i'm not going to lie and say they don't) but... Microsoft is constantly moving so some things are more like test runs for the next. That's tech, but at the same time... being controlled is not a part of our plan, and we don't plan to slap stickers on equipment that read "Property of Microsoft".

There are some operating systems out there that provide some familiars and once some get to where the preferred PC functions are for gamers... Microsoft will lose yet another slice of the pie.

By the way... if you want to get rid of that "Get Windows 10" icon in your lower right bar:

Click on your start button and type in "Uninstall a program" >

Click on "Installed Updates" >

Look for "Update for Microsoft Windows (KB3035583) >

Click it and then click uninstall before resetting your PC.

To those of you ready to say goodbye to Windows and you'd prefer to seek a familiar structure, here are some operating systems to research:

Zorin OS is presented as a Window's alternative for people who prefer a non-Microsoft Windows. These are not their words, but essentially that's how it appears to be laid out. I mention this one first and foremost, because when one of us gets the time... this will be given a test run. 
This OS supposedly has an easy install for software released on Windows. 
If it's good, we'd buy the Zorin OS 9 Ultimate... but you can get the OS for free.

Ubuntu OS is a very popular operating system and I even have it as a dual boot option on a laptop. I don't use it often, but whatever floats your boat (it's free).

Steam OS is Valve's Linux-based operating system that I can't overlook, but it's designed to be a living room experience... not a desktop OS replacement.

Valve should be contacted about making an even greater push with their OS. A desktop version would be great, especially for those of us that have to do office work too. Gaming in the office is real.

Chrome OS is available on hardware like Chromebooks, which are owned by more than a few people I know. These people have gotten to the point that Microsoft is nothing more than a shoulder shrug to them, because what they need hardware for... requires internet... period. Going to websites and sending email are the two main objectives they seek and... even the majority of that is done on mobile when they don't seek a larger screen (and they don't cast).

macOS is also another option that can't be forgotten... and i'll leave it at that. If you want alternatives, do the research, look for stability and a good track record, because the options are out there.

Want to know what games are playable on Linux? Check them out here: