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A new champion arrives... let the run & gun fest begin! - Blu


Only three weeks after releasing a huge patch, Stunlock Studios announces another new champion.

Introducing  Ezmo “The Mischievous”, an aggressive spellcaster who can move quickly utilising teleportation. Ezmo was once imprisoned by the warlock, Aradu The Reserved, but managed to escape when his captor was too engrossed in reading his tome. Ezmo sealed Aradu's soul within the book, creating the Lost Soul Grimoire, and has carried it ever since.  When he isn't playing tricks on people, Ezmo is searching for a way back to his home dimension.

Ezmo is part of the update scheduled for Thursday, November 10th. This patch will also include new types of chests, champion updates and general improvements. Don’t forget Stunlock Studios promises free champions forever when purchasing Early Access.


This is for the gamers seeking a change of pace from the SIM genre. There are plenty of SIM games, but they aren't usually as well known as... "The SIMS", but this particular game puts you in the hot seat... literally. - Blu

With siren and blue light: Emergency Call 112 - The Fire Fighting Simulation deploys

Aerosoft and Crenetic release their first fire fighting simulation

Emergency Call112

(PresseBox) Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation is available now and can be ordered via the Aerosoft Online Shop, in retail stores, and on Steam. Emergency Call 112 is the first fire fighting simulation from Aerosoft – and a fully detailed simulation of the eventful life of a fire brigade. For the development of Emergency Call 112 – The Fire Fighting Simulation, the developer Crenetic have worked in cooperation with the professional fire brigade Mülheim at the Ruhr. The fire station in Mülheim is one of the most modern stations in Europe. The vehicles, procedures and equipment items in Emergency Call 112 are realistically modelled.

In Emergency Call 112 The Fire Fighting Simulation players have to master thrilling, randomly generated missions. These include oil slicks, accidents with cars and trucks, fires with interior and exterior attacks and room fires. Players can relive the exciting missions of a fire fighter with realistic hose handling and a fluid system that realistically simulates fire spread.

  • Recreation of the fire station Mülheim in a fictitious town
  • Highly-detailed vehicles, such as the LF24 fire engine, a water tender, swap body vehicle and command vehicle
  • Removable equipment
  • Realistic, flexible, movable hoses
  • Interior and exterior fires
  • Technical assistance for accidents
  • Realistic fire spread using a dynamic fluid simulation
  • Many different scenarios, including:
o Oil slicks o Traffic accidents o Burning rooms o Blocked roads o Fire alarm o Security measures
  • Night operations
  • Navigation systems in the fire trucks
  • Sophisticated AI to control the interaction between the fire fighters
  • Realistic traffic at the site of the fire or accident
  • An open game world where all of the buildings can be a scene of the action

AUTOBOTS... ROLL OUT for multiplayer action on mobile! - Blu

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS Rolls Out Super-Sized Update For iOS and Android Devices

Command the Biggest Bots in the Universe as Combiners Enter Real-Time Combat Strategy Game

BOULDER, Colo., November 10, 2016 – Hasbro Inc., Backflip Studios and Space Ape Games today released their biggest update yet to the popular real-time combat strategy mobile game TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS, bringing fan-favorite Combiners characters Devastator and Superion from the iconic Transformers universe into TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS. Beloved by fans of Hasbro’s “Transformers Generations Prime Wars Trilogy,” the Combiners will be the most visually stunning and powerfully destructive bots on the battlefield.

Not all bots have the power to combine as these super-sized Combiners are robots formed by teams of five or more designated component bots. The landscape of the battlefield will change as players race to build these new characters and leverage their unique powers and abilities. Along with the new characters, the update will introduce new resources, buildings, and the Combiners themselves in a new campaign based on the first chapter in the Prime Wars Trilogy, Combiner Wars.

“Bringing Combiners into the game was a goal throughout development, and we couldn’t be more excited to have achieved this milestone for Transformers fans,” said Mark Blecher, Senior Vice President, Digital Gaming and Corporate Development at Hasbro. “Combiners bring another level of authenticity to the game and a whole new mission for the player to collect, combine and battle at a new level.”

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS launched in June 2016 topping charts and building a player base of six million downloads. Published by Backflip Studios and developed by Space Ape Games, the game breaks new ground for the genre, pairing authentic Transformers storytelling with fast-paced gameplay, beautiful 3D animation and hundreds of characters with diverse strengths and abilities. The game also features notable storytellers and voice actors from the Transformers franchise, including voice acting from Peter Cullen, the original voice of Optimus Prime, and Frank Welker, the original voice of Megatron.

TRANSFORMERS: EARTH WARS is FREE to download, features in-game purchases, and is available on Android and iOS devices worldwide, except in Mainland China.  Please note that a Wi-Fi connection is required to play.

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